Monday, April 6, 2015

Titi Parisienne

So I lived in Paris and the love affair Paris and I have will live forever. We will always ALWAYS have each other. I still pinch myself, when I think that I used to fill in travel forms and my address was 75014. I still think that postal code is so beautiful to look at. Love me some nostalgia.

I appreciated so much about livign in Paris, the truly effortless chic of all the women, yet they all had such an individuality in their style. I looved that noone really wore g-strings, yay! French panties are soooo much sexier...more is more sexy. Sultry in fact. Wear beautiful underwear for yourself. Oh and if you saw a French woman's stomach it was on the beach, if she's in a bikini. All their pants fit! No tacky, exposed crack and no tramp stamps sticking out of shirts.

I love the Parisienne's sensibility and their neuroses that they tap into every now and then.

Je suis une Titi Parisienne dedans je croix. Juste un petit peu ou en peu plus.

Here are just a few things that make a French woman so fantastic, flawed, finely female, all in one;

I'll have frites with that please
French girls like French boys

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