Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Let's just all take a moment and slow down a little shall we. Are you also feeling like this year has been spent fervently playing catch up almost and scurrying from one deadline to the next. That is me. Out of full time employment, studying a totally new discipline, working, dreaming, getting committed to pilates, not managing to fit in too much running and getting far too little sleep. This does not feel like winning to me. I must say, this cannot be it.

A family friend passed away last week in a meeting at the age of 41! Crazy, considering we'd just celebrated my Dad's 70th birthday and he's still fit as ever and makes you realise that longevity is a possibility.

I've been  running, I've been running...So much, I don't even know what I'm chasing or running after.

I've decided to drop down a gear and take it easy. Guess what? I'm getting a lot more done. Slowly ticking my way through my to-do lists. Also just being honest about what I can and cannot do and also setting myself more realistic timelines. It's really necessary, otherwise I'm going to fall over and there is far too much awesome in life to not be here.

Take of yourselves bloglets and do what feels good in your heart and soul. Give your mind time and space to rest, wonder and dream too. Be gentle with your hearts and bodies and with others' too.

Stop chasing things, hard work, patience and commitment will get you there. Anything worth having takes time and nothing good comes of chasing, except death to a leopard's prey.

Sunshine and snuggles


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  1. So so true, sometimes we keep rushing around keeping busy all the time; but really what are we accomplishing. Sometimes its worth taking a little bit of time out, readjusting the lens of life and just focus on what's really important, doing one little thing at a time, and doing it well. Thanks for the post and inspiration x


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