If it is right, it happens—The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away."
Taken from my  most recent discovery...rules for my unborn sun

It's that most wonderful time of the week. I'm swamped with work and my mind is full of stresses of things that may never even happen in reality surely. The mind sure is a labyrinth of crazy. The monsters are mainly in our minds my friends.

Okay so Joburg is freezing, so ideally I'd like to be snug in bed or on my couch with a blankie and a book! Yes please!

Perhaps I'll go pay a visit to my new fave activity, a dance class I discovered last week. Last week it put me in such a good mood.

Stay warm snuggles. Take "brain pictures" too.I took this great advice from Kid President. Loved this..

Please have a read of this glorious blog that I discovered as a result of a book yesterday...Rules for my unborn son Great read for everyone. In some parts I laughed out loud. I want to read it all. Some truly valuable life advice in one sentence or less.

Have a great weekend. Eat something truly delicious, more than once this weekend. Taste a new tea. Look up to the heavens and let the sun shine on your face. Spend time with little kids and enjoy the ceaseless joy of their laughter. Lean in and listen. Get a great hug. Give a really tight hug too. Hugs let people know they matter when there are no words.

Find the wonder in your weekend!


Make for happy lives


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