Monday, June 30, 2014


June has been a month of milestones. Once all the celebrating was done, June, over the last two weeks has also then proceeded to be a month of loss.

Most notably my friend who is only slightly older than me, passed away at the ever tender age of 33 last week, leaving behind his dear wife and 4 children. RIP Gareth. I still can't believe it.

Rest in Peace Mrs Rawhani

Today I saw that another friend unfortunately lost her mom today. I am so sorry for her and her family's loss.

I had my own personal losses, which pale in comparison to death, but pain is not comparable. My heart is infinitely, inexplicably sore none the same and the tears are never really far from the surface.

One hopes the heart will heal, but there's that terrifying thing called time that is in control of it all.

As we make our way into the second half of the year, let us count our blessings. Let us be thankful for those we have known and had the privilege of loving or even just their company. Of knowing that it will get easier. We forgive, but forgetting is the real struggle. Most of all, we need to learn how to forgive ourselves.

Take care of yourselves you beautiful little bubbles.
Read this if you need a little cheering up kid
Watch this and realise what happiness is in you.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Snuggle up

It's a beautiful, overcast, winter's morning in this beautiful city of gold. Sitting at my desk this morning, was probably second to last on the list of things I really really really wanted to do this morning.
I have however  been up and about for longer than I was asleep, quite frankly, so I guess I'm in this day now.

I wanted to cancel today, because of lack of enthusiasm. I do however have an afternoon walk with my beautiful little bestie bunnies this afternoon and their beautiful bestie Mama, so it's looking up already.

Take it easy.

I was last on Monday and I really don't know how Friday rolled up on us so quickly, but hey, here we are. As my lovely friend, Soko says, I contributed and I participated, I think. Feeling zapped I must say.

I haven't been sleeping much lately. Actually, there has been little to no sleeping this week. Between the early hours of Monday morning and Thursday mid morning, I had started and finished 2 books. At about 2am this morning, I started reading Animal Farm again. So at least my home library is being put to good use.

This weekend, while I plan to work, I also plan to rest up a great deal. This weather calls for great snuggles. Sunday, I think I want to roast a chicken too. I thought of a recipe last night, sage, orange and ginger stuffed chicken. Just seems like such a good idea to me. That will be lunch on Sunday. Going to go traditional and roast potatoes and green beans tossed in whole grain mustard. Excited!

This is part of the plan this weekend

The rest of the time, I hope to be prostrate on my couch or in my bed, just breathing deeply, for the first time in a little while. Just sit back and allow myself to feel and just be. Not to cope and get through it.

Here are some beautiful and thought provoking links from the internet that I've happened upon...

Breaking up is hard to do this feature on her clay heart profiles people post break up
One of my favourite gardens, if you can call it that, gets a revamp with The Gardener of Versailles
Baked sweet and sour chicken for you this weekend perhaps?

Have a great weekend. Darling bloglets.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Je suis perdu

From Bobby Doherty

I came across this this tumblr while trawling the internet tonight, je suis perdu. I love the title and it got me thinking about my life in general at the moment.

This has been a tough week gone past honestly. Breakup, deaths, sadness, lostness(I know this only became a word now) and just some general Universal bitch slaps.

Through it all though, I had some highlights and I'm also eternally grateful to my super sisters and family for just the general cheer and smiles they've added to my life.

This week though really tested my spirit, but I am strangely still excited to get up and start and finish this week. That is all I can do. I gave my friend the advice the other day to not stress about things about 5 years in advance today, that she rather tackle everyday as it comes and take it all bit by bit. I on the other hand should take this advice first.

I start my week on a Sunday, what about you.

Remember that all who wander are not lost.

Have a beauty of a week


Friday, June 20, 2014


I'm exhausted. That's what I feel about this week. Exhausted, but excited! I've had so little sleep this week, I've done a considerable amount of work. No pat on the back for myself yet, but I am grateful that I've managed to get a lot done.

I've been thinking lately, how romance seems like it's made a departure of sorts. Good old fashioned romance and courtship. Something so special about feeling special and treasured. Whether it's flowers, just a call or a thoughtful text, treat her like a lady, a gem. It's an awesome feeling for all involved.

Have a beautiful weekend bloglets!

Here are some lovely links for some weekend inspiration:

My new favourite kind of exercise/torture: pilates (I'm not a convert yet)
How about a little baking? Brownies are always a good idea.
You can cast some serious shade in these sunnies
Giggles are always a good idea

Oh and buy her flowers

Keep your eye on the prize!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Inspiration

From here
Because, honey, it's cold outside and we need something to make us feel a little warm inside.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Winter requires some hearty meals. I need to get back into my kitchen and I'm keen to be into my pots with the best seasonal ingredients.

Need food that is yummy and hearty. Then add crusty bread. Mm winter menu in mia casa is what's needed.

What would be great would be people to share it with.

I love reading, but my desired reading list would come in this form. I want them all.

From here
Here are few dishes I'd like to make for dinner over the next few weeks.
Scents of fresh parmesan, yummy greens and beans...From here

A good, simple pasta from here

Ooh fresh crusty pizza with fresh greens from here
This dish is just beauty. from here
I want to eat this off the page.

All I have to say about this is YUM! And I can't wait to get cooking.

Bon appetit you beauties.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Let's just all take a moment and slow down a little shall we. Are you also feeling like this year has been spent fervently playing catch up almost and scurrying from one deadline to the next. That is me. Out of full time employment, studying a totally new discipline, working, dreaming, getting committed to pilates, not managing to fit in too much running and getting far too little sleep. This does not feel like winning to me. I must say, this cannot be it.

A family friend passed away last week in a meeting at the age of 41! Crazy, considering we'd just celebrated my Dad's 70th birthday and he's still fit as ever and makes you realise that longevity is a possibility.

I've been  running, I've been running...So much, I don't even know what I'm chasing or running after.

I've decided to drop down a gear and take it easy. Guess what? I'm getting a lot more done. Slowly ticking my way through my to-do lists. Also just being honest about what I can and cannot do and also setting myself more realistic timelines. It's really necessary, otherwise I'm going to fall over and there is far too much awesome in life to not be here.

Take of yourselves bloglets and do what feels good in your heart and soul. Give your mind time and space to rest, wonder and dream too. Be gentle with your hearts and bodies and with others' too.

Stop chasing things, hard work, patience and commitment will get you there. Anything worth having takes time and nothing good comes of chasing, except death to a leopard's prey.

Sunshine and snuggles


Friday, June 13, 2014

It's the weekend

I need a winter clean. It's odd, I never get round to it in spring it seems. I think I'll feel better. There is clutter everywhere. That's how I feel about my life right now. Feel like I need to get rid of some stuff.

I saw someone retweeted or posted an Oprah post last night and it said something about follow your passion and you will find your purpose. I sat there quiet sullen and forlorn, wondering, good lawd what is my passion? Which got me into a state as to how far I am from my purpose then. So what to do when  feeling this stressed, unclutter of course! Can't wait! One cupboard at a time. Actually I'm just trying to clear out my workspace for starters. So that I can actually work in there.

It's a long weekend. I have deadlines! I'm supposed to go on a date with a man who is who the hell knows what to me. Sad thing is today I woke up and said this to myself, I feel single. That can't be good right? Then I said to myself, that makes me sad. Lots of conversations for one in these here parts. Can't be good right, when kinda technically there is someone in my life, well sort of. Who the hell knows.

Anyway. It's the weekend. That's supposed to make us happy right. Well it does. We have a lot to be grateful and I'm going to spend a lot of time reminding myself of this. Also the more I tick off on my to-do list, the better I'll feel no doubt.

Sorry for the post laden with bleakness. It is the weekend after all. I will stop and smell some of these without a doubt...

Pretty peonies. 
Find something beautiful everyday. Enjoy the little things.

Love and laugh and drink warm cups of tea.


I'm guilty

Driving yesterday I had a distinct feeling that if I continue doing this, I will get hurt. I was texting and driving. Honestly speaking I was just being ridiculous. I've been ridiculous more than once, but for some reason now I'm more conscious of just how stupid and death inviting this behaviour is.

Then I happened across this video online and I was like eek!

How many of us?

Keep your eyes on the road. Eyes front. Focus! The text will still be there when you park.

This is more of a public service announcement to myself for starters! I for one know I'm so guilty of this.

Everyday I'll have to remind myself not to.

Drive safe kids and walk safely those of us who don't drive.

T x

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Beauty-full Man

I want to learn how to apply make up from this guy, Phillip Picardi. He is the Online Beauty Editor at Teen Vogue. Yes please! I would need this guy in my life.

Did he wake up like this?

For me a small beauty feat it blending 2 lipsticks together, almost by chance to create a perfect, deep, winter red. Please read this and see this man's make up routine. So many steps to look so natural. Teach your beauty you beauty.

I'm going to try and go through these tips slowly one day and try at least one. Especially re "racoon eyes."

Stay beautiful you beauts xx

Wallet Wednesday

Money money money!! Don't we worry, in this rich man's world. Do you have enough money? What is enough?

Support yourself too

Being in charge of our own money and saving up for rainy days is important. Also in my case to have money for macaroons and of course to buy all things baby related, for all the precious littlies in my life. Oh and of course spending money for trips overseas. Yes Please!!

Saw this useful wisdom on money matters yesterday and I think I may favourite.

Plant your grade now and slowly you will reap rewards that may be endless as it bears fruit.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You're not!

From here
Gosh I know this guy. I used to call him a friend, but frankly he's just a self involved something something. His standard tune over the many years I've known him is, "I'm so busy." Really ninja?! What are we doing? Sitting idly by watching you be busy. You're employed! You can take leave and really your job is not to solve the problems of the world! So please please please! You ain't that busy. GET REAL!

I think of my Dad who is really busy, but not once will he ever not take your call or return your call or listen to your random rant like he has nothing else to do with his time. Or my darling bestie, who is the mother of two beautiful little ten month old babes. In between breast feeding, baby food making, sleep deprivation, writing reports and being a great wife and sister and friend, she still has time to send me a text asking me how I am or how a certain day in my life went.

So please man! Don't insult really busy people. You are simply an asshole! Accept that. You make time for what is important. Really and like humble people never have to tell us they're humble, busy people are too busy being busy to talk about it.

So get real. Oh and stop being inefficient and self involved, because that's all you're really saying.

This is also just a good heads up to ourselves, how many times do we get caught up in this story to ourselves. Don't believe the hype.


Monday, June 9, 2014


Gee whizz! Does it feel like I'm rubbing it in? Sorry for those of you who have the Monday blues. Listen before you want to douse me in ice water on this chilly morning, just note that I have only had about 4 hours sleep and so I am probably delirious hihi.

I have loads and loads and more bucket loads to do and I will get it done. Procrastination serves none, least of all me and we have been frenemies for faaaar too long.

Just to get you through Monday, I thought I may share some links from the inter webs, that will make you smile or at least perk up.

This is a great problem to have
She's a morning person and well her mom is...
Habits... which ones are we keep and which ones are sending to the trash?
Clean slate perhaps?
Have to admit, I like her style AND she's a great mother.
After a weekend of heavy indulgence, need this functional, healthy eating reminder

Smile! Laugh! Think! Dream! Take just a little more than one step everyday toward what you really want in life.

Happy Monday you beauties xx

Friday, June 6, 2014


If it is right, it happens—The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away."
Taken from my  most recent discovery...rules for my unborn sun

It's that most wonderful time of the week. I'm swamped with work and my mind is full of stresses of things that may never even happen in reality surely. The mind sure is a labyrinth of crazy. The monsters are mainly in our minds my friends.

Okay so Joburg is freezing, so ideally I'd like to be snug in bed or on my couch with a blankie and a book! Yes please!

Perhaps I'll go pay a visit to my new fave activity, a dance class I discovered last week. Last week it put me in such a good mood.

Stay warm snuggles. Take "brain pictures" too.I took this great advice from Kid President. Loved this..

Please have a read of this glorious blog that I discovered as a result of a book yesterday...Rules for my unborn son Great read for everyone. In some parts I laughed out loud. I want to read it all. Some truly valuable life advice in one sentence or less.

Have a great weekend. Eat something truly delicious, more than once this weekend. Taste a new tea. Look up to the heavens and let the sun shine on your face. Spend time with little kids and enjoy the ceaseless joy of their laughter. Lean in and listen. Get a great hug. Give a really tight hug too. Hugs let people know they matter when there are no words.

Find the wonder in your weekend!


Make for happy lives

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Are we paying attention?

Good idea

My sister was at a memorial service yesterday for a young woman in her 30's. How did her life come to an end so soon? AIDS. That is it. Such a huge, short word! It screams and shouts volumes that so few of us want to hear. She was not a poor, rural South African. Nope!

It's still happening? Why? Because we are all not careful. We all somehow are unconscious. Unconscious to the fact that it could happen to us. Why?! It doesn't discriminate.

This news of this death, really scared me and jolted me awake. In our 30's, we are largely sexually active. You can't trust anyone and take their word for it. We've all taken risks with our lives that we needn't have taken.

Are we all for real?

Last time I checked, there was no cure. Why are we going around acting like we're not at risk?!

This is a stern letter to myself first and foremost, but just a note to all us to pay attention. I want to enjoy every moment of being pregnant and I want to delight in breastfeeding my babies. So why have been ridiculously risky at times? I scare myself at the thought. I'm grateful to be HIV negative and that is how I will stay. Just a reminder to myself to stop being stupid with my health and life and future. Literally dying to have sex. I'm not about that life.

Take care of your beautiful selves boys and girls.

Just something that's been playing in my mind today and hangs out in the recesses of it often.

Play safe.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today my darling Daddy turns 70. That is so much life lived right there. I wish he could have 70 more.

My Daddy wears cufflinks
There are no words to express the specialness of a Daddy. I am truly blessed.

Daddy's are the best.

Happy birthday you super special man.

Love you loads



Go to bed!!

The idea of a bedtime is something you think is just for children right?! I think I'm desperately in need of a bed time routine again. What about you guys?

Bed time mm... I read this article and I realised that it sure has a point. I love mornings, but now since I seemingly have a different routine, oh wait a lack thereof, I must be honest. I miss mornings. I miss early mornings and what I get done in them. I'm better with early mornings, not so great with late nights.

So I need a new bedtime... Mm what time?!

The more we sleep, the more we dream and the more chance we have of waking up with energy to chase them.

Aaah and some great linen makes sleep even that much better.

Sleep sweet


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