Thursday, January 16, 2014


Me, myself and I, I, I...

I just sat down at my desk not too long ago and I realised that I had a rather full morning and I loved it. Great feeling too. I figured I like to do things. Especially in the morning. Plan my day, make yummy scrambled eggs (they were super fluffy this morning,so impressed with myself). I love doing loads of stuff and doing it well. Especially in the morning, it is my favourite time of the day. Making breakfast, packing lunch and snacks, thinking about what to make for dinner and other housie stuff. Makes me happy.

Yes please. From here
I love feeling like I have loads of beautiful long extra arms and fingers and I sometimes amaze myself (yes I said it) how much I can get done at certain times. Please oh please may I not omit the key reason why I was feeling extra pleasant this morning. Well it's because I SLEPT! Lack of sleep can ruin a person I tell you.

I also in my sleepy haze last night decided to sign up to the 100 Happy Days project and today is #Day1 and I'm excited.

I need to relax and take a deep breath and just let it be sometimes, well more often than not actually, but hey, it's a process.

Happy Thursday people xx

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