Monday, March 30, 2015

Café s'íl vous plaît

Good morning You ;)

I gave up coffee for lent. This has been one of the hardest things to give up. Last year when I gave up Smarties, which are my happiness always!

Even iced, it's so yum. Freezos with my bestie soon!

Coffee has been a struggle every single day of lent. I'm starting to equalise now that it's almost over, but not so much. Every morning I still think... Oh my, how about my special brew, made from those beautiful beans and blend, brought to me from Kenya. #spoils 

So this is just a post about coffee, because it is spectacular.

The lady at my health store who deals with fertility and what is good during pregnancy says that it if you do drink coffee, have only one cup a day, but only the really good stuff. NO instant muck with all those chemicals. AND...have it with cream instead of milk! Yum!!
My trusty Bialetti does the job always

I drink green tea at all other times of the day, but I do love my one beautiful cup of my special African brew.


Friday, March 27, 2015

Best weekend to you

It's past lunch time on Friday! Say yay!! I'm all packed and ready for a little road trip. Woohoo! It's been a while since I've been on one, but I am so looking forward to hitting the open road and relaxing on the other end of a beautiful drive through our even more beautiful country.

I need to space. In my mind and in my heart. I need to open up and just allow myself breathing room! New month is upon us and I need to go for it with all the goodness that I have. I'm going to take some time out and sit still this weekend and sleep deeply.

I will also be working on a lot of stuff that I love too. Watch this space!

Here is my reading list for the weekend;
These firsts will make my life
How interesting, these princesses have no main queen 
No recipe needed , but here it is, just in case
No SIT zone... we know better
She  is one of an amazing group of sisters who are all in media 

May your weekend be a thing of beauty.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Are we still here?

So anyone who knows me, knows that I really am not a huge supporter of this whole, I'm busy concept. STOP THE glorification of busy people, I ain't buying. Go flog it at another market. I find it quite offensive really. More than that though, I really feel like you should be doing more with your life, than saying you're busy. Busy for me implies a lot of faffing and flaying. I don't see efficient in those words, I'm busy!

Wonderful people. Put more day in the hours you have allocated. Set some precious time aside to kiss deeply, love wildly and make magical memories. Savour the moments, flavours, smells, sounds, silence. BE!Hold hands too. That's good for your heart.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015


So here's what I figure. I have choices for my life and how I live it. I get to be incredible or incredible,amazing and amazed!

Those are the choices! I must choose wisely.

I have to choose though. It's not cast in stone, but a decision must be made.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

I say we pray

I've often enjoyed the Rumi quote that goes something like, "there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." So true, as there are many many ways to pray.

My favourite and most important  prayer is to say Thank You to the Universe as often as I can and especially when I feel least happy about my life in general. I like to make sure more and more that I can't help myself when it comes to prayer.

That's why I really enjoyed this CS Lewis quote. "Changes me," indeed.

May you find your 1 in those hundreds of ways.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This girl

Margaret Zhang for Chanel...from here

I have an everyday life crush on Magaret Zhang. Her bio reads like how I imagine/d my life. She's a stylist, super amazing blogger, she's fashion inspiration and studying towards BCOM/LLB! All at the same time of course!! Because it is possible.
She is an amazing beaut!
Zhang girl you're good!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A little note on love

I want to wake up wrapped up in your arms for a very long, undetermined (preferably endless) period of time.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday musings

Hard to deal with sometimes

I think I'm coming back towards myself. Actually I'm coming more towards being myself. I like to be organised and I'm quite a planner, though I like to leave room for the Universe to do her thing too. Working together a little more instead of always being in charge. Firstly I'm finding myself far less anxious and also a lot more enthusiastic about my beautiful life and enjoying the special moments in my day a little more. Actually I'm just taking time to be in the moment, because I used to derive so much pleasure in whizzing through my day, quietly, but frantically ticking through my to-do list and always adding more. There is no sense in that honestly.

I read these, and thought they were most useful musings as we start another glorious week in March 2015.
Stop the glorification of exhaustion
Put your phone down - there is far more happening in real life
START NOW! (NOTE to Self!)

Be kind to yourself. Let go with grace.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Broody bunny

From here
It's Mother's Day today in most parts of the world, but South Africa. Still, it sure is reason to celebrate.

Great Mammas make the world spin around. So do great Pappas, but that is not what this is about.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Mammahood up close now for real, when my bestie, the most beautiful woman I know on levels I cannot explain and definitely cannot explain without tears welling my eyes and my heart swelling inexplicably with all sorts of emotions, when she became a Mama.

At our age, even as aunts, while we get to really understand the intricacies of carrying life and the absolute honour of bringing life into the world, it still feels quite far removed. When my bestie told me she was pregnant(though I could see it on her beautiful face way before), it really catapulted me into a different reality of what Mamahood entails and I was amazed. I had no doubt that these two little babes, yes she's major like that, she was pregnant with twins, were being carried by the best Mama on earth. She is fierce!! She is so gentle, but as a Mamma she be fierce. Have you ever witnessed someone go so gently and easily into something, taking everything in her stride. Yep, she surely was born to do this.

When your closest friend becomes a Mama, well for me, what I've realised that it really raises the stakes of what this all means and really entails. I loove kids. I always say that they are my favourite version of human. When my first nephew was born and they put him in my arms at 4 hours old, I never knew the hear could carry so much love. I am still finished for him to this day and well will be forever and ever! Amen! Going into that warm hospital room, to see my friends newborn babes was such a surreal experience. What an honour to see these precious, little people only hours after they came into the world. Honestly it doesn't get more special. Holding them, I knew too, oh my gosh, I'm going to love you forever and I will find you ridiculously funny even when your Mama may not be so amused by your antics sometimes. I mean what are Honoray aunts for?!

I've never deemed myself hectically broody. Like I've never been like I have to have a baby right now.I'm very focused on the fundamentals of having children like can I afford to give them the best life imaginable? If my child grew up to be just like their father would that make me happy and proud?Have my baby daddy and I spent enough time getting to know each other and travelling the world à deux, before we become a famille en nombre?Am I alright within myself to bring a precious little one into the world? This is such an unimaginably huge responsibility and whilst you're never really ready, I wanted to have some bases covered.

So seeing my bestie become the best Mamma (I'm not biased, she's amazing), really made me think of being a Mamma as something not that far removed anymore. It clearly was something I envisioned far off in the distance, now it made it seem closer and delightfully and sometimes tiredly delectable and very overwhelming too.

I don't know if I'm more of less broody now, but I am a little more terrified and awestruck at the wonderful journey ahead of raising a little one in my hands for a little while and carrying them in my heart always.

They be but little for such a short time. Let them be little and enjoy the preciousness that is.

Great Mammas raise wonderful humans.

Loves xx

Friday, March 13, 2015

Are we there yet?

Love everything! From here

It's been a long week. I have that feeling that I've done nothing. Of course I've done stuff, but you know you get those weeks where you feel like you just not made a dent in those ever growing to-do lists? I'm a list maker, what can I say.

I needed some happy reads just to remember that there is a lot of lovely in everyday...

I think this may be my BEST of the month, look at these garbage collectors in spain taking a break
This beautiful African woman really making sense of why we should all be feminists 
These incredible women are catching a new wave 
Henriette Botha's new collection for AW15 is incredible. Want it all!
Listen in on these podcasts. I want to try all at least once.

We can feel it in the air, our beautiful long, hot summer days are making way for Autumn to bring its rusty leaves through. 

Have a wonderful week. Enjoy Friday 13. It's a lucky number in Italian and I always go with that.

Do something that makes your heart smile. Do it often.


Thursday, March 12, 2015

In the market

After over a year of not being in full time employment, I'm heading back to the big, scary (for me) world of corporate! Eeek! I'm strangely looking forward to it though. Tons of trepidation yes, but I'm doing this!

There is a lot of form filling though, that's one thing I can not get used to! Wow! Really?!

Now I like shopping and browsing, but sadly the job market is not that kind of market. This stuff scares me. So big and daunting are these interviewers and potential employers.

What if you also just have to get on with it?

Most importantly though, "What do I want to do?"

Take me many years back to when I got a letter offering me a partial bursary, straight out of high school and it listed what careers I should look into studying towards. On that list was Medicine, Law and I can't remember the rest, but it was a long list.  So many options. Now I like options, but that's like giving my nephew the chose of wearing all his cartoon undies at once. Too much can choice can be far more overwhelming than limited choice.

So here I now stand on the corner of awesome and bomb diggity, deciding where to from here career wise? I have options, but where do I go and what do I choose?!

I liked some of these cv templates.
Maybe I should write a long list of pros and cons. I love lists. And now that I'm going back to being employed, how will I do it differently? What will I do differently?

Yes!Do that!... from Etsy

For better or for worse...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How are you doing?

A lot of my friends are stressed lately. A lot of them are out of sorts, not feeling quite themselves. I wonder if we're all going through a particular molting/shedding phase of sorts. This year seems to have started off at bullet speed and we're all blitzing through, heading towards goal after goal and barely taking time to breathe and even look at ourselves.

We are all growing. Well I know I am and I have been feeling really uncomfortable in my own skin, like it doesn't really fit me anymore. That and I'm rather keen to shave all my hair off again. Don't tell my hairdresser, she'll freak!!

What is it that has us, me in a state. I'm not frantic or frenzied, but there is major discomfort. I'm not getting enough air into my lungs. Neither are a few people close to me. I love listening to my dear ones breathe.

Have any of us taken stock and asked ourselves the this question lately? How are you doing? I'm not too sure I am brave enough to answer that question myself.

Perhaps what we all need is to just...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Winnie wisdom


“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
― A.A. Milne

Winnie the Pooh is the greatest ever. That little cuddly bear, who's own voice sounds like it tickles even his own tummy, as well as yours. His voice also sounds like a cuddle and his love of honey, well everything about this fantastic little Pooh bear is wonderful.

 I was chatting to a delight of human being who I am lucky enough to know and we were chatting about our love of Winnie the Pooh and he raised something so important, he said one reason he loves Winnie the Pooh so much is because there is no villain in Winnie the Pooh. Well ain't that the beautiful truth!

I was just thinking about saying goodbye this morning and I realised it really is not all that not so nice stuff that makes us sad. Goodbye really is a beautiful thing, especially when we are lucky enough to have people that make it hard to say goodbye. 

 This morning, as I was saying goodbye, I realised that it's really quite freeing and also a wonderful gift to say goodbye too.  It can mean any manner of things. My bestie's, beautiful twins say bye when they don't want something anymore. Hey we understand what that means. Goodbye, can be see you later or perhaps I may not see you again, but that's actually just fine. Right now and before that have been wonderful and it has been a pleasure knowing you or having you pass through.

 Goodbye is also a good self preserver. So often, we feel duty when it comes to others in life. I would not like to be anyone's duty. In that seems to lie some fertile soil for resentment to grow. Who we like, love and spend time with is a choice that we make and are lucky enough to make. Family does not fit too neatly into this notion, but we know we can't choose those folks.

What I've learnt about goodbye and what I realised this morning that I actually like about it, is that in some way it's almost a thank you for sharing your time with me. I treasure that most of all.


“Promise you won’t forget me, ever. Not even when I’m a hundred.”
― A.A. Milne


Light and loveliness


Monday, March 9, 2015

Moody Monday in ....sloooooooow motion today!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend bloglets. Mine was beautiful, but it just sped by. I think I only get Monday blues late on Monday. Delayed reaction!

Hope you've had a lovely day. If not, it was just a day and not your life.

Sleep tight bloglets


Friday, March 6, 2015

It's Friday...

From here

...and my work is still not done. EEK!! Taking some time out though to do this though, because it's what I need to right now. Goes so well with my green tea and special chocolate biscuit made with love by Kimmy. This girl needs a mega break and a tight hug too, ooh and a kiss from a hottie, why, because we can right?! ;)

It's been a funny and sometimes frustrating week, but I've laughed a lot, which is never a waste. My older sis had her major milestone birthday this week, the big 4.0! Yay! Then me Mom's birthday on Wednesday! Yeeha!! March girls the both of them. I still think it's so sweet that my little Momma turned 22 3 days after giving birth to her first babe ever. Seems so little as I sit here just a little over 30 and no baby of me own.

I somehow think that my weekends are sometimes even busier than my weekdays. So much cramming of everything into the 2 days allocated for rest...Oh well..A plan will be made, I have a new book I want to finish. Oh wait! That's what Friday nights are for :)

Wishing you a weekend filled with marvels and sharing yummy meals with even more delicious company. Fewer things in life are better. I am so lucky, I have a few babies in my life at the moment, which is so wonderful. Those special little toddler cuddles, rushed and ever so fleeting, but so deeply special, before they run off to the next thing that has caught their bright little eyes. My nephews are sports mad, loooooooong cricket games that take over a whole Saturday are swiftly coming to an end and rugby season will be upon soon.

The chill is in the air, but fortunately there are some wonderous balmy summer nights on my balcony still that can make me believe it isn't so that Autumn may soon be a reality.

I realised the other day, that I have come a long way, since heartbreak tore me up rather badly over a year ago. "That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt." Boy does it ever! Don't ignore it, because it waits for you hey. It's like some bad ass gangster on an alley you didn't know was there on your usual walk home, looking to immobilise your knees! In broad daylight! For me, I know I'm so much further than I was, when I am so grateful for the beautiful love we shared and the great memories and laughs I will treasure for life and that's all I remember. Well done me. I wish my darling ex, love, deep extraordinary love. More than that I wish him the wisdom to see it and to know the difference.

I am however TERRIFIED of dating again! Good Lord! I will deal with that gangster in that alley when they hit my knees I guess. It really hit me this week I guess. I cannot even imagine where I'd start! I don't really want to actually! Not there yet and that's fine for me quite frankly. I was so opposed to the idea that it had me a little worried and then I was like, no real need to stress over it, I'm not ready and that's excellent!

Great to have perspective!

I'm not really into weddings, like I have never really pictured my wedding or my dress or any of that stuff, until I met my bestie in 2011 and I knew I wanted her to be my maid of honour, because she is as beautiful as a woman can get and she somehow gets me better than my sisters most days and she really is magic to my life. The closest I've come to envisioning a wedding dress is seeing a Carolina Herrera white shirt and skirt, many years ago and I was like, I'd get married in that.

I came across this most beautiful wedding this week and it just reminded my of all the wonderful things about being half Xhosa. The rolling hills of the Eastern Cape and seeing those brightly coloured huts from the sky, meant that we were getting closer to landing in Umtata and seeing gran, cousins and uncles and aunts. I loved the green, even as a kid. I looked at these pictures and I could hear the aunts singing the traditional wedding songs. I knew the words and the moves. This is part of what it's about. So beautiful. Those hills roll on forever and ever and serve as a wonderful metaphor for married life perhaps.

Wow! Just looked up! Been talking lots in this post! Yikes! Thanks for listening bloglets.

Here are some reads from the interwebs for this weekend:
I've signed up to 22seven. I'm keen to see how it works
I do love me a to do list
Lusting after this apartment
This may come in handy: how to safe sext
Maxim has a new Editor-in-Chief

Have a beautiful weekend.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Close your eyes

I've been having very little sleep lately. Even too little by my standards.

From here

Two nights ago, I came to the realisation that I may be partly like a baby and I think I may miss out on something if I'm asleep and I should wake up as soon as possible. Silly little bean that I am. :)

Add to that I am miserable when tired (my sympathy for babies knows no end) and it just makes for a long day where I itch and am frustrated the whole day. I love mornings, so being tired means that I am not able to enjoy them.

This morning for instance,I've said my morning prayers, spoken to my Mom, cooked oats, made chai tea, removed nail polish, painted my nails again, sent a few emails, printed and scanned stuff for a new course I'm starting and that was before 8:30am. Oh wait I've eaten breakfast and am on my second cup of tea. I feel marvellous.

Also made me wonder though do I take time to savour the moment or do I enjoy the buzz of being a busy little bee?

That my dears is an existential question for a day that is NOT today.

Have a super Thursday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday wisdom

From here
I read a lot today, I wrapped my Mom's birthday present with an extra rose and I saw the most glorious moon on the way to her birthday dinner. Almost a full moon. Such a treasure. I made a wish and I said Namaste to the moon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tuesday Love day

I barely blog about it do I? Possibly, because I have NO clue what I'm doing. Honestly though who does?!

I loved this video from love has no labels. Such happy free skeletons. I think this skin that we're in may really be a barrier sometimes.

Watch this...

I also love the background music to this vid.

Love, sprinkle that stuff everywhere.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Mamma!

From Here

I love this! That is all! Bumps and babes are nothing short of exquisitely beautiful. Dolce & Gabbana did every kind of best with this fashion show and collection. Loves it. I think babes make everything more beautiful. A bump in a dress, how beautiful can a woman get. Dolce & Gabanna get it!

This made my day. Maybe month. Okay...I loved it a lot!

What more can we say. This is many kinds of perfection.
Here are some looks that I loved. Is there ever a better accessory than a beautiful, chubby babe on your hip?! I think not.

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