I went in for a treat today. Little spa treatment, a much needed massage. Little self indulgence, on a budget of course ;)

I met the most interesting women, I've met in along time. The lady doing my treatments had the most interesting life story. Most people want quiet during their massage, but her life was such an interesting story and it felt all the more poignant, especially since we've just celebrated Freedom Day two days ago. Her life really told so much of the story of who we've come to be as South Africans and how we are all really so full of each other. Her heart, her pain, love, happiness, love of family and her quiet enthusiasm for life were what had me most riveted by her.  Her resolve was also incredible.

But as she painted my toenails, she said the most amazing thing. Well ti really resonated with me. She was finishing up and was like I must not keep you too much longer. I answered saying I have nowhere to be and to that she said...

"Everyone has somewhere to be."

Is that not so true and so beautiful. We all do don't be. Go there you beauties and be there. Be in the moment and make special memories in those moments. Be there with the people you love and those that love you.

Where do you have to be?



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