Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I went in for a treat today. Little spa treatment, a much needed massage. Little self indulgence, on a budget of course ;)

I met the most interesting women, I've met in along time. The lady doing my treatments had the most interesting life story. Most people want quiet during their massage, but her life was such an interesting story and it felt all the more poignant, especially since we've just celebrated Freedom Day two days ago. Her life really told so much of the story of who we've come to be as South Africans and how we are all really so full of each other. Her heart, her pain, love, happiness, love of family and her quiet enthusiasm for life were what had me most riveted by her.  Her resolve was also incredible.

But as she painted my toenails, she said the most amazing thing. Well ti really resonated with me. She was finishing up and was like I must not keep you too much longer. I answered saying I have nowhere to be and to that she said...

"Everyone has somewhere to be."

Is that not so true and so beautiful. We all do don't be. Go there you beauties and be there. Be in the moment and make special memories in those moments. Be there with the people you love and those that love you.

Where do you have to be?


Monday, April 28, 2014

Tuesday is the new Monday...

Well it is if you live in the Republic of South Africa. We are in the midst of public holiday time at the moment. So tomorrow is the beginning and will also strangely be the middle of our very muddly week.

Here is a little something I just thought might add some pep to your step or some pepper to your steak.(hihi...depends on how you like to look at things.)

Buy this print on Etsy

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hats off

This Chanel veil is incredible.
I've decided I want to wear hats today. Not for autumn/winter, but I'll see if I'll be into them and carry it into the warmer seasons. However let's not get ahead of ourselves.(see what I did there).
Keeping it simple from here
Snuggly for winter, with a hat for control.
So many choices to make, which ones am I brave enough to hide under. I'm not about fashion at all, but I'm really fascinated by hats lately. I think they're calling me. Hihi. Here are a few more of my finds on the interwebs.

Thrilled by this little trilby.

Sleek in Armani
So how will you top off your outfits? Is this even your vibe.

Hats off to you all.

Stay warm lovelies xx

Monday, April 21, 2014

Give it a go

What do you really want to do? As a good friend of mine said. Pick one thing and then go from there. She said "sometimes you have to tame your busy mind or you will be stuck. It's a great start to have ideas, just pick one. You'll be fine. The world is yours."

Such beautiful words, from a beautiful girl. She started her own business, Media Thirty Five, and it looks amazing so far.

I feel so incapable sometimes, but I guess she's right, all these ideas will make me stuck.

Time to get unstuck and give it a go.

Have a great week people.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter

I really do enjoy this time of the year too. Maybe it's my faves marshmallow Easter eggs or the fact that it signals the start of public holiday season here in South Africa.

Just a good excuse for extra family time and it revolves around one of my favourite little animals, bunnies.

Hoppy Easter you beauties


Sunday, April 13, 2014

For Love and Lagos

View from an office. Juxtaposition central.

I went to Lagos for love. Yes, I met a man he was being seconded to the city of millions (both people and Naira). In a month of meeting a man who made my heart smile more than no other, I did something so far outside of my usually hyper cautious character, I got a visa, and booked a ticket and flew off (probably on the wings of the butterflies in my stomach it felt like.) I am so glad I did.

"The rose that grows from concrete..." Flowers I spotted on the roadside

Besides, the tall handsome, still somewhat stranger, 4 weeks in, waiting for me on the other side of the an Arrivals hall that can never be described in words, there was a city awaiting me that I had never imagined.

Date night with a view. Spoilt girl I was :)

Lagos does hit you. Not like a bitch slap across your face, but rather a very firm shaking of the shoulders rousing you awake with a rush of people, hooters, some pretty violent smells(still getting used to those though, especially the B.O). Your senses are alive and on hyper drive which is something you take a few days to adjust to. Your eyes constantly adjust to the light no light situation over the day as the power cuts. I love the balminess of the heat and humid on my skin, it's like this bizarre companion, only disturbed by the blasts of much needed aircon.

Yellow cabs are not strictly New York you know.

Lagos is chaotic, but in that chaos my soul found such peace. Also Lagos presents me with an unrivaled adventure. Everyday presents new finds and I love that. I also feel safe in Lagos, on so many levels.

A little art in the city.

I touched down in Lagos for the first time last year and it said "Welcome" with many open arms and open hearts. Yes with gaping potholes too, but over that is that it is so open with opportunity and LIFE!

I can hear what Lagos is saying. You know when people say something speaks to you. Lagos speaks to me and I hear what it's saying. I kind of feel like I'm in on some secret, which is a lot of little kinds of awesome.

The truth here is, I fell in love with Lagos. When I moved to Paris many years ago, I said I fell in love with that city. Sadly that love was unrequited. Lagos loves me back and it is a wonderful feeling. Laogs makes me smile,all the way through. I am always excited to wake up in that very special city. The air is ripe with anticipation and excitement. The people are super smart and focused. Lagos gives me energy. There is purpose there. Oh and there is so much fun. Even simple grocery shopping for me is such fun.

When there is so much that can annoy you and leave one exasperated, Lagos makes me smile and breathe even deeper. That is so dear to me.

I don't know when next I'm going to see Lags, my love, but I cannot wait.


Happy Birthday Mr!

Monday, April 7, 2014


So here we all are again, at this wonderful juncture of ours, that day we call Monday. I have always started my week on a Sunday, I think that was a habit developed in school and I kind of like to keep it that way. I do wonder how not to dread Monday though. What if Monday were Tuesday? What do we dread so much?

The return to routine? Is it the anxiety of what awaits? Is it pressure of ever looming deadlines? What is it? What we don't know that lies ahead?

Most days it's saying goodbye to the wonderful free time that we leave behind. Time spent with those we love and whose company we enjoy. Blah blah... How can we make this work for us?

For me, I think it's the leaving. Leaving the weekend, leaving time spent with those I want to be with, even if it's just myself. Are we afraid that a new week allows or forces us to begin again? Does Monday scare us a little with all the responsibility and promise?

Mm who knows. I don't, but it's just a thought.

Hope your Monday and all the days that present a Monday in your life.


Thursday, April 3, 2014


Having the most striking discussion with my darling ex boyfriend. Out of nowhere! We were talking about all sorts of random things and babies, we looove babies and then it just segwayed into a really meaningful life conversation.

About all the things we have left unfinished and how they haunt us, until we finish them. I say so SOOO true. It just hit a point and gave me the ever needed "AHA" moment.

There are a few things that I need to finish. Unfinished business stresses me the hell out. We all find ourselves often looking for answers, we can search the world looking, often we look too far, the mirror is often the best place to look.

So I guess one step at a time, is how I'll be getting to my own finish line.

I'd like to wear these when I reach...

And pack my stuff in this beauty as I go about on my adventure. Travel light, only essentials needed.

Love and living to you all


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Nap time

I'm sitting at a desk. Sun gently caressing my left shoulder and literally shining on my heart. What bliss... But this feeling is most soporific (yesterday I decided this was going to be my word of the day). I want to take a nap. Afternoon naps are the gift we need to give ourselves more often.

Here I am wishfully thinking about ideal spaces to nap. Of course there are numerous other things I really should be doing, but a nap would solve half of those woes in an instant.

I better get my boost then.
I could nap here for hours
I'd love to snuggle under this DVF duvet
And when you're done napping. Remember it is is important to;

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