Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blooming marvellous

T is for Tulip

I love flowers. I gift them to myself rather often. I try for weekly if I'm around and depending on how the flowers last as well. I'm not your typical, red roses girl. Actually red roses bore me beyond human comprehension. Like those conventional "pretty" girls, red roses are honestly the white bread of the rose family to me. They don't sit well in my stomach and they are just not interesting at all. Not my vase of flowers as it were.

There is such excitement as the seasons change and I can see new seasonal blooms arriving at my local flower shop that can fill my heart and home. Even my office mind you. My new boss, bought flowers for our office space the other day and placed them by my desk and absolutely transformed the space.

How do you feel about blooms? I think they're marvellous. I have the fondest memories of blooms. My first serious boyfriend used to shower me with flowers unexpectedly and so often, oh I did get jelly stares at reception in res sometimes. Oh, but the notes were the best part. What a cutie pie he is. SO special. I still have the notes. I must go open them and sigh and smile to myself.

My bestie gave me the most beautiful vase 2 birthdays ago and it had the most beautiful orchard in it from her Mamas garden. It was so super special, as she was still in her newborn babe nest with her 2 month old twins and she still had the time to get me the most perfect, specaial gift. It's the little things.

Get someone special flowers today. You are that someone special ;) Don't you forget it!


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