Close your eyes

I've been having very little sleep lately. Even too little by my standards.

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Two nights ago, I came to the realisation that I may be partly like a baby and I think I may miss out on something if I'm asleep and I should wake up as soon as possible. Silly little bean that I am. :)

Add to that I am miserable when tired (my sympathy for babies knows no end) and it just makes for a long day where I itch and am frustrated the whole day. I love mornings, so being tired means that I am not able to enjoy them.

This morning for instance,I've said my morning prayers, spoken to my Mom, cooked oats, made chai tea, removed nail polish, painted my nails again, sent a few emails, printed and scanned stuff for a new course I'm starting and that was before 8:30am. Oh wait I've eaten breakfast and am on my second cup of tea. I feel marvellous.

Also made me wonder though do I take time to savour the moment or do I enjoy the buzz of being a busy little bee?

That my dears is an existential question for a day that is NOT today.

Have a super Thursday.


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