Monday, April 7, 2014


So here we all are again, at this wonderful juncture of ours, that day we call Monday. I have always started my week on a Sunday, I think that was a habit developed in school and I kind of like to keep it that way. I do wonder how not to dread Monday though. What if Monday were Tuesday? What do we dread so much?

The return to routine? Is it the anxiety of what awaits? Is it pressure of ever looming deadlines? What is it? What we don't know that lies ahead?

Most days it's saying goodbye to the wonderful free time that we leave behind. Time spent with those we love and whose company we enjoy. Blah blah... How can we make this work for us?

For me, I think it's the leaving. Leaving the weekend, leaving time spent with those I want to be with, even if it's just myself. Are we afraid that a new week allows or forces us to begin again? Does Monday scare us a little with all the responsibility and promise?

Mm who knows. I don't, but it's just a thought.

Hope your Monday and all the days that present a Monday in your life.


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