Excited for today

This ensemble though.
Woke up fresh and feisty this morning and good news just seemed to greet me. Please oh please may we never underestimate a good night's rest!! Ariana Huffington really is onto something with that. Let us NOT be fooled. We seem to live in a society where we seem to congratulate each other for our extreme levels of exhuastion an have various tired-offs as it were. Stop it! When you are sleepy, your body is telling you to rest!

Listen to your body this weekend. Our bodies are so wonderful and clever and their knowledge runs through the depths of all our beautiful fibres.

Here are some stirring weekend reads:

Attachment  - so much to this! Wow!
More precious than gold you are to hold (I cannot wait for this)
I do love a home remedy
My sister and I will be first in line to watch Bridget Jones Baby

Have a wistfully wonderful weekend.



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