Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yummy breakfast

Yum! From crunchy radish
This is my favourite meal of the day. I really haven't figured out why, but perhaps it's because I like mornings. I am always excited about breakfast. I will gladly skip any other meal,but this one. When we're away, it's the one meal I'm always up for, no matter how late the night before.

So I'm always on the look out on new and yummy ways to start my day. So my green smoothie is already prepped for tomorrow morning, but I just made the yummy oats, just in case I want something different tomorrow morning. I can have the smoothie as a snack or something.

Obviously cup of hot water with lemon first. Oh and my yummy coffee, mm mm...a little espresso, freshly brewed to start my day just right.

Back to the office tomorrow. Four day week ahead, jam packed with work, so I've always got to fuel myself right.

Start! and Start right...

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