Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello Friday

I'm rather happy to see you. You are beautiful. It is also a very special lady's birthday today, so again, Happy Birthday Kimmy. You are many kinds of incredible! More than I have words to express. Love from the bottom of my heart. xx

I'm a little tired today, but a lot grateful. My mind is racing and I've been typing furiously, but that actually makes me happy. I managed to have some important conversations this week and I managed to even get some wonderful, TIGHT hugs.

Happy weekend you beautifuls. Here is my little reading list for you. Stuff I plan to read this weekend, stuff I'd love to get my hands on, interesting things I come across...

I'd love to spritz on some Love
Get this for my No1 Dude
Need to read this to get organised, Japanese style
These jewels are so many kinds of lovely and so ME!
I love my sisters.These styling siblings make me thing of my crew
Planking is definitely still a thing - I'm on it!
Love seeing this beauty uniform - keep it fresh, simple and beautiful

As we leave behind the week that has been and as we look forward to another day and week ahead, please take a moment, to be right where you are.

Hold hands, kiss deeply and passionately, smile and laugh out loud.


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