Monday, July 4, 2016

Pull up my socks

Tis a rather chilly Monday on this side of the southern hemisphere and I'm considering wearing 2 pairs personally.

Love the term, "pull up your socks",it just is so explanatory and I kinda always do the action of pulling up my socks, stockings or sleeves when I want to get stuck into some work.

I really am feeling the need and deep rumbling in myself to get up and really go for everything that I want to do. I was thinking on Friday morning as I awoke that so often we let things and people usurp our process and journey to do what we want to do. It's not their fault by any measure, it is what we allow, but it is so important to be ever conscious of this. I am always aware of where resentment can build and I really do not want to attract things that allow that. Resentment is really like a cancer and it settles in fast and rather heavily and can be hard to shake. It has no place here, near me.

Be conscious and aware today. The action of pulling up your socks is so useful as it's almost a physical alert to bring you back to your present, bring you back to your body and remind you to be here and now and do what needs to be done.

Have a wonderful, fulfilling day.

Pull up your socks


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