It's Friday...

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...and my work is still not done. EEK!! Taking some time out though to do this though, because it's what I need to right now. Goes so well with my green tea and special chocolate biscuit made with love by Kimmy. This girl needs a mega break and a tight hug too, ooh and a kiss from a hottie, why, because we can right?! ;)

It's been a funny and sometimes frustrating week, but I've laughed a lot, which is never a waste. My older sis had her major milestone birthday this week, the big 4.0! Yay! Then me Mom's birthday on Wednesday! Yeeha!! March girls the both of them. I still think it's so sweet that my little Momma turned 22 3 days after giving birth to her first babe ever. Seems so little as I sit here just a little over 30 and no baby of me own.

I somehow think that my weekends are sometimes even busier than my weekdays. So much cramming of everything into the 2 days allocated for rest...Oh well..A plan will be made, I have a new book I want to finish. Oh wait! That's what Friday nights are for :)

Wishing you a weekend filled with marvels and sharing yummy meals with even more delicious company. Fewer things in life are better. I am so lucky, I have a few babies in my life at the moment, which is so wonderful. Those special little toddler cuddles, rushed and ever so fleeting, but so deeply special, before they run off to the next thing that has caught their bright little eyes. My nephews are sports mad, loooooooong cricket games that take over a whole Saturday are swiftly coming to an end and rugby season will be upon soon.

The chill is in the air, but fortunately there are some wonderous balmy summer nights on my balcony still that can make me believe it isn't so that Autumn may soon be a reality.

I realised the other day, that I have come a long way, since heartbreak tore me up rather badly over a year ago. "That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt." Boy does it ever! Don't ignore it, because it waits for you hey. It's like some bad ass gangster on an alley you didn't know was there on your usual walk home, looking to immobilise your knees! In broad daylight! For me, I know I'm so much further than I was, when I am so grateful for the beautiful love we shared and the great memories and laughs I will treasure for life and that's all I remember. Well done me. I wish my darling ex, love, deep extraordinary love. More than that I wish him the wisdom to see it and to know the difference.

I am however TERRIFIED of dating again! Good Lord! I will deal with that gangster in that alley when they hit my knees I guess. It really hit me this week I guess. I cannot even imagine where I'd start! I don't really want to actually! Not there yet and that's fine for me quite frankly. I was so opposed to the idea that it had me a little worried and then I was like, no real need to stress over it, I'm not ready and that's excellent!

Great to have perspective!

I'm not really into weddings, like I have never really pictured my wedding or my dress or any of that stuff, until I met my bestie in 2011 and I knew I wanted her to be my maid of honour, because she is as beautiful as a woman can get and she somehow gets me better than my sisters most days and she really is magic to my life. The closest I've come to envisioning a wedding dress is seeing a Carolina Herrera white shirt and skirt, many years ago and I was like, I'd get married in that.

I came across this most beautiful wedding this week and it just reminded my of all the wonderful things about being half Xhosa. The rolling hills of the Eastern Cape and seeing those brightly coloured huts from the sky, meant that we were getting closer to landing in Umtata and seeing gran, cousins and uncles and aunts. I loved the green, even as a kid. I looked at these pictures and I could hear the aunts singing the traditional wedding songs. I knew the words and the moves. This is part of what it's about. So beautiful. Those hills roll on forever and ever and serve as a wonderful metaphor for married life perhaps.

Wow! Just looked up! Been talking lots in this post! Yikes! Thanks for listening bloglets.

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Have a beautiful weekend.



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