Monday, March 30, 2015

Café s'íl vous plaît

Good morning You ;)

I gave up coffee for lent. This has been one of the hardest things to give up. Last year when I gave up Smarties, which are my happiness always!

Even iced, it's so yum. Freezos with my bestie soon!

Coffee has been a struggle every single day of lent. I'm starting to equalise now that it's almost over, but not so much. Every morning I still think... Oh my, how about my special brew, made from those beautiful beans and blend, brought to me from Kenya. #spoils 

So this is just a post about coffee, because it is spectacular.

The lady at my health store who deals with fertility and what is good during pregnancy says that it if you do drink coffee, have only one cup a day, but only the really good stuff. NO instant muck with all those chemicals. AND...have it with cream instead of milk! Yum!!
My trusty Bialetti does the job always

I drink green tea at all other times of the day, but I do love my one beautiful cup of my special African brew.



  1. When are we meeting for that freezo miss?

    1. Just a few more days and then we can do just tha.


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