Friday, June 27, 2014

Snuggle up

It's a beautiful, overcast, winter's morning in this beautiful city of gold. Sitting at my desk this morning, was probably second to last on the list of things I really really really wanted to do this morning.
I have however  been up and about for longer than I was asleep, quite frankly, so I guess I'm in this day now.

I wanted to cancel today, because of lack of enthusiasm. I do however have an afternoon walk with my beautiful little bestie bunnies this afternoon and their beautiful bestie Mama, so it's looking up already.

Take it easy.

I was last on Monday and I really don't know how Friday rolled up on us so quickly, but hey, here we are. As my lovely friend, Soko says, I contributed and I participated, I think. Feeling zapped I must say.

I haven't been sleeping much lately. Actually, there has been little to no sleeping this week. Between the early hours of Monday morning and Thursday mid morning, I had started and finished 2 books. At about 2am this morning, I started reading Animal Farm again. So at least my home library is being put to good use.

This weekend, while I plan to work, I also plan to rest up a great deal. This weather calls for great snuggles. Sunday, I think I want to roast a chicken too. I thought of a recipe last night, sage, orange and ginger stuffed chicken. Just seems like such a good idea to me. That will be lunch on Sunday. Going to go traditional and roast potatoes and green beans tossed in whole grain mustard. Excited!

This is part of the plan this weekend

The rest of the time, I hope to be prostrate on my couch or in my bed, just breathing deeply, for the first time in a little while. Just sit back and allow myself to feel and just be. Not to cope and get through it.

Here are some beautiful and thought provoking links from the internet that I've happened upon...

Breaking up is hard to do this feature on her clay heart profiles people post break up
One of my favourite gardens, if you can call it that, gets a revamp with The Gardener of Versailles
Baked sweet and sour chicken for you this weekend perhaps?

Have a great weekend. Darling bloglets.


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