Make peace and let go

I just read this somewhere on pinterest of course ;) This has definitely been the week for that. Yesterday it really hit me and today these words really just gave me the vocab for a little bit of what I was feeling.

Make peace and let go. We're so often told to let go, let go! Blah blah. I think the making peace part is so damn important! That is what I needed to do first, make peace. Peace is such a wonderful thing to come by and to indeed make, because really it is an active process,not devoid of one's own involvement.

It is ever so interesting (and strangely peaceful) to come face to face with things that no longer actually reside in you and to recognise that it is peace that you've been missing all along.

I made peace and in doing so, I found that I didn't even want to hold on in the first place. It's kind of funny. I realised in making peace that the letting go bit I'd done yonks ago really, I just had not made my peace on this piece.

Make your peace lovelies and let it in the order that you need.



  1. Now that makes a whole lotta sense! Thanks for the share always nice to be reminded of these things. xxx

    1. ps and happy that you found peace through it all and hopefully a sprinkling of contentment too x

    2. Contentment is one thing, literally what I felt was heart leeping joy!!


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