Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lunch time

Working from home is great. I get so much work done! Noone talks to me and asks inane questions (maybe I'm a little misanthropic) and at lunch time, I get to have pasta! Woop woop! Oh it's very clean here too and I have so many choices in tea!

I need to dash out and buy some feta to add to my lunch right now. Get out into the sun and get some fresh air too. A little walk to get some supplies for lunch, I feel like I'm back in Europe and that makes me happy too. Though I do love me some South African sunshine!

Cacio e pepe for lunch, just like someone's mama makes it!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2015


from here

Gosh! I'm that person who has an answer for everything. More still, a question for everything...It's not just the average 4 year old, that asks about 457 questions a day, I ask loads more. 

You know what though...I'm starting to be a lot quieter. Not contrary to my nature actually, but you  know, I'm just realising more and more, some people firstly are not worth me opening my mouth, but more that anything, I should speak where others will listen, but honestly, Nature, just has me zipping it!
It feels good actually.  My the pleasure of just sending a winking smiley face, not even the fancy emoji kind, just a semi-colon and a bracket. My oh my how fulfilling it is to keep it simple. Also I have realised, in some hard and painful ways that some people are really just not worth me opening my mouth. I invest of myself when I say something, so I don't want to waste it.

Just a great thing to think on. LESS is definitely more, even in this case.

My mouth feels so great closed. Trust me on this though, nothing goes unsaid.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Last week...let's go!

Well. It's the last week of May! Um...I think I may ;) not quite fully be out of the first week of May quite yet, but this place is moving people, keep up or get knocked out.

She is beautiful from here

I and actually a lot of us, usually post great reads at the end of the week or our weekend list, but as I am in desperate need of a boost as my week begins, I thought I May ;) just change things up a little. What can I do, change is everything you special button.

I read my horoscope a moment ago. I barely processed it, but it's a fun ritual. What does yours say for the week ahead?

I liked the way this was worded, 100 ways to be a love letter to the Universe. Go on and be at least one.

My diary is full this week. It's so bizarre. Most importantly though, I need to make time for a trip to the zoo with my two twinlet darlings and attend the most special grey haired woman's birthday on Friday even. These are the thinks in life that matter to me most!

I was chatting to a guy about work and he told me, work is his life. I wanted to cry and hug him all at once. While for me, that is not the case, it really brought it to the fore for me, how differently I feel about that. While I love using my brain and working super hard brings me an inexplicable satisfaction. When I am happiest and most alive is at my bestie's kitchen table on a Friday afternoon, feeding and entertaining her most beautiful little twin girls, and then one reaches and wants to hold my hand while she eats. (actually crying as I type this, because it is so inexplicably beautiful and heart ripplingly incredible)Does life get more beautiful? I really think not. This is living for me.

There is a time for it all.

I find more and more that I am a notebook maven and I do love me some great stationery. What I really need though are a filofax and my desk needs a rolodex.

Have a splendid week ahead you magic bubbles!


Sunday, May 24, 2015

I know is just not a good day

Seeing this little girl having a moment in front of Obama even, I was like yes little girl, everyone has that day! Good for you for owning up to it now. Also we all break down in front of super handsome men. So go on you for owning it little pumpkin. Bad days happen. Even when you're dressed up. As grown up as I am, I still feel like I'd love to do this.

DO you xx

Friday, May 22, 2015

YO Fri...So lovely to see you

What a week! Thought I'd be cheeky and call Friday by her not so cute nick name!

I'm approaching life like this sweet face..from here
I hope you've had a good week. Mine has been a challenge. Having to deal with other humans often brings that to the fore. Bummer!

Here are some links for a wonderful weekend. Have a read please;
Yes darling Rochie, "you do have a light" - Love how this lovely friend of mine reminds me to be Thankful
Is leadership in your genes lady?
She wanted to be a fairy, but decided do go for it without Dad's help
ogojiii  it's almost here
Now this is a cover star
TechSHES (I made up that moniker myself right now)

Challenges may test you, but don't let them turn you. Remember pressure passes and stress is not the state you want to be in.
"Love is NOT a past time, it's a privilege." Don't be reckless with your heart or other people's and don't let them be reckless with yours.

Have a weekend of wonder.

Please do one thing that you've never done before, even if it's as simple as walking a different route or parking in a different spot.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Is it really?

My fave animal and print from here
I was walking with my beautiful friend, yesterday morning and on these walks we usually have all ambits of discussions. Everything from how we need to get fit and all our body issues, how we need to love ourselves more and then what worries us and also what's going on in our lives. Really distracts us from the hills we walk up, I must say.

Yesterday we spoke about the whole concept of if it's meant to be it will be and how sometimes when something does not work out, it's God's (or whomever you believe a higher power to be) plan of saying not for you. That was tough for me. I look at certain things and I'm like yes definitely, then I think of other things, non essential to my vitality like a guy I like and I'm like, is it really meant to be that we don't land up together. Perhaps the little baby romantic in me, is fighting the inevitable or is it so?

I believe in nature and certain things have their span and should be, but both my friend and I are little over achievers and we struggle with not having answers. I also love me a solution, so I always want to find the answer to something so I can figure out why it happened and how it won't happen again. Clearly I have not really applied this so well to my dating life, bar for the fact that I seemed to choose guys to date that I needed to fix. Guess it is really true that some people aren't looking for love, they're looking for help. Eek!

Anyhoo...there I go digressing! Oopsies...Do you sometimes also struggle  with that whole thing of it is what it is or it's not meant for you or it's for the best. Aargh...getting a little riled up just thinking about it!

I don't know, but words I still find comforting and make sense to me are my bestie's words, "It will if it must."


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Have you realised this?

This has dawned on me  more and more as I grow up.

I remember watching that film with Hilary Swank, You're Not You. It had me sobbing away and its insightful shocks to my sleepy psyche. Her character in the movie, when speaking about the man she'd married and she said to him, "you don't see me. You don't see me as who I am. It's not your fault either, because I've been trying to be the women that I see you see." That was jarring to listen to I must say. So true though. Made me think that's for sure.

She then goes on to say, "why is it that we want the ones that don't see us, instead of the ones who do?"

What a question? I was wodnering this myself yesterday, why I choose guys who are quite cruel to me and often reckless with me and my heart? It's a choice, MY choice, I won't shy away from that difficult truth. Well now i know better, so I better choose better.

It is such a wonderful thing though to be with people who see you, as you are. It's so great to spend time with people who remind you just how of you there is and all of you is so lovely and loveable. These people are so rare. Hold on tight.

See you first, before you can expect others to.

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