Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Right now

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This is what we're doing right?! Okay so let's do it right then.

I'm like most of us, and I think about the future and am often multi tasking and rushing. Worrying oh and how much of that I do! Yikes!Replaying the past, wondering how it will play out in the future and totally  forgetting about this moment I stand in right now. For a person prone to anxiety like I can be, this ain't the best idea.

I once wrote on my blog, "Enjoy the perfection of right now." Pity I seemingly forget these things sometimes as quickly as I've said them.

Multi-faceted wording aside, Right Now, Just do that okay. Do it with all you've got. Who's looking for perfect all the time?! Done is often better than perfect. Take it from a perfectionist ;) Nothing like the persistend pursuit of perfection to make you stand still. It's some scary stuff this ever moving target that is "perfect." Only my little baba will be perfect, Divinely and lovingly made.

Go off and do some Nowness people.


Friday, April 17, 2015

Frankly Friday

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I'm battered and bruised this week. Quite literally. Cut my finger quite deeply in a freak home broken glass accident. Waddling, not wallowing in a little feeling sorry for myself. Just a little, I'm allowed. I'm mostly so upbeat, I don't even know what to do with myself. Everything is not as it seems kids.

Autumn is settling in in the Southern hemisphere at the mo. We had some beautiful rain yesterday evening, which sadly has not washed away all the madness going down in SA at the moment. Pathetic fallacy in full effect, looking at this rather inclement weather.

Get a great big and cuddle you beauties this weekend. Ooh and maybe a long lingering kiss, because well, kisses are delicious.

Here are some weekend reads for you...
This instagram account is so cute
You can use the whole cauliflower
I would like this wallpaper on my computer
I may tune in for Another Round of listening to this
Gisele does her last runway 
My end of week  delightful Distraction
A little Apartment Loving

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Zone out!

I need to call it a day on this life I'm living at the moment. Insanely stressed to the point of being stationery! It's painful and crazy! Really!

So I found this on the interwebs and it made my day...Which female Harry Potter character are you?
That's me!
Oh and I painted my nails before bedtime! Wow! Little rebel me. Painted nails make, red lipstick and cute undies, make it better.
Oath to Buddha,I feel like a have a flock of nesting pigeons in my head. The rats of the bird world, poor things, but that is really not what I want to fill my head with.

Do something tomorrow that your future self will thank you for. That's really a note to self quite honestly.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Can I...?

Tell you all the great things that happened in my day?
Tell you about the moments I was anxious and afraid today?
Tell you how you were the first person that I wanted to message and tell my good news to?
Tell you how I just want to tell you random stuf, well because I'm pretty random hihi
Tell you how I want to start and end my day kissing you...

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Monday, April 13, 2015


Universe from me to YOU. Thank you! Image from here

Just take a moment, like I am right now to say a big THANK YOU to the Universe and all it provides.

So much can get us down, so much and then, just as quickly as we are down, the Universe sends us the littlest of gifts, which are just immense in their amazingness and we are on the road again to greatness! Was that not always the destination anyway?

So this is my moment, I'm taking it, ALL of it to say THANK YOU. Not for one thing in particular, but everything that you so graciously provide dear Universe.

Thank you
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