Gee whizz! Does it feel like I'm rubbing it in? Sorry for those of you who have the Monday blues. Listen before you want to douse me in ice water on this chilly morning, just note that I have only had about 4 hours sleep and so I am probably delirious hihi.

I have loads and loads and more bucket loads to do and I will get it done. Procrastination serves none, least of all me and we have been frenemies for faaaar too long.

Just to get you through Monday, I thought I may share some links from the inter webs, that will make you smile or at least perk up.

This is a great problem to have
She's a morning person and well her mom is...
Habits... which ones are we keep and which ones are sending to the trash?
Clean slate perhaps?
Have to admit, I like her style AND she's a great mother.
After a weekend of heavy indulgence, need this functional, healthy eating reminder

Smile! Laugh! Think! Dream! Take just a little more than one step everyday toward what you really want in life.

Happy Monday you beauties xx


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