You're not!

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Gosh I know this guy. I used to call him a friend, but frankly he's just a self involved something something. His standard tune over the many years I've known him is, "I'm so busy." Really ninja?! What are we doing? Sitting idly by watching you be busy. You're employed! You can take leave and really your job is not to solve the problems of the world! So please please please! You ain't that busy. GET REAL!

I think of my Dad who is really busy, but not once will he ever not take your call or return your call or listen to your random rant like he has nothing else to do with his time. Or my darling bestie, who is the mother of two beautiful little ten month old babes. In between breast feeding, baby food making, sleep deprivation, writing reports and being a great wife and sister and friend, she still has time to send me a text asking me how I am or how a certain day in my life went.

So please man! Don't insult really busy people. You are simply an asshole! Accept that. You make time for what is important. Really and like humble people never have to tell us they're humble, busy people are too busy being busy to talk about it.

So get real. Oh and stop being inefficient and self involved, because that's all you're really saying.

This is also just a good heads up to ourselves, how many times do we get caught up in this story to ourselves. Don't believe the hype.



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