Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I can't deny,I love this city...

Once again my dear fellow blogger Bury and Discover, has let me onto another great discovery, a movie about a city I once called home.

Wonder when this movie will hit our shores. Soon I hope.. Since I can't get there, I can relive my memories over a popcorn and slush. Though champers would be even better! They really should start serving champers for certain movies hey...

Check the movie trailer out here

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ain't no thing like Aunting!

"A" is for Amazing Aunt 
Yes! It's an actual verb! I knew it was one of those things worthy of a whole VERB!Aunting is definitely a doing word! Everyone can be an aunt,it's mere semantics, but AUNTING that's a God given gift!You're involved and you're paid handsomely in hugs, kisses, little chubby hand holding, cute little heads resting in that special space between your head and neck! You're paid in those special moments,where you're filled with so much love, joy and amazement, that your eyes just fill with tears that are inexplicable,but completely understandable.

You know I've always known this is so special, but my dearest blogger and fast becoming even dearer colleague and friend, Bury and Discover, just highlighted just how special this is. We sit together most days discussing the precious little people in our lives, with me hoping I don't bore her and her hoping she doesn't bore me, but there's nothing boring about little hands, and little tootsies and little smiles just for you.

This is a special thing this.I am not a mom (insert slightly sad face here),but man oh man,I am an aunt.To 3 of the MOST gorgeous little creatures on God's green earth. My boys.The world is only best (yes not better), because they are in it. We say yes far more often than their parents say no.We are a little closer in age, so we understand them better. hihi! We don't want them to be super brats and have atrocious manners, so we begrudgingly say no to them, because we know it's for their greater good.But more than anything, we just love them, because they are so little, so beautiful and so darn AMAZING!

Also you can indulge them in their ridiculously colourful, senseless imaginations and let them do amazingly ridiculous things that make you chuckle for years to come and make them smile with delirious joy.This is our joy and pleasure!Be their biggest supporters,cheer leaders for most of their whims!

 I mean it is not all together one sided. They think we are so cool too.We get it too.More than their parentals, we understand. We also buy some pretty cool clothes too, why because we can forego the ambit of form and function that dictate how their parents shop and instead we can buy incredibly cool, adult-esque clothes, that look ridiculously have to have in miniature form!

So read this article, which really highlights the beauty of who we are blessed to be and do! So to all of you who have little boys and girls who brighten up your existence, all the way to the depths and crevices of your heart, remember AUNTING IS AMAZING!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The most beautiful face in the world.

This is why being  mother is the most precious, inimitable HONOUR in the world, because this face is love. Nothing else, but break your heart and never want anyone to hurt you love.Inexplicable love.

Image courtesy of piccsy.
To all those women doing it right and all those of us waiting to see these beautiful little faces of love. Happy mother's day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


thinking of starting a new series of posts titled when...a proactive wishlist of sorts. cos all this has to get done though.would love to know what you plan on doing when...

so here's my first one;

When I'm a skinny little fit runner bunny, I am going to run the New York Marathon in these...

Stella for Adidas. Image taken from Vogue.co.uk
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