Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Just getting started


Feels like I'm just getting into my week. Like my week is starting today. Well...maybe it is! Hihi. Went through yesterday in a post weekend away daze. My bestie is right, travel days need one to be a little more gentle with oneself. Even if it's just to mourn or hold onto the magic of the moments that have gone by a little longer and to take a few extra minutes to file them into memories for a life time.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Do more of this

I was up at 3am this morning, haunted by work I've put off unreasonably long, considering it is not all that complex, 1, and 2, it's so I can get paid.

I am totally a morning person. So much more productive and practical and less prone to distraction! Good times for me all around. I also have my best dance moves at this time of day too. 

It's just dawned on my what I love a lot about mornings and early mornings more especially, that inherent sense of anticipation. There is so much wonder just ensconced in these early hours, before whole word awake. An almost holding of nature's breath and a wonderful Universal slow exhale, before the hurried, breathing of the hustle of the day really comes into effect.

May the magic of the morning linger long into your day.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Joburg winter. No matter how many layers I wear lately, I just can't seem to get warm enough. I am so thankful for the sunshine and really hope that it warms me all the way through.

I quite like this layered look above!

Tuesday! Tackle it!!


Friday, July 8, 2016

Excited for today

This ensemble though.
Woke up fresh and feisty this morning and good news just seemed to greet me. Please oh please may we never underestimate a good night's rest!! Ariana Huffington really is onto something with that. Let us NOT be fooled. We seem to live in a society where we seem to congratulate each other for our extreme levels of exhuastion an have various tired-offs as it were. Stop it! When you are sleepy, your body is telling you to rest!

Listen to your body this weekend. Our bodies are so wonderful and clever and their knowledge runs through the depths of all our beautiful fibres.

Here are some stirring weekend reads:

Attachment  - so much to this! Wow!
More precious than gold you are to hold (I cannot wait for this)
I do love a home remedy
My sister and I will be first in line to watch Bridget Jones Baby

Have a wistfully wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Humpy hump day

Need to give myself a break!
This Wednesday was humpier than most. Really was slow to start, I must say! Yikes! But got going and a cortado got me through.

Did realise though that it's so important to not be too hard on myself and take it easy sometimes.  Also when feeling this lack lustre, make yourself feel better about getting some work done, by getting stuck in admin that is not too demanding. Celebrating small victories!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Moody Mornings

This morning seems colder than most mornings and really it was tougher to shake the sleep from my beautiful body. So slow start, but I got up and at some of 'em! Not all days are the same. Winter is beautiful and seasons changing is so important and so much part of life. I love that. This constant reminder that not all sunshine is summer and there is much to be done in times of chilliness, other than begin a love affair with bread and butter. To face the frostiness is important in life! You can withstand it and it is almost never as daunting as you imagine.

sunshine in your heart. Warms you all the way through.


Monday, July 4, 2016

Pull up my socks

Tis a rather chilly Monday on this side of the southern hemisphere and I'm considering wearing 2 pairs personally.

Love the term, "pull up your socks",it just is so explanatory and I kinda always do the action of pulling up my socks, stockings or sleeves when I want to get stuck into some work.

I really am feeling the need and deep rumbling in myself to get up and really go for everything that I want to do. I was thinking on Friday morning as I awoke that so often we let things and people usurp our process and journey to do what we want to do. It's not their fault by any measure, it is what we allow, but it is so important to be ever conscious of this. I am always aware of where resentment can build and I really do not want to attract things that allow that. Resentment is really like a cancer and it settles in fast and rather heavily and can be hard to shake. It has no place here, near me.

Be conscious and aware today. The action of pulling up your socks is so useful as it's almost a physical alert to bring you back to your present, bring you back to your body and remind you to be here and now and do what needs to be done.

Have a wonderful, fulfilling day.

Pull up your socks


Friday, July 1, 2016

1 July 2016


Have we really left mid year already? Does this then qualify as year limbo? Happy 1 July bloglets. What a day we have ahead of us to look forward too! I like it when the first falls on a Friday. Can't really put it into words why, but I just like it.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Do things that amaze even you and prepare for your amazing future. Even if it's 1 thing. EVERY step counts.

Here are some reads for the weekend;
How yummy does this no cream - ice cream look? must try
Is it too early to start looking forward to FNB Joburg Art Fair? 
I love a Dame who gets inked at 81..LIVE!

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