Monday, October 12, 2015

Monday Mornings


How spectacular this time of day is for me. Early mornings are my fave, but this Monday morning, I woke up and I wanted to bake. So I'll get a little of that done before I head to the office, while I sip my lemon water and switch on the dishwasher full of the weekends dishes and special memories of meals shared with some of the lovely people in my life.

This past weekend was a scorcher, thanks to the heat wave that heat Joburg this weekend. Looking forward to summer and wondering if we'll just spend all that time in the pool and even be able to function. actually I function super well in the heat. I do enjoy this French girl's  guide to summer.

Monday wardobe inspiration from her as well, I certainly will be wearing a navy blazer, though I do desire this one. That gold button eek!!

Enjoy your morning. Savour that coffee, really taste your breakfast, feel that extra special crispness in the air. It's just life greeting you in the best way it knows how.

Have a beautiful Monday. Enjoy the week!


Monday, October 5, 2015


I'm exhausted today. Barely slept. Got roused from sleep in full pain in the early hours of the morning. You know what though. I was so happy. My heart was happy. That is lovely.
Life is not easy, I am under no delusions, but that is also not forever!

Have a great week.


Saturday, October 3, 2015


It's the weekend. I am most excited! Love this! I'm so thankful. That is one thing that's on my mind lately. Being thankful. Grateful for all that is in my life, all I've been through.

May we all just take more than a moment every day to say Thank You.

Have a beautiful weekend. Feel the sunshine from your bellies deep into your beautiful hearts.

Here is my weekend reading list for you;

Light, lightness and gratitude to you all.

Put your phone down and talk to each other
This ad 


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Exit?! Not so fast!

I flee! I realised this about myself. Some people may sugar coat it and say they check out or side step, but it really has been dawning on me more and more that I have a significant ability to flee. I do it so well though, I go very quietly and gently. You don't even realised that I left. Also I'm clever in that I do not get that attached to most people, but they don't realise. Part of protecting my heart now from the fierce love that I give those I love. Too many hurts, shouldn't change a person, but they sure do make you more cautious!!

Also it was so easy to leave. I was never fully attached. People who come into our lives and even those who stay, come with a lesson or perhaps many. I like that. Some lessons are harder to learn and more painful, but not all of them.

I'm liking these lessons though. I flee. Sometimes it's not safer to leave. Leaving is not the only option when I'm uncomfortable. There may just be more comfort in staying.

It's so weird that I find staying so much harder. Good to know this about myself though and well say it out loud. Better still, I stayed. Oh and I still choose to stay.

Staying...let's try this. The French word, "rester" means to stay. I think I may just find peace, love and calm in the space that I don't flee.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trevor on Tuesday

This little face is now major!

So yes!! We're proud to be South African!! Always when people make us so proud! Well done Trevor!!

Can't believe this little face is a big grown person on international tv right now! YAY!!!

I'm about to tune in to The Daily Show...hosted by Trevor Noah! Hello life!! This is MAJOR!!

Well done ma se kind!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mag love

The Talent at Hannah

So excited to discover a new mag. Thanks to the ever on it Kitsi, who put me on this!! Hannah mag has arrived!

Love a discovery of this nature on a Monday. New stuff to read is always awesome!!

Check out the Hannah Mag - instagram

Happy reading.

Keen to see and share this.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday! Hey! ;)

yes you ;) Compliments over complaints always!!{source}
Long weekend, means Friday seems a little more luxurious to me. Like we just get a little extra time. What a treat! Loves it!!

Have a beautiful weekend, wonderful lovely hearts!


Here is my reading list for the weekend:

Can't wait to watch The Intern
I take hair inspiration from these boys with braids
Sip on this summer cocktail

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