Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Proudly South African

Honestly we live in the best country. Wonderful weather, landscapes of every kind and just another kind of beautiful people.

Yes! There are so many unfortunate (zuma) things about our country and clearly as people many of us have lost our way, but we have an incredible modge podge of cultures and a rich heritage in our country which it is our job to preserve and protect and enhance.

Let's remember what we have in common, not the little things that make us different.

Let's not stop until we're proud.

Happy Heritage day.


Monday, September 22, 2014

This Question...

For you?

I'm not a Mom yet, but over the fast few months, I have really seen myself eye ball deep in all things Mama. You know what?! I've loved it. My bestie had babies and then I also for some reason decided that my bestie having twins was not enough newness and awesomeness and all encompassin-ness. I was sitting at my computer one morning and sent her an email and said, we should do a baby fair. Now I sit, a few days before we launch this beautiful little Mamma and Babe experience and this is definitely my business baby for starters. Rock-A-Baby is my business baby, come and support us if you're in Joburg this Sunday, it promises to be beautiful.

This however, is not what this blog post is about really. Though baby related. I have 2 older sisters, lucky me. One doesn't have a kid yet and we were talking about whether we would have kids and if we did not meet the right man, would we go to a sperm bank and go that route. I said I wouldn't, it's not for me, but it really was an interesting conversation, which then lead me to this question, does every woman want to have children?It is not a birth right by virtue of having a womb and ovaries. It is a beautiful and wonderful choice you make to have your life magically changed forever and your heart light up immeasurably. That is what it means to me.

I found this article very interesting on these well known women who chose not to become mothers. I really don't enjoy the title of the article though calling them childless.

Elizabet Gilbert, of Eat, pray, love fame, has no children and this piece she shares on mother's day is also interesting.

It is a very personal choice, becoming a mother. One I don't think people often cast their minds to and the great task you take up in choosing to bring another life into the world and raise it. To forever love more deeply than there are words and to have your heart walk outside of your body on two perfect little feet.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Friday

I've been chuckling since this morning mostly. My sisters have both been making me laugh at different intervals in the day, but more than anything I've just been tickled from the inside for no paticular reason. Which is great!

So in honour of my day I ran my errands today in a beautiful black dress and wonderful, but comfortable and sensible high heels. Oh and lipstick. It makes everything even more awesome right?!

Also it's starting to seem like Friday is my day for cooking up a storm. Last week Friday I did it and tonight as well, I'm roasting a chicken, (those who know me, know it's one of my fave things to do, even though I don't like chicken.) Also making pork burgers with a wonderful combination of sage and rosemary and freshly grated nutmeg(love this).

Have a great weekend you buttons.

We have 10 days to go until our fair, so please buy tickets for Rock-A-Baby

 My reading list wishlist, now inlcudes How to be Parisian... Having lived there, I already feel une peu titi Parisienne, but a little refresher never hurt.

Have a glorious weekend


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Be Brave

When I finally did a headstand in a moment of angst in my teeny tiny room in Paris, after many years of doing yoga and not doing headstands. I messaged my yoga teacher back in SA to tell her the incredible news that my body literally went into a headstand and she simple said to me you needed extra courage. Headstands give you courage she said. Well well..

What gives you courage?

Go out there and be bold!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014


A line popped into my head the other night before I fell asleep, "We think we have time." I can't remember who said or where I read it, but it popped into my mind.  We do think we have time hey. 

My most precious little twin nephews turned 7 today. I remember coming back from Paris on the monring of the 16th, it was a Sunday. That flight on the Saturday before was unmissable! They were born on a Monday my precious little facelets, two beautiful little boys, little womb-mates and as it turs out life mates. Great way to start that week and frankly great start of our lives again with them in it. Now they are 7! With twins every things seems faster, because the pace doubles, but then again, so does the joy!

I've really been thinking about time lately. I think it was on Sunday when I was getting dressed to head to a meeting and as I put on my dress, I smiled and I said to myself, that you will never be as young as you are now. 

Make the most of the time you have. Spend it with those you love, you little button boos!

You are so much more amazing than you think you are. Use your time to Shine!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunlight on my eyelashes

I'm sitting at my desk as the lovely South African streams through my window and shines on my face. How lucky am I?!

I could be anywhere, but I'm here. Right now, right here. This is beautiful.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Go big and bold!
It's that awesome time of a week that just flew by! Yikes!! Also just 2 more weeks until we launch our Baby fair with flair! Eeek!! It's around the little baby corner! So excited! Come through you beauties.

I'm devoting this weekend to some ME time. I asked myself a very serious question the other day, who takes care of Me? I often give time and energy to those I love and ever so happily, but I realised also that I am exhausted and depleted. Tired of keeping it together and keeping myself sorted and taken care of on my own. I have my darling bestie who sends me the most beautiful messages and even she doesn't know how much meeting her and her random texts asking checking in on me, save my life in so many ways. I am a lucky girl. As I wrote in my journal last week, Love saved my life.

Have a beautiful weekend you gorgeous bloglets.

Here is a little reading list for the weekend:

Loved this week's post on Kimmy and Bear
Being a girl with a beautiful bigger bottom, this Vogue article, really annoyed me. Bigger bums are NOT a new era!!
These affirmations are straight off the #NYFW runway!
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