Monday, December 13, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton
I'm not a very Vuitton fan. In fact not a fan at all, but the woman who brought us Marie Antoinette in Converse has changed all that. She spoke to my heart and the one thing I heart mostest (other than my boys of course), HANDBAGS!Love is leather, so beautifully stitched to artistic perfection to create a simple masterpiece of such proportions. A masterpiece that carries my life in it, wallet, wetwipe, mascara, money and when you really dig the surprise shrek toy from a long forgotten happy meal.

This bag is functional beauty.While I don't enjoy the word functional too much, I see that this bag understands me and my life. I'm not a small girl so I need a substantial bag to carry my substantial daily cargo. Sometimes I also want to hide my Chicken Licken hotwings in something.It won't be in this though that's for sure.

ooh how do I love thee,let me count the ways.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Grace yourselves!!

Black and Gold perfection.

Image taken from The
When I'm old, I won't be wearing any hat of the purple variety. When I'm old, I will wear, black and gold.

I have no words for the absolute beauty of this ensemble. Even the pop of colour of the red BB is just right.This is grace at its truth. I wish more woman her (real) age could realise this. But, as I was saying the other day. You can put any dame in a dress and heels, put on just the right amount of makeup, right hair, everything. But Grace, like style is INNATE!

Only thing I'd do differently with this ensemble is that I would DEFINITELY and maybe even a little DEFIANTLY choose not to accessorise with so much taut face, ears misplaced, forehead eerily bumpy, plastic surgery. I'd do the good old, aging gracefully look. With the great, bold, red lip of course!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sitting Pretty

Biking Beauties
Vogue Bike Shoot
The Birken of Bikes Perhaps?!
Hermes Bike
Gucci a go go!
Red for Danger in this Gucci bike
Just Jensen.
Nordic Sensibility. This bike was designed by George Jensen.
 A Hu(e)blot for any occasion.
Hublot limited edition Black bike.
I want a bike. It's been a leetle obession or rather large lusting of mine for many years. Ever since I was little and the trainer wheels came off my red and black BMX, I've loved these me-powered machines. That motion of cycling is so darn cathartic and I just need it.

Ever since I (much to the amusement of my mother and teachers) pronounced ye olde creator of said machines, as Penny FARTING instead of Penny FarTHing (never has an "h" been so important, except in my own name of course.), I've been pedal and chain crazy!

I want one with a bell and a basket, with those heavy side leather bags for heaven knows what I'll put in them. I'm coveting a Chanel one, with that beautiful quilted pouch for my tools!

I remember the joy of fixing my own chain (my why does that sound rude..I said fix not yank!).Turning the bike upside down and getting my hands dirty with bike oil.I still marvel how I knew how to do that...

I think I need to think of some personal gifting. I'm thinking pedals are in that picture.

Bikes are bloody beautiful.
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