Monday, August 31, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Note to self

I'm going through changes at the moment. Life changes. It's not a bad thing I keep trying to say to myself. Is it working? Some days I believe more than others.

Know the difference. It's important. {source}

Monday, August 24, 2015

Why do we believe it so?

Our job. MY job this week is not listen to this liar. I am so afraid sometimes, so afraid that the amount of fear I have of things that will probably never EVER happen, scares me more than the fear of the thing itself.

And...guess what?! I stay in the same dreaded space! Not cool.

None of that. Pushing through it and I will have to see myself on the other side of it all. I will only be better.

Let's not listen to the liar.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Get to it


Those who read this blog, know that procrastination is my drug, not even of choice, but boy it's addictive to me!

I'm reading this article on how to embrace the suckitude of tasks. Getting motivated through stuff you don't want to. I'm sometimes even slow to do stuff I actually want to do.

I am celebrating small victories though. On Monday I finished all my assisgnments a day early, submissions are on a Tuesday, but I finished earlier for the first time. Felt so infinite proud.

I think I may just deserve a nap today.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Let's discuss...lips


Please may we just discuss how I plan to purchase this dear lipstick. A big lover of red lipstick and I really don't mind a little bit of Keeping up with the Kardashians watching. Add to that, how I do enjoy the story of Estée Lauder and the business she set up and the one her grand daughter now runs and you have my new planned purchase...Restless

May it suit me. Thought the name suits my current life mood.

Pouts out to you all.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Do it!


Life has been sans a bed of roses lately. Testing, to but understate it! But you know what? Here I am. Here I stand.

Ready! As we start our new week, remember this please. Don't lose your fire!!!

I don't know if we're all going through a bit of this, what am I doing with my life stuff?...

It really is testing sometimes, but it always works out just on the other side of that feeling where you are about to give up. So they say...

Loved what Mindy Kaling had to say about confidence.

A definite must read for me. When times are testing, confidence can so easily be tested and we can look for even the littlest bit of affirmation in the not so nourishing of places...

While we may be shaken in testing times, may we not be stirred!

Have a beautiful week. Be on purpose and on fire!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

"You make it look like it's magic..."


This may just be my tune for my first dance at my wedding, I'm thinking...

How perfect a first line is that ..."You make it look like it's magic..." #dropsmic

So beautiful. Also I could do a beautiful little bit of a non awkward dance to this beat I do think.

What does make me chuckle a lot is that it's from the Fifty shades of Grey soundtrack. I have not read the book, I have not watched the movie, but I do enjoy this track a lot.

"I'm 'a care for you..." Think those are pretty important words to impart at your party to celebrate the many many days, over many years of marriage that are to follow. May all of us who choose this path in life, remember that even when our person is not being ideal, we don't forget to choose them everyday and care for them.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Make eye's the weekend

what's yours? {source}

I'm off to a birthday party today. My favourite little girls are 2! I'll be there. Looking forward to my outfit too, I must say. I do love me a bit of a theme! Chic and on theme is the idea!

Wishing you a spectaular weekend ahead. I'm looking forward to some sleep this weekend that is for sure and much needed, since I seem to have skipped it these past few weekends. Time well spent though, not sleeping.

Some weekend reads for you and me...

I may be single, but I really do need to master single tasking
This could be useful to understand, the theology of rest 
Make eye contact with someone and other necessities to add to your list
"For me, physical love has always been bound to an irresistible feeling of innocence and joy. Thus, I cannot love in tears but in exaltation. " - Merci, Monsieur Camus

Hearts and highlights for the weekend.


Thursday, August 13, 2015

This is me...

"There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature." — Jane Austen

This is a lot of how I feel. God gave me a rather full ass, so I have no intention of half arsing anything. Though these hearts of ours be big, they are still but little and fragile and we must protect them. From the madness, sadly from the meanness. Thank goodness, the Universe thought ahead and put them in cage for us. Don't let the hard stuff stop you from feeling though. There is so much on the other side of everything. You must just go through it.

Hugs and high fives to your hearts.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Woman Crush Wednesday

I do love me some sorted, dynamic women and we surely do run the world with all our wonder. Technically we birth the world too, which doesn't get enough respect.

This whole August being women's month thing really gets to me I must say. Bad stuff happens to women in South Africa all the time and women are still underpaid and under recognised in so manu spheres. So now dedicating this paltry month just seems so inane and frankly offensive.

This is not to vent, but rather to celebrate a woman I've enjoyed seeing growing in her business. She is smart, she is solid and gosh she is captivating and beautiful. When she finished her Masters (woman with degrees just raise the bar) in the UK, she came to SA and started her business from scratch. I'm into most things as natural as possible, especially those that go on my my body. So imagine just how excited I was to support someone I know, but also to support them by buying incredible products I actually love. Zeze Oriaikhi - Sao your work is amazing and I cannot wait to see what else you bring out!

I'm a sucker for the Verdure range. It really speaks to my senses. Excited to see what the new website will look like as, Malee, launches it's online business.

Yay! To the wonderful women of Africa. May we all remember to raise each other up, not just as women, but as people.


Friday, August 7, 2015


So true {source}

It has an extra 'e', because it's a long weekend her in the South of A. Hello to that! Women's Day on Sunday, it's a tough to comment on and I'm just not in the mood.

I am grateful to be a woman and happy to have been born one. That is for sure.

What I have loved is that it is International Breast Feeding week. That is something to celebrate and for me, a definite highlight of being a woman. One thing I look so forward to and am anxious about, all at the same time. That will be life right there. I was breast fed till I was 2, so it's particularly close to my heart, as I was when I lay close to my Mama's heart while she breast fed me. Lucky little me bean. So the tears came when I read this most touching post on Kimmy and Bear, by the most incredible Mama and woman, Bailey about breastfeeding her twin toddlers. Speaks to the heart this kind of stuff. So I honour this and all mothers who nourish their babies bodies and souls, and their own. I'm one of those #BreastisBest believers.

Weekend plans? I think some kitchen time would be great for me. Love thats space. Also want to get some work done and just enjoy some, solo quiet time and also be with some of my faves.

Some weekend reading that I wanted to share with you lovelies...

This really strikes a SPARK
Breakfast salad - will be tried this weekend

Hearts off to you all!

Happy weekend.


Thursday, August 6, 2015


I took a walk with a new friend today. Though I think today it struck us that we've only recently met and haven't known each other for yonks like it feels. She's a brisk walker! There are so few of our kind.

The thing is though. This walk in the sunshine and just talking as we blitzed through a lot of hills, literally gave me life! Yesterday I was so amped and we go our times mixed up, so we didn't walk and today I didn't feel like it when I woke up, but I honoured my commitment, got dressed and drove to her house. I'm so glad I did.

The day just seemed to open up with so much greatness after that. Life opened up for me. I somehow decided to say YES to my day. So with that, I had an impromptu lunch witha  friend, I had a free machiatto, because I was offered and had a chat with a nice young man sitting next to me. I said YES to dinner with a handsome man tonight, which is scary and exciting, but it's also great.

Cheers to me indeed! Even though I'll have company in a few, I will still toast to myself tonight and my marvellous life and to today.

What did you say yes to today?


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mid week wonder

This is what I feel like right now. Mid - week. Hit a bit of a slumper roo. So much work to do, but feeling much better now. Tomorrow, I shall definitely wear a hat.

How is your Wednesday? I woke up and stoof on my hair today, because I needed it. Headstands give us courage they say.

I feel an incredible sense of loss today. I don't know why. Exactly 1 month to go until my birthday, perhaps I'm growing and changing. Pushing through my skin. I do feel like I've outgrown parts of me. The grieving, shocked, hurt, doubtful, exhausted, depleted parts of me. Those parts. I feel like they no longer fit me. The parts that feel unloved, unseen, unnoticed, crushed, crumpled even. Those parts don't seem to fit anymore.

I came across this song today and honestly, tears just came to my eyes. Like it hit that final nerve, that didn't need even the slightest tough.

I want to be left alone, but I got to the carwash just now and this woman just spoke my ear off. Yikes! Great chatting to her though, now planning new travel destinations. Yay!! That never hurt.

Take time and just have a lot of me time today. Take a few extra moments for yourself. I need a hug, but I also want quiet.

Wednesday... Nice to see you.


Monday, August 3, 2015

Multi- Monday

Do I have a problem? I like to multi-task. I am sitting on an online tutorial and I'm thinking this may be a good time to blow dry my hair, while I'm seated here and my microphone is on mute. Still thinking of getting my blowdryer and flat iron. Why not right?! Just getting things done while I'm sitting in this here one place.

So well I'm blogging instead. Also important to my wellbeing. You don't know just how much. I can also get some work done while I sit here too. Does it mean I'm not concentrating?! Not really. My brain is marvellous and it fascinates me, because it can really be in a few places at once. Perhaps this is not ideal?! I don't really know. Should we do one thing at a time?! Is it best? I find that when I have one thing to do, goodness me, does that thing EVER take me forever!? I don't know what it is. So now I'm learning to do what works best for me. The key thing is to complete tasks wonderfully. I suffer from perfectionism. It can often be debilitating, but I'm getting better at it. "Done is better than perfect" is my little tune! Though my version of done, still aims to fall not too far from my version of perfection.

I've decided not to blow dry my hair just yet. Just do this blog post,as well as reading my course notes when I'm done.

One of my favourite friends, who I've been friends with for over 20 years, is pregnant. I saw this earlier and thought it hilarious, so I sent it to her. Love a little news of preggie friends. This baby is going to have  great sense of humour, little baby bean. I'm excited for the little cuddles coming next year.

Anyway, I must be off to tick off my tasks on my to-do list, that never seems to empty out. I need to get better than that.

Have a great day.

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