Sunday, April 13, 2014

For Love and Lagos

View from an office. Juxtaposition central.

I went to Lagos for love. Yes, I met a man he was being seconded to the city of millions (both people and Naira). In a month of meeting a man who made my heart smile more than no other, I did something so far outside of my usually hyper cautious character, I got a visa, and booked a ticket and flew off (probably on the wings of the butterflies in my stomach it felt like.) I am so glad I did.

"The rose that grows from concrete..." Flowers I spotted on the roadside

Besides, the tall handsome, still somewhat stranger, 4 weeks in, waiting for me on the other side of the an Arrivals hall that can never be described in words, there was a city awaiting me that I had never imagined.

Date night with a view. Spoilt girl I was :)

Lagos does hit you. Not like a bitch slap across your face, but rather a very firm shaking of the shoulders rousing you awake with a rush of people, hooters, some pretty violent smells(still getting used to those though, especially the B.O). Your senses are alive and on hyper drive which is something you take a few days to adjust to. Your eyes constantly adjust to the light no light situation over the day as the power cuts. I love the balminess of the heat and humid on my skin, it's like this bizarre companion, only disturbed by the blasts of much needed aircon.

Yellow cabs are not strictly New York you know.

Lagos is chaotic, but in that chaos my soul found such peace. Also Lagos presents me with an unrivaled adventure. Everyday presents new finds and I love that. I also feel safe in Lagos, on so many levels.

A little art in the city.

I touched down in Lagos for the first time last year and it said "Welcome" with many open arms and open hearts. Yes with gaping potholes too, but over that is that it is so open with opportunity and LIFE!

I can hear what Lagos is saying. You know when people say something speaks to you. Lagos speaks to me and I hear what it's saying. I kind of feel like I'm in on some secret, which is a lot of little kinds of awesome.

The truth here is, I fell in love with Lagos. When I moved to Paris many years ago, I said I fell in love with that city. Sadly that love was unrequited. Lagos loves me back and it is a wonderful feeling. Laogs makes me smile,all the way through. I am always excited to wake up in that very special city. The air is ripe with anticipation and excitement. The people are super smart and focused. Lagos gives me energy. There is purpose there. Oh and there is so much fun. Even simple grocery shopping for me is such fun.

When there is so much that can annoy you and leave one exasperated, Lagos makes me smile and breathe even deeper. That is so dear to me.

I don't know when next I'm going to see Lags, my love, but I cannot wait.


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