Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vous me manques

Aujourd'hui je vous voyez Paris. Parce que vous me manques trop ces jours là!

I am lucky to get to speak one of my favourite languages often. Just yesterday I was helping my mother with her French homework. I do miss teaching French. There is a teacher inside of me, that's clearly just dying to get out. Maybe soon, I'll be letting her out to roam free. Bah oui ;)

There is something I have with the love of this city. Le roi, Francois I, has it so right, it surely is a world.

I need to go see my world soon! That's the thing about love, when your heart connects with something, the connection remains despite distances and the odd lovers' quarrell.

Paris, vous me manques. Je reviens tout suit chéri. 

Gros bisous


Monday, July 27, 2015



Aah the start of a new week. Got to love it. Loads to do, but slowly just pacing my way through the list. Oh wait! Let me write my list. hihi! I do happen to do that, write a to-do list post facto and include stuff I've already done. I just need some positive affirmation okay :)

Have a great week.

Just picked up some reads off the internet...

Friday, July 24, 2015

weekend winning

Hang out with your faves this weekend. {source}
Hello Friday!! You are beautiful! So is everything that comes with you and the days that come after too.

This is such a special weekend. My best friend in the world's babes turn 2 on Sunday. I am so sad and thrilled and teary and amazed and nostalgic and confused as to where did the time go, and wondering constantly how can they be so inexplicably beautiful and amazing and how it's possible for my heart to hold such love for two of the most perfect beings without bursting. My friend is such an amazing Mama and the honour of watching her be everything I expected of her and beyond my wildest imaginings of an amazing Mama. I guess she has a great blueprint, she's been raised by an amazing Mama herself. 2 is such a special age, but these wonderful little big beings and even biggers hearts amaze me and fill my heart with ceaseless joy and make me constantly want to burst into the happiest flurry of tears. Babes make birthdays mean so much more!

I wish you all a weekend that is filled with many things that fill your heart and soul with wonder. May you be amazed. May you kiss, may you hug, may you laugh out loud, may you hear a thousand words from just one look. May you be love.


ps: I'm jamming to these here tunes. Have a listen.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Weighing in...


Today I've had some RIDICULOUS comments from guys. From a passive aggressive client to dealing with some insane ignorance from a guy who said that this girl he likes acts like a man and he doesn't want to be the girl by telling her how he feels! Please excuse me what is this nonsense that I am hearing! PLEASE come correct! This ignorance and there is really no word for this crudder, will NOT be tolerated!

Come correct.Please learn that expressing your feelings is neither feminine or masculine, it is mature and open!!

I was doing some reading, as I do and I came across this articles that caught my eye...

Let's please focus on what's important.

Education is everywhere and in every aspect of our lives.

Monday, July 20, 2015


As we start a new week, I need to have this ever present in my mind. That and done is better than perfect!

Have a happy, fulfilling week.

Do something spectacular every day! You be the judge of that!


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekend vibes

Aah, happy weekend lovelies. This weekend rolled in rather swiftly. No complaints from here. So much to do and cram into these few 48 hours essentially.

I'm off to celebrate Eid with some of my fave peopme in my family shortly. What to wear is obviously whirring through my head at the moment, because my cousins ALWAYS bring it fiercely.

My bestie is enjoying her cousin's wedding in the bush with her babes. Such a sunny treat.

I have some work to do and in the interest of no procrastination I also will get my assignments done this weekend too.

Oh and work! There is ALWAYS work! Eek.

"Tell the truth even when your voice shakes."  This really resonanted with me today. Tell the truth, tell your truth, firstly to yourself and then it will be easier.

I met a guy last week. It was so good to realise, he's not for me. Yes he's cute, but he is so filled with self doubt, self flagellation and just some not so latent damaged/damaging self stuff, that I saw how so NOT good this would be for me. Well done me, because this would have really have fed my previously unhealed need to fix people.It's not nurture I have to tell myself, it isn't, it's just hard hard work that is ceaseless, bottomless, so deeply draining, unfulfilling and unhealthy. We cannot fix anyone. Each fix one-self. So good to remember that, "a lot of people aren't looking for love, they're looking for help." Know the difference.

So well done to me for learning my lessons! One day at a time. Not all days and weeks can be this clear, but we press on enthusiastically.

Just breathe. Just be.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Notes from plants...

Nature has got it sorted. We should take more notes for sure. I take notes. My bestie is off to her fave place, the bush with her babes for a wedding. I love the bush. Nature at its finest and also little babes in the bush, I mean life!

Plants and greenery as much as possible in my space and all spaces I go to are essential for me.  I like to keep my oxygen where I can see it.

I just love how plants are so different and they seem to rejoice in their beauty. While we may want to group them as all green, the shades vary so vastly and are all so beautiful, I wish I could take it all in.

I also realised, that there is so much we simply overlook in learning from nature. Plants take in yucky, carbon dioxide and process it to do what? Produce life giving oxygen back into nature.

Please use that analogy for life. There is so much yucky stuff that abounds and comes into our space, don't absorb it, just use it as a facilitator or catalyst for the process of making yourself great and contributing positively to yourself and your surroundings. Be your own kind of oxygen.

Oh and please don't forget to breathe. Reach towards the light to. Plants have that stuff on lock. Oh and we'll discuss their rootedness, another time, but you can think about that so long.


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