Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Can I take a bow?

Awesome image of one of my favourite poses! Taken from piccsy.

I need to get back to yoga. Every inch of my increasingly tubby body is craving the comfort of soul massaging contortions that come with yoga. Having this discussion with my soon to be yoga buddy Bailey, check out her super incredible blog here!

I want to bow to the divine in me, before I can acknowledge it properly in others. In desperate need of nurturing and yoga really is me hugging my body and wringing out all the gunk we collect in our bodies day after day!

Time to release and bow to the divinity in me and all of us.

Gotta get my yoga on!

Monday, June 27, 2011

"You are the problem and the solution..."

Just come back from laughing out loud a lot! When last did you go to a Sunday night movie? I just did! It's been ages, such a wonderful feeling. I watched Bridesmaids! Damn funny. I like silly movies and rom-coms.There!I said it, I'm not ashamed!

This movie signalled a great start to my week a head and reminded me of this golden oldie, by none other than, Wilson Phillips! Words to live by from this song! Motivation for the week! Have a great one and hooold oooonn for one more day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love matters

Read this on Twitter today and it might have been something Bob Marley said apparently, "There's a difference between who we love, who we settle for, & who we're meant for."

 Images taken from piccsy and pinterest.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

While we're on the subject...

"My what big wortels (carrots) you have in Africa!" - Mrs O rocks gardening chic!Love the glove!
 The big Mrs O is in town! Michelle Obama with her girls in tow. Strong, sorted, smart women are my definitely my treat of choice.So while I was particularly bleak that the nod to her speaking at Regina Mundi today evaded me and my direct  radius entirely, I decided to look what she's been wearing of late and chose some of my faves.

This pic makes me sad I must say.Great shot.Just makes me think a picture tells a 1000 words. (image take from

Don't understand this look and it's winter in SA, hope she had a jacket! (image take from
Positively gorgeous. Love the colour, the shape, the jewellery.

Those arms!! ARM-AZING!!!Oh and kids reading, great mom!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Daddy chic is so sexy!
Life's simple pleasures watching your baby sleep.
This is what it's all about.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Learning is about how we change

Image take from Piccsy.
So this year, I decided to hit the books again. Very exciting, until I realised I had to write exams again!!What the hell was I thinking.I was thinking about how to learn more and I'm psyched to get another degree.I shan't tell a lie!!

It was in class that the best lecturer I've had in a long time, said these incredible words, "Learning is about how we change." I don't know if they are his own words or they just came to him over years of doing what he does, but how poignant and relevant. I am changing, but in that changing, I'm also really moving back towards myself. What a beautiful feeling. Studying and studying me.

Learning is not only in those thick textbooks my friend and what a good thing that is since I only ever read the parts I need mostly.

Learning is about how we change.

Friday, June 10, 2011


This is where I wanted to be today. Haven't been.But discovered this amazing new bar in Cape Town! Thanks to andunion I discovered this MUST visit bar called Blakes Bar. I die! I need a sunset, I need a gorgeous man and even more beautiful conversation or just beautiful silence to enjoy the view and a glass of champers to celebrate life!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A stern letter to myself

What I need to process. (Image taken from either pinterest or piccsy)
Dear Me

I am terribly worried about how you put off a LOT of stuff that you have to do. Procrastination is going to be the death of you! Really it is! This morning, case in point, electric toothbrush, running out of steam mid brush.Why?! Because I didn't charge it! for 3 WEEKS!! That is ridiculous! How do you put something off for 3 weeks?! how is that even possible?! Oh but it is?! This is definitely a disease! This is not healthy!

And the hours just fly by! Which means late nights recovering all the work not done, when it should have been! HOW ridiculous! Then no sleep, then exhausted! How did I catch this!? It is so dangerously out of hand! Tomorrow is another day I completely agree. It's another day to do that day's stuff.Not another day to do yesterday's stuff!

Girl!! You need to come correct! This stops now. You've even delayed this blog post for longer than can be calculated in actual time. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!!!!!

I'm frustrated watching you and I am you. I am not happy.I am fraught with angst and immense frustration at all the stuff you know you have to do and are putting off till F knows when and for absolutely no reason! What are you going to put off giving birth even after your water breaks?!!What the hell!

The thing is, you have so much to do. So why are you leaving EVERYTHING to the last minute!?You have so much to do, something will fall apart!And so will you!! my word!How many more things have to almost go pear shaped?!You are already pear shaped!!!
Me thinking about what I have to do. (Image taken from piccsy.)

This ends now!!! This cannot go on any longer!! This is not living.Get organised! Get planning!Sort your life out! From today, get stuff done, everyday! You cannot write a to do list after you've done the stuff. It's not an achievement, IT'S CALLED CATCH UP.
Now be ahead! Be PREPARED! WELL PREPARED! You can't live a life, ducking and diving and avoiding being blindsided by self imposed, PROCRASTINATION induced consequences!Charm and wit and quick thinking will only get  you so far.You have a brain and are extremely capable, so use it and prove it!

It's no small ask!! WOW!

 So this is my advice to you....

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