Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday you beauty

Beautiful hustle and bustle
Happy Monday you beauties. January ends this week. Eek to the eekest!!

I'm excited for all of you, as I am for myself. Been in a bit of a post 2013 haze, so my year is really beginning to begin in earnest.

I'm excited!

Flowers are needed

Found some great links on the interwebs that give us something to mull over on this beautiful second day of glorious January summer week in Jozi. (my week starts on a Sunday)...

When it comes to a joining a company, do this VERY IMPORTANT RESEARCH
Considering a career change? Get moving
Body wise...Here are some great fat facts

Be fascinated and stay fascinated.

Have a great week you beauties.


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time for change

Want to try this in real life...

I texted my younger sister earlier to say, 'I'm dying my hair blonde, I think I'm going through a life crisis." Followed by a message saying, "not blonde, grey." No response as yet. She's probably training for her climb on Kilimanjaro in a few months time. (little heroine that)

So I'm 32 and dying my hair grey. That is pretty awesome! I've been pretty obsessed with this colour for almost a year now and somehow my hairdresser has agreed to go on this adventure with me. I think she may now be enjoying it a little more than I am, because now I'm getting positively anxious! Eek! I'm kinda glad she didn't listen to my hesitation earlier when I wanted to go back to my dark hair. So here goes...grey... I guess...

I am in an interesting place in my life at the moment. I know this is not where I want to be, more still, not where I feel I am meant to be. But where to from here. I think I need to take the plunge and go into the darkness and find where I am meant to be.

Perhaps the abyss of not knowing and venturing is perhaps grey...Mm

Time for a change. Says the girl who's not wearing a watch at the moment. But it's not about hands whirring around a clock, it's what I get my hands stuck into I guess.

I better just get moving!

Have a gorgeous Saturday you beauties!

Don't stop believing!!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Dream in the day

Today! Do AT LEAST one thing that will bring you closer to your wildest dream and making it come true.

That is an order!

Stay marvellous you beauties.

Find the happiness. Share the love. It's all we can do to keep us from floating away into an abyss of yucky! Don't do it people!

Gotta keep it moving folks!

Sunshine and smiles


Thursday, January 16, 2014


Me, myself and I, I, I...

I just sat down at my desk not too long ago and I realised that I had a rather full morning and I loved it. Great feeling too. I figured I like to do things. Especially in the morning. Plan my day, make yummy scrambled eggs (they were super fluffy this morning,so impressed with myself). I love doing loads of stuff and doing it well. Especially in the morning, it is my favourite time of the day. Making breakfast, packing lunch and snacks, thinking about what to make for dinner and other housie stuff. Makes me happy.

Yes please. From here
I love feeling like I have loads of beautiful long extra arms and fingers and I sometimes amaze myself (yes I said it) how much I can get done at certain times. Please oh please may I not omit the key reason why I was feeling extra pleasant this morning. Well it's because I SLEPT! Lack of sleep can ruin a person I tell you.

I also in my sleepy haze last night decided to sign up to the 100 Happy Days project and today is #Day1 and I'm excited.

I need to relax and take a deep breath and just let it be sometimes, well more often than not actually, but hey, it's a process.

Happy Thursday people xx

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Two weeks into the new year and I am so exhausted I feel like I've been at it for weeks already. How are you?

If someone asked me that question today and went beyond my paltry, barely believable, "I'm fine" and pushed just a smidgen, I swear I would have burst into a heap of tears.

Today I just want someone to take care of me for a change. I wanted a lovely little surprise. Just a little something to show someone had thought of me, thought of me enough to take even the littlest of time to do something that would make my heart smile.

I'd have love to have been whisked off somewhere, somewhere silly, but special. I would have loved to get to unwrap a special gift that says, "I get you."

But for now, perhaps it seems noone does get me. I don't want to be strong, sturdy, stable. I don't want to have it sorted. I don't want to have the solution.

I want to not have the answers and be okay knowing that someone else may help me find my way to an answer. I want to know and FEEL that I'm someone's someone SPECIAL.

Today, of most days, I don't want to be alone. I want to feel like I matter.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Notes on L.O.V.E

So I love writing and the allotment of words in a particular pattern and hand written notes are particularly special. More still a love letter...Can you cope?! So beautiful and precious and special beyond words and then written on special paper. I just want to hold myself with glee.

Has there ever been a topic written about more than love. From the Bard himself to mere Bic pen wielding fledgling wordsmiths like me, this has been a topic that has often been the reason for putting pen to paper.

I thought I'd share a few today, because, well it is just most lovely...

"I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything." - F. Scott Fitzgerald
So sweet Abe L.
List by Eero Saarinen of Aline Bernstein’s good qualities ca. 1954. Courtesy Princeton Architectural Press

Hartford, Nov. 27/88

"Livy Darling, I am grateful — gratefuler than ever before — that you were born, & that your love is mine & our two lives woven & welded together!"

From here

Monday, January 13, 2014

Blooming marvellous

I totally need flowers in my life today. That is what would truly make my day today. I'm not usually super partial to roses, but I find myself particularly keen on them now for some reason.

Ooh when last did I receive flowers. Buying flowers for my house is my weekly staple indulgence, but I haven't done so in a while in the hopes that someone would buy them for me. Spoil a girl a know what I'm saying?!

Anyway, I thought I'd just do a post on some amazing blooms that inspire me that I've seen around the interwebs.

Hope your Monday has been blooming marvellous so far.

Mother Nature is a creative genius!!

Aren't these dahlias delightful?
Tulips! Oh damn!
This is an arrangement I'd like to try.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Getting started

These are the first words I said this morning, THANK YOU

Today I'm excited. Why? Because I'm planning stuff and working through my to-do list. I think the more I tick off the more I add, but today I decided to be energised and I remembered that I am blessed with a wonderful life and it's a new year.

Now just got called aside for a MOST exciting conversation. Yikes!! Hello 2014, you're looking good.

In dreams begins reality and responsibility. I'm about being awake and making these dear old dreamies come true.

I hope you are all enjoying the start to your year so far. Today I feel like it's really started, so I got dressed for the job I want and not for the one I have. Black shift dress, sling backs (black patent of course), and a beautiful touch of gorgeous red lippy a la the great Monsieur TF. So feeling great and sleep and might professional. With an edgy touch thanks to my gorgeous, custom made knuckle rings from this beauty. I have to make loads of money this year, so I can also add to my collection of jewellery.

I wish you all, what you wish for and more. May you go even 10% outside of your comfort zone this year. May you discover yourself and even more magic.


Parmesan and Garlic French Fries

ps: Oh and eat fancy French fries. Because they're super yummy!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day Dreaming

This is what I feel like at the thought of being at work today.

So during the holidays I've bounded out of bed at 6:30 am to get to the gym at 7am. No lie ins for me, but I was super excited. Today I was up at 6:20am and it took me 3 hours to get into the office. Dread had my body in a vice grip, an almost quick sand of trepidation and foreboding. My ankle even started to hurt. What got me up, my dreams. I decided that to chase them, I had to get up and make them a reality. So that is what I'll be about.

Clear out and find out.

This right here is clearly not the life I should be living. It's often difficult having some many ideas of things you want to do and can do, but I'm about doing though. So I'm looking forward to my progress on this.

This morning, I slicked my hair back, put on some red lipstick and a cute navy skirt suit and a fun t-shirt. I dressed for the job I want and honestly not the one I have. Then a threw on a sexy little slingback to boot.

Done, done and done!

Dress up and show up. I'm about that life.

So today is dedicated to some constructive day dreaming. Now seems as good a time as any and very auspiciously placed as well.

In dreams begin reality.

Go out and dream people.


Happy 2014

Happy 2014 my darling bloglets xx
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