Monday, June 23, 2014

Je suis perdu

From Bobby Doherty

I came across this this tumblr while trawling the internet tonight, je suis perdu. I love the title and it got me thinking about my life in general at the moment.

This has been a tough week gone past honestly. Breakup, deaths, sadness, lostness(I know this only became a word now) and just some general Universal bitch slaps.

Through it all though, I had some highlights and I'm also eternally grateful to my super sisters and family for just the general cheer and smiles they've added to my life.

This week though really tested my spirit, but I am strangely still excited to get up and start and finish this week. That is all I can do. I gave my friend the advice the other day to not stress about things about 5 years in advance today, that she rather tackle everyday as it comes and take it all bit by bit. I on the other hand should take this advice first.

I start my week on a Sunday, what about you.

Remember that all who wander are not lost.

Have a beauty of a week


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