How are you doing?

A lot of my friends are stressed lately. A lot of them are out of sorts, not feeling quite themselves. I wonder if we're all going through a particular molting/shedding phase of sorts. This year seems to have started off at bullet speed and we're all blitzing through, heading towards goal after goal and barely taking time to breathe and even look at ourselves.

We are all growing. Well I know I am and I have been feeling really uncomfortable in my own skin, like it doesn't really fit me anymore. That and I'm rather keen to shave all my hair off again. Don't tell my hairdresser, she'll freak!!

What is it that has us, me in a state. I'm not frantic or frenzied, but there is major discomfort. I'm not getting enough air into my lungs. Neither are a few people close to me. I love listening to my dear ones breathe.

Have any of us taken stock and asked ourselves the this question lately? How are you doing? I'm not too sure I am brave enough to answer that question myself.

Perhaps what we all need is to just...


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