Thursday, August 6, 2015


I took a walk with a new friend today. Though I think today it struck us that we've only recently met and haven't known each other for yonks like it feels. She's a brisk walker! There are so few of our kind.

The thing is though. This walk in the sunshine and just talking as we blitzed through a lot of hills, literally gave me life! Yesterday I was so amped and we go our times mixed up, so we didn't walk and today I didn't feel like it when I woke up, but I honoured my commitment, got dressed and drove to her house. I'm so glad I did.

The day just seemed to open up with so much greatness after that. Life opened up for me. I somehow decided to say YES to my day. So with that, I had an impromptu lunch witha  friend, I had a free machiatto, because I was offered and had a chat with a nice young man sitting next to me. I said YES to dinner with a handsome man tonight, which is scary and exciting, but it's also great.

Cheers to me indeed! Even though I'll have company in a few, I will still toast to myself tonight and my marvellous life and to today.

What did you say yes to today?


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