Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jamming in my Jammies

Well sleep decided to evade me last night, but insomnia...oh wow that little sun of a gun, just never seems to forget my address.

So this blog post is an ode to the sleep I have not got (waves goodbye sadly).

From here

Isn't great sleep wear an unsung luxury. I balk at the idea of sleeping in a t-shirt, except if it's your love's t-shirt and if they're not there, you get to feel like they're with you.

Trawling the interwebs, I came across this cool article on great pjs. A shower, brushed teeth, great bedside table assortment and a book, fresh white linen and great pyjamas, magic! An everyday luxury!

Have a look at some of these finds:

Donna Karan keeps it simple for summer
For lounging around the morning after the wedding night before perhaps?! From here
A little, fun print perhaps?
Vintage J.Crew will always do!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I hope...

F. Scott Fitzgerald has long since had some literary gems for me, but when I discovered this, it just spoke to me.

"I hope you {all} live a life you're proud of."

Pretty as possible

She gets it.
This post was meant to go up yesterday. Desole Madame Coco.

Joyeuse Anniversaire au Grand Dame de la mode pour hier.

For our shared love of monochrome and the perfect blue and white of Le Breton, thank you for introducing me to more than just fashion. Your iconic perfume, is an ode to my favourite number! Wow!
You must be having a grand old time up there, probably redesigning some of those angel robes. I hope your heart feels the love it deserves and deserved.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kerr-azy about the weekend

Oh hello Sunday evening, how'd you get here so soon?

A serious week ahead. Well aren't they all?! Perhaps hihi

I was trawling the interwebs as I usually do and I came across my most days woman crush, the ex Mrs Bloom and one hot Mama to little cutie Flynn, Miranda Kerr. I enjoy her look, her wardrobe and just her quiet nature.

Most of all, I found this cool list of her 7 Rules of Adulthood. I really liked this and it makes sense and suits her.

Eat well and be well this week lovelies.

Do something amazing everyday.

Be amazed!!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Little Biscuit

This little Cookie magnate from here
I loves me a good little business story. This one is even better. It's a little kid and he's made a great business, from what, selling cookies. This is just excellent. Add to that his brilliant sense of things sartorial.

He started Mr Cory's, so he could save up to buy his mama a car. Follow him on instagram, because he's awesome and I love his fro. Inspiration is everywhere peeps.

Go get em you little biscuit.

Isn't this just so sweet to see, a kid doing big things, by doing things that are so typically little.

It's the little things people.

Choc chip is my fave flavour. What's yours?

Kudos this little champ.

May you go and do big things, no matter how little you are or you feel.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday thoughts

Absolutely nothing!

I spent most of today hungover, mildly hungover and it was awesome. Random Monday night drinking, that's pretty awesome. Hihi, may this youth never end.

I think it's very necessary to go out there and DO what you want and enjoy every moment. I'm for revelling in it. That's the life lovelies.

Go for it!

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