Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mid week wonder

This is what I feel like right now. Mid - week. Hit a bit of a slumper roo. So much work to do, but feeling much better now. Tomorrow, I shall definitely wear a hat.

How is your Wednesday? I woke up and stoof on my hair today, because I needed it. Headstands give us courage they say.

I feel an incredible sense of loss today. I don't know why. Exactly 1 month to go until my birthday, perhaps I'm growing and changing. Pushing through my skin. I do feel like I've outgrown parts of me. The grieving, shocked, hurt, doubtful, exhausted, depleted parts of me. Those parts. I feel like they no longer fit me. The parts that feel unloved, unseen, unnoticed, crushed, crumpled even. Those parts don't seem to fit anymore.

I came across this song today and honestly, tears just came to my eyes. Like it hit that final nerve, that didn't need even the slightest tough.

I want to be left alone, but I got to the carwash just now and this woman just spoke my ear off. Yikes! Great chatting to her though, now planning new travel destinations. Yay!! That never hurt.

Take time and just have a lot of me time today. Take a few extra moments for yourself. I need a hug, but I also want quiet.

Wednesday... Nice to see you.


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