Are we paying attention?

Good idea

My sister was at a memorial service yesterday for a young woman in her 30's. How did her life come to an end so soon? AIDS. That is it. Such a huge, short word! It screams and shouts volumes that so few of us want to hear. She was not a poor, rural South African. Nope!

It's still happening? Why? Because we are all not careful. We all somehow are unconscious. Unconscious to the fact that it could happen to us. Why?! It doesn't discriminate.

This news of this death, really scared me and jolted me awake. In our 30's, we are largely sexually active. You can't trust anyone and take their word for it. We've all taken risks with our lives that we needn't have taken.

Are we all for real?

Last time I checked, there was no cure. Why are we going around acting like we're not at risk?!

This is a stern letter to myself first and foremost, but just a note to all us to pay attention. I want to enjoy every moment of being pregnant and I want to delight in breastfeeding my babies. So why have been ridiculously risky at times? I scare myself at the thought. I'm grateful to be HIV negative and that is how I will stay. Just a reminder to myself to stop being stupid with my health and life and future. Literally dying to have sex. I'm not about that life.

Take care of your beautiful selves boys and girls.

Just something that's been playing in my mind today and hangs out in the recesses of it often.

Play safe.


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