Thursday, April 30, 2015

Goodnight moon

Bedroom design inspiration from here

I'm getting a bed time. Getting strict with myself. I'm really a kid, who adults betwee certain hours, but like them I need routine and bed time.
I'm setting a new routine up now, because my little body is not happy with all these random hours that I am sleeping.
So bedtime for me. I get to read my wonderful books. I feel like I got so much accomplished today and in my own stride and I wasn't so easily frazzled, because I slept. Granted I tossed and turned, but practice makes perfect.

Gotta go, it's almost bed time for me. I'm not a night owl, I wonder why I even pretend.

Sogni d'oro


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not just for breakfast ;)

My dearest friend and her beautiful sisters, all Mamas of the most amazing kind, are now into Podcasts. They are all telling me to get on with listening to Serial. It seems to be a crime drama sort of thing, but it seems like it could be rather addictive, judging by how I'm being told to have a listen. It's based on a true story too. Eek!

I'm not a huge tv watching fan, so I may just get listening.

Have you tried any podcasts lately?


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to face Tuesday

Like a cute little bundled bunny. Well this is my plan for today. I have loads to do today, including a presentation that has me quivering like a little bunny, but I'm going to bound through it and be bunny amazing.

Bunnies soothe me. I learnt in my yoga course this past weekend what they represent, but of course I forgot and I now can't share that tit bit with you. HIHI...

Happy Tuesday you bunny beauty.

Shake your cotton tail okay?


Monday, April 27, 2015

Free Monday

It's a public holiday in South Africa today. One of two this week. I'm pretty thrilled I cannot lie. Today I took some time out for some ME time. I slept in until 9am, wonderful!

Be gentle with yourselves bloglets. I'm trying it with myself.

Have a wonder filled week.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Long weekend time

true that!

We do those here in SA big time!! I am not complaining. Really welcome the break, I must say. Some of my friends are off on holiday, one is off to Zanzibar for some QT with her in laws. An awesome woman interviewed me yesterdat and she is off to AfrikaBurn, which made me see her in a completely different light. Though I really did think she was many kinds of awesome when she asked me what my secret superpower was. Hello! That is how things should be!

I have exciting news I'm going to learn how to be a yoga teacher for kids this weekend! Um!! Anyone say, HELLA GREAT!! I'm excited and terrified all at once and I will keep you posted on my progress...Maybe...It's a pretty personal journey. For now though, Module 1, here I come.

I hope you have a weekend planned that will filly our heart to the brim with joy, oh and magic. Put that on everything.

The Universe provides. I''ve really been bumping into situations lately where this really resonates with me. I've been kind of unconscious lately in the space I've in. Consumed by anxiety and worry of many things beyond my control and things I needed to let go, had me diametrically opposed to all things mindful, but the Universe is glorious in its reminders.

Yesterday I started my day, with a beautiful, older man, leaning out of his car window and saying to me," hello gorgeous." Well, how can a girl have a bad day after that. Your day is only going up when it starts like that.

Little reading list for us over this long weekend...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Heart to heart...

I saw this yesterday and it was so beautiful, I had tears in my eyes. A client, who is a gorgeous Mom of two little boys sent it to me in the morning and it honestly made my day.

Being a Mom is so many kinds of special. As le Petit Prince says, "It is not with the eyes that one can see, it is only with the heart that one sees clearly."

This is so super special right up to the music. I'm still finished. My heart...


Wednesday, April 22, 2015


From here
I've been doing weekly posts lately on love and matters of the hear lately. All that feelings stuff that we sometimes struggle to talk about.

I saw these framed words on That Kind of Woman and they really struck me. Beautifully and simply framed, words in black and white, just aesthetically please me, but then I read the words and they really resonated.

I had a terrible break up about a year ago now, but it cut me deep and I think I finally started to equalize from the beginning of this year. It's amazing this thing called falling in love and then what happens when it ends. Letting go is so important I've learnt and found, but mostly letting go of the hurt, disappointment. Moreover learning to accept the apology that you may never receive. Learning is also key.Learn the lessons from break ups girls and boys. Otherwise you're out of one that does not serve you, straight into another one that gives you more of what you should not have been doing in the last one. I'm personally not for spin cycles of dating.

I like to get back towards myself before I even think about attempting this hey you stuff with someone else. Go steadily amidst the haste and noise is what I prefer. I've often said to my sisters and friends that not all dating is meant for a lifetime, sometimes we date just for dating sake. There is a lesson in each and every relationship we come into and come out of. Learn your lesson for you, you inevitably do gain some sort of understanding, look out for it, and learn it. Learn to let go, you know when it's time.

These words above really resonated in all their harsh and ever so beautifully framed truth...

"How strange is it that after all that we are strangers again."

Strange, true, beautiful, sad, real and just the way it is. All at once.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Right now

From here

This is what we're doing right?! Okay so let's do it right then.

I'm like most of us, and I think about the future and am often multi tasking and rushing. Worrying oh and how much of that I do! Yikes!Replaying the past, wondering how it will play out in the future and totally  forgetting about this moment I stand in right now. For a person prone to anxiety like I can be, this ain't the best idea.

I once wrote on my blog, "Enjoy the perfection of right now." Pity I seemingly forget these things sometimes as quickly as I've said them.

Multi-faceted wording aside, Right Now, Just do that okay. Do it with all you've got. Who's looking for perfect all the time?! Done is often better than perfect. Take it from a perfectionist ;) Nothing like the persistend pursuit of perfection to make you stand still. It's some scary stuff this ever moving target that is "perfect." Only my little baba will be perfect, Divinely and lovingly made.

Go off and do some Nowness people.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Frankly Friday

From here
I'm battered and bruised this week. Quite literally. Cut my finger quite deeply in a freak home broken glass accident. Waddling, not wallowing in a little feeling sorry for myself. Just a little, I'm allowed. I'm mostly so upbeat, I don't even know what to do with myself. Everything is not as it seems kids.

Autumn is settling in in the Southern hemisphere at the mo. We had some beautiful rain yesterday evening, which sadly has not washed away all the madness going down in SA at the moment. Pathetic fallacy in full effect, looking at this rather inclement weather.

Get a great big and cuddle you beauties this weekend. Ooh and maybe a long lingering kiss, because well, kisses are delicious.

Here are some weekend reads for you...
This instagram account is so cute
You can use the whole cauliflower
I would like this wallpaper on my computer
I may tune in for Another Round of listening to this
Gisele does her last runway 
My end of week  delightful Distraction
A little Apartment Loving

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Zone out!

I need to call it a day on this life I'm living at the moment. Insanely stressed to the point of being stationery! It's painful and crazy! Really!

So I found this on the interwebs and it made my day...Which female Harry Potter character are you?
That's me!
Oh and I painted my nails before bedtime! Wow! Little rebel me. Painted nails make, red lipstick and cute undies, make it better.
Oath to Buddha,I feel like a have a flock of nesting pigeons in my head. The rats of the bird world, poor things, but that is really not what I want to fill my head with.

Do something tomorrow that your future self will thank you for. That's really a note to self quite honestly.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Can I...?

Tell you all the great things that happened in my day?
Tell you about the moments I was anxious and afraid today?
Tell you how you were the first person that I wanted to message and tell my good news to?
Tell you how I just want to tell you random stuf, well because I'm pretty random hihi
Tell you how I want to start and end my day kissing you...

From here

Monday, April 13, 2015


Universe from me to YOU. Thank you! Image from here

Just take a moment, like I am right now to say a big THANK YOU to the Universe and all it provides.

So much can get us down, so much and then, just as quickly as we are down, the Universe sends us the littlest of gifts, which are just immense in their amazingness and we are on the road again to greatness! Was that not always the destination anyway?

So this is my moment, I'm taking it, ALL of it to say THANK YOU. Not for one thing in particular, but everything that you so graciously provide dear Universe.

Thank you

Let's start this right!

Get to it people!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello Friday

I'm rather happy to see you. You are beautiful. It is also a very special lady's birthday today, so again, Happy Birthday Kimmy. You are many kinds of incredible! More than I have words to express. Love from the bottom of my heart. xx

I'm a little tired today, but a lot grateful. My mind is racing and I've been typing furiously, but that actually makes me happy. I managed to have some important conversations this week and I managed to even get some wonderful, TIGHT hugs.

Happy weekend you beautifuls. Here is my little reading list for you. Stuff I plan to read this weekend, stuff I'd love to get my hands on, interesting things I come across...

I'd love to spritz on some Love
Get this for my No1 Dude
Need to read this to get organised, Japanese style
These jewels are so many kinds of lovely and so ME!
I love my sisters.These styling siblings make me thing of my crew
Planking is definitely still a thing - I'm on it!
Love seeing this beauty uniform - keep it fresh, simple and beautiful

As we leave behind the week that has been and as we look forward to another day and week ahead, please take a moment, to be right where you are.

Hold hands, kiss deeply and passionately, smile and laugh out loud.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How high?!

From here
From here

From here

From here
How sweet are these pictures? Japanese "SALARy men" have fun with their kids, who they barely see inactual fact. These salaray men work very hard to provide for their families. There is very little time left for relaxation and unwinding etc, so this photo series is a great ode to the happiness and sadness to this dynamic.

Blooming marvellous

T is for Tulip

I love flowers. I gift them to myself rather often. I try for weekly if I'm around and depending on how the flowers last as well. I'm not your typical, red roses girl. Actually red roses bore me beyond human comprehension. Like those conventional "pretty" girls, red roses are honestly the white bread of the rose family to me. They don't sit well in my stomach and they are just not interesting at all. Not my vase of flowers as it were.

There is such excitement as the seasons change and I can see new seasonal blooms arriving at my local flower shop that can fill my heart and home. Even my office mind you. My new boss, bought flowers for our office space the other day and placed them by my desk and absolutely transformed the space.

How do you feel about blooms? I think they're marvellous. I have the fondest memories of blooms. My first serious boyfriend used to shower me with flowers unexpectedly and so often, oh I did get jelly stares at reception in res sometimes. Oh, but the notes were the best part. What a cutie pie he is. SO special. I still have the notes. I must go open them and sigh and smile to myself.

My bestie gave me the most beautiful vase 2 birthdays ago and it had the most beautiful orchard in it from her Mamas garden. It was so super special, as she was still in her newborn babe nest with her 2 month old twins and she still had the time to get me the most perfect, specaial gift. It's the little things.

Get someone special flowers today. You are that someone special ;) Don't you forget it!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yummy breakfast

Yum! From crunchy radish
This is my favourite meal of the day. I really haven't figured out why, but perhaps it's because I like mornings. I am always excited about breakfast. I will gladly skip any other meal,but this one. When we're away, it's the one meal I'm always up for, no matter how late the night before.

So I'm always on the look out on new and yummy ways to start my day. So my green smoothie is already prepped for tomorrow morning, but I just made the yummy oats, just in case I want something different tomorrow morning. I can have the smoothie as a snack or something.

Obviously cup of hot water with lemon first. Oh and my yummy coffee, mm mm...a little espresso, freshly brewed to start my day just right.

Back to the office tomorrow. Four day week ahead, jam packed with work, so I've always got to fuel myself right.

Start! and Start right...

Monday, April 6, 2015

Titi Parisienne

So I lived in Paris and the love affair Paris and I have will live forever. We will always ALWAYS have each other. I still pinch myself, when I think that I used to fill in travel forms and my address was 75014. I still think that postal code is so beautiful to look at. Love me some nostalgia.

I appreciated so much about livign in Paris, the truly effortless chic of all the women, yet they all had such an individuality in their style. I looved that noone really wore g-strings, yay! French panties are soooo much sexier...more is more sexy. Sultry in fact. Wear beautiful underwear for yourself. Oh and if you saw a French woman's stomach it was on the beach, if she's in a bikini. All their pants fit! No tacky, exposed crack and no tramp stamps sticking out of shirts.

I love the Parisienne's sensibility and their neuroses that they tap into every now and then.

Je suis une Titi Parisienne dedans je croix. Juste un petit peu ou en peu plus.

Here are just a few things that make a French woman so fantastic, flawed, finely female, all in one;

I'll have frites with that please
French girls like French boys

Friday, April 3, 2015

Hoppy weekend

Hatched! From here
It's almost Easter and by gosh one of my favourite holidays, because bunnies abound. I definitely need bunny ears! I'm slacking this year!

I was getting my nails done the other day and the manicurist was saying that she really hasn't felt like it's almost Easter this year. I kind of agreed. Usually I really get caught up in it all, but this year, not so much. Silently excited and really just counting down till I can have my espresso and cortado again and well Easter eggs go on reduced price from Monday and I just love me some Easter eggs, especially the marshmallow ones.

Speaking of which, I want to try and make my own marshmallow

Hoppy Easter weekend


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pappa on Duty

From here

I'm a big fan of Dads. They truly are so special. I am grateful that even though my Dad travelled a lot for work, we still got to spend the most precious moments with him and still do. Dads are wonderful.

They often get a bad rap too from all the silly ones who think parenting is an option.

I love Scandanavia and lot of things Scandanavian. One thine I do enjoy is their 1 year paid maternity leave, which I really think is an essential minimum. Better still, Dads get lenghtly paternity leave as well, a compulsory 60 days for sure. My last check was that it was about 6 months that Dads got as paternity leave, with pay subsidised by the state, which they can allocate for over a period. Isn't that cool.

Photographer, Johan Bävman, decided to document his time as a Dad, as well a other Dads and their experience on spending time with their kids a photo series called Swedish Dads.

So special and it's really a different fun with Dad on duty. These memories live with kids forever. Grown kids like us still look back so fondly on these moments.

Spend time with them while they're little, it's so fleeting. They hold it in their hearts forever and it adds such depth to your relationship with your kids. Dads are another dimension of delight.



Teeny bums can bath anywhere.

Out door bath time in buckets. Thanks Dad!

Meal time comes with its own intricacies and emotions.

Wrapped up in Pappa love. This is so beautiful.

Ships ahoy me babies!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I gots you!

From here

Fooling around

First day of the second quarter of this year. Wow! How hectically fast did this year go? It has been at a good pace though.

Started a new job today. Going to be many kinds of cool to learn the ropes again. I'm terrified and looking forward to it.

It's also April Fool's day. It's been years since I've played a prank or been pranked, but I did find these cute pranks to play on your kids in the morning. If it's too late now, save it for next year. I love the frozen cereal...hahahahah

Happy Wednesday. We're going into long weekend season here in SA!


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