Saturday, June 18, 2011

Learning is about how we change

Image take from Piccsy.
So this year, I decided to hit the books again. Very exciting, until I realised I had to write exams again!!What the hell was I thinking.I was thinking about how to learn more and I'm psyched to get another degree.I shan't tell a lie!!

It was in class that the best lecturer I've had in a long time, said these incredible words, "Learning is about how we change." I don't know if they are his own words or they just came to him over years of doing what he does, but how poignant and relevant. I am changing, but in that changing, I'm also really moving back towards myself. What a beautiful feeling. Studying and studying me.

Learning is not only in those thick textbooks my friend and what a good thing that is since I only ever read the parts I need mostly.

Learning is about how we change.

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