Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Woman Crush Wednesday

I do love me some sorted, dynamic women and we surely do run the world with all our wonder. Technically we birth the world too, which doesn't get enough respect.

This whole August being women's month thing really gets to me I must say. Bad stuff happens to women in South Africa all the time and women are still underpaid and under recognised in so manu spheres. So now dedicating this paltry month just seems so inane and frankly offensive.

This is not to vent, but rather to celebrate a woman I've enjoyed seeing growing in her business. She is smart, she is solid and gosh she is captivating and beautiful. When she finished her Masters (woman with degrees just raise the bar) in the UK, she came to SA and started her business from scratch. I'm into most things as natural as possible, especially those that go on my my body. So imagine just how excited I was to support someone I know, but also to support them by buying incredible products I actually love. Zeze Oriaikhi - Sao your work is amazing and I cannot wait to see what else you bring out!

I'm a sucker for the Verdure range. It really speaks to my senses. Excited to see what the new website will look like as, Malee, launches it's online business.

Yay! To the wonderful women of Africa. May we all remember to raise each other up, not just as women, but as people.


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