Saturday, February 28, 2015

Have a wonderful weekend

That's the spirit
Whaat it's Saturday?! I didn't have a chance to post yesterday, yes it was an excitingly busy week, but also I had a reunion dinner with all my awesome crazies from high school and there was a hangover that I had yesterday that I certainly did NOT get in high school.

Beautiful bloglets!! We are done with the second month of the year?! How?! Oh well, March, I see ya, give me your best! Thanks ;)

Now here are some reads from the interwebs if you are keen for a little readsies:
I like to pack lunch to take to the office
Celebrating my older sis' big birthday today, I think I want to also go golden for my next celebration

I must get ready now. Would actually like to curl up with a book and read on this rainy afternoon, but there's a party to be had people.

Walking out of the greengrocer this morning, a woman I used to see often at the gym (she's a true gym bunny) saw me and we chatted and she asked if I was running the race tomorrow and I said no I have my sister's birthday party tonight, so not an early morning for me. She was said to me, "celebrate now, don't put stuff off until, because one day when you feel you're ready, you'll be old, alone and that'll be so awful and sad." 

I don't where that came from, everyone has their own story to tell, but it was poignant and fitting.

Enjoy the perfection of right now.

Give tight hugs, hold babies often and kiss the ones you love.

Kisses and cuddles are the best.

Also smile! If nothing else, it makes people wonder what you're up to.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Can you Knope?

While I have never watched an episode of Parks and Recreation (not one), I do enjoy Amy Poehler and her sense of humour a lot.

I too believe in a signature dance move. What's yours?

I can sometimes be quite easily distracted, but it's usually if I have almost zero interest in what I am doing anyway. #truestory Anyhoo, I was reading the wonderful Miss Moss' blog and I happened across her Mid Week distraction.

Great read with many amazing finds, but what I liked most of all were the 8 life lessons from Leslie Knope.

Quite frankly, she just gets it and I don't know how I coped without them. One of my favourite parts is lesson no.7 on friendships. Good girl to girl friendships are true and rare treasures and are to be cherished I agree. This line from Leslie is my absolute fave.

Leslie: “You know my code. Hoes before bros. Ovaries before brovaries. Uteruses before duderuses.” 
Hilarious and true in all its hilarity.

I'm exhausted today from the inside out and I've literally limped through my day so far (it's only just gone lunch time), so this was just what I needed in so many many ways!

Keep going keep going keep going.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

while you were sleeping...

So on of my fave blogs posted last year about  what do you do when you're home alone? It just dawned on me this evening as I have really need up to lots of stuff and loving it. My post yoga shower really seemed to give me an extra boost.

So I decided to use it wisely. So I did a load of laundry, then I loaded the dishwasher and switched that on, after tidying the kitchen, I was like, I should get breakfast ready for the rest of the week. Not long to go now with this week anyway. Yeeha! Did that, then I remembered there was a recipe I wanted to try that I saw yesterday. So yes, there I was kneading dough for chapati at this time of the night. Forgot what a great workout it is. I am going out for dinner tomorrow night, but the dough will be well rested when I need it and I'm super excited. I added some toasted flax seed and mustard seed to this recipe. Excited to see what I pair it with.

What do you get up to in this still of night?


Wednesday wonderings

So much on my mind as another month draws to a close. I am tired, but energetic. Lack lustre and inspired, all at once. Just a little bit of juxtapositions all up in here.

In need of inspiration, I've just but these together.

Have a  read of this, about a legend, the man who made Nutella needs to remembered forever! Great business insights.

Nothing like a great congratulatory note, especially from Stephen Hawking himself to Eddie Redmayne on his Oscar win for The Theory of Everything. Do watch this movie by the way!

Then there are these just in case you were wondering what to do with your life...

Don't do it!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Flowers would be nice

Peonies, as beautiful as they are scarce.
I do enjoy me some flowers. Like most things, I'm not for the stock standard ordinary. Over the years and having my own home, I've really grown to love flowers more and more.

I can never buy enough vases, they will always be handy and they are ever so treasured. Whether it's my blue kitchen jug filled with some heather when it's on season or wonderful proteas or other floral treasures I find, I just love walking into my house and having the beautiful delight of flowers around me.

Orchards have always scared me, I must say. They're like the cats of the plant world to me. They need you to pay some attention, but not too much, but I don't know what that is. I'm a nurturer by nature. So with my dear orchard, I just follow instructions on the label. She's still alive.

Something ever so wonderful is receiving flowers from a loved one. EVER so special. I just love seeing what they'll choose.

I must say it's been a while since a beautiful man has bought me flowers. I'm more into "just because you're wonderful" flowers than I'm sorry flowers. The latter scares me a lot. Fortunately I have not often been on the receiving end of those.

Flowers are a celebration. Even when I buy mine almost weekly, it's that beautiful treat to be like, hello lovely, we can't wait to come home with you (how I choose my flowers, they talk to me;) ).

I hope someone buys you pretty flowers. Even if that person is pretty little you.

Best I go fuss over my little orchard for a moment.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday mic

So I had to read some pretty terrible and stereotypical and biased and honestly unresearched research the other day and it really got to me. So many thoughts out there about black people and about women that are so far off reality, but are just perpetuated ad nauseum.

Trawling the interwebs, as I do, I came across this wonderful piece on Trend Mic on 12 Women who had the perfect response to sexist questions. These were briliant.

Just something to ponder as we begin the week boys and girls.

Happy Monday.

*does the scissor leg*

Friday, February 20, 2015


Hi Friday!! So pleased to see you. Now just to get through the piles of work and appoinments, so that I can actually breathe, put my feet up, potter around my kitchen and have an awesoME weekend.

I have a baby shower tomorrow. Yay! Can't wait. Babies and a beautiful Mamma to be are so precious and being an aunt is many kinds of best!

Here are some weekend reads for you;

French Toast for breakfast really says it's the weekend
Baked eggs with all the yummy trimmings are another must try

I hope you have a weekend filled with wonder and many little bits of wonderful.

Sunshine to you in whatver part of the world you're in.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday Thinkles

I'm rather over my wardrobe. I mean let me rephrase and stick with some gratitude that in general I love my clothes and my cupboard is sufficiently stocked for any occassion, but I want to tweak my look a little I feel. Maybe it's all part of this shedding process that I feel I'm going through.

Mm... What would Audrey do?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Let's just talk about it for a second! Is it not just wonderful and unsettling all at once?

I was watching an incredible movie the other day. Mm I use the term watching loosely, as I was sobbing mostly through it, but it was good. (I generally love most things with Hilary Swank in).

Anyway in this movie, she says, "Be with someone who see you." Isn't that important and so true. You know the feeling when someone sees you, you look into their eyes and you know that who you truly are is what they see.

We often trick ourselves and want to become the person that other person is looking for in you. That is not who you and it is not who they see either, so we fool ourselves in both sides.

My first boyfriend used to look at me so sweetly. It was really special. We've moved on obviously, he's married with kids, but when he looks at me there's this softeness in his eyes and face when he looks at that there are no words to describe. It is still very heart warming and special. I don't know what it is that he sees, but like how your name sounds coming out of your loved ones mouth, the way people look at you and see you is so special.

So love hard. Yes our hearts get broken, gosh do they ever, but we cannot not love again. What an injustice, to yourself, most of all. Some people are lessons in love and loving them is just that, a lesson. Learn it well, so you don't do that again. Life is long as it is short, you want to spend your time wonderfully.



Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just for today,Can I just put up my hand and say F this?!

I just feel like getting up and running.  Actually and screaming a series of expletives out loud! Rocked some super heels today and red lipstick, but still feeling a little agitated in my own skin!! If I were a snake I'd have long hooked myself onto a tree and slid out of this skin.

Change is as uncomfortable as it is necessary and it is unavoidable!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Musings

No flex zone! Image from here

I haven't slept much at all. Which is funny to say, because I don't really sleep all that much to start with. I'm becoming all too aware of it now. For some reason. Honestly though, I just woke up. Mornings are my favourite time of the day, but my mind is also just so full of a lot of everything.

Guess full is a wonderful problem to have. At least the way I look at it.

I wish I was a bee on a flower, during this conversation.

Have a great week bloglets. I have so many big decisions to make I am more terrified than all the monsters in the pool, but here's my approach, just go for it. I'm just getting stuck in, because I'd rather be caught busy doing something than standing watching, fearfully from the sidelines. You can always change direction, but please oh please choose a path!

Loved reading Worded Reflections today, it really resonated, especially the Picasso quotation that read,
"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working"
Pablo Picasso

*sips lemon water* and trundles on.

Sunshine and side eyes to you


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Lovers, livers, crazy hearts. Happy Valentine's day. Have a beautiful day.

Hold hands always.


Friday, February 13, 2015

Have a wonderful weekend

Umm...just like that it's Friday again! Really?! Well that's how this thing called a week works I guess.

Mine has been jam packed and I even had my first and hopefully last raging hangover of the year! It's been a while and hey it was such fun getting there.

I've been practicing something lately and that is doing things I wouldn't usually do. Creature of habit I am, must admit and also mostly I think I've come to a point in my life when I'm not all that bothered to do stuff I don't really want to do.

Life is seriously not cool though if you keep doing what you've always done! What kind of intrepid explorer would I be then?! To infinity and beyond!! Or wherever else it is that I have my eyes set on!

So my cleaning lady walks in and  says, "Happy Valentine's Day," to me for tomorrow, because she won't be seeing me tomorrow. So sweet! What are your thoughts and plans for tomorrow? Enjoy it you crazy hearts!!

Here are some reads from the interwebs for your weekend...

Kisses are just delicious, so it's interesting to see  How 'x' became the universal symbol for kiss
I'd love some flowers for once or even just a sweet handwritten note for Valentine's day, but I digress, here are some Chocolate gift ideas for every kinda love situation

Now seems like a great time to do something.

New beginnings are many kinds of wonderful. Pity we're often too scared to take the first step. Shufffle if you must, but go!

Have a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday - Wear comfortable shoes

Air Max on Everything!!
Tuesday!! You're not that great to me sometimes. #justsaying Stop it now! #ByeFelicia

Most people dread Mondays, I kind like Mondays. Tuesdays, loom over me a little, I get the Monday blues on Monday night, because Tuesday's coming.

Anyhoo, I think I should only wear AirMax on a Tuesday, because what can ruin your day wheny you're walking on Airs!

Also when life throws its curve missiles your way, you really don't want to add uncomfortable shoes to your list of woes.

There is one thing I really love about Tuesdays though...It reminds me that not every day can be plain old fantastic and also it reminds me weekly, that it does not last. Gotta keep it moving kids.

What's your Tuesday?

Monday, February 9, 2015


Um...Not my favourite word really. Definitely not my favourite adjective either. Also it is so wholly intransitive!! What does pretty do? Not much as far as my eye can see.

Beauty is one of those things that really is not at face value for me. Le Petit Prince says it best, (well he says a lot of epic stuff, but he does say, "it is only with the heart that one can see clearly."

So let's take a little walk down this outward "pretty" street... I love Paris and I do enjoy the more mediterranean beauty aesthetic of being far more natural.

Black girls and beauty has always been one of those things that's a matter of contention. Our notion of beauty is often multi layered in history, but that is a whole other series of posts for another day.

I did enjoy this video though on "What's Pretty in Paris?" Having lived there and having had this crisis of externality as it were, I found this particularly poingnant. Just from the perspective of being in Paris in my mid twenties, away from my comforts of home and growing into the woman I am still becoming.

Pretty cool


Saturday, February 7, 2015

"That's the thing about pain. It demands to be felt." - John Greene

The Fault In Our Stars honestly is one of the best books I've read in a long time. I do not generally watch books I've read turned into films, but this was done so exceptioally and authentically, that I just could not fault it. My blog title today is a quotation from this book, one that really struck me.

Change like pain, also demands to be felt. I like the idea in this.

Feel it people. All ranges of what you are meant to feel.

Embrace the change too. I am learning that they are really so many kinds of beautiful aspects in changes and frankly they are unavoidable. Why not embrace it?

Pain is fleeting. Flux is part of life.


Friday, February 6, 2015

End of the week

Isn't this just perfect!

Beautiful bloglet bums. Happy Friday! Summer time here down South, means bare bums for the babies in our lives and lots of ice cream and iced tea! Yum!!

A week of endings and beginnings. Mostly endings, but they do signify the joys of new things to come. Endings can be so beautiful too.

Here are some good reads for the weekend:

Oh and get out of your comfort zone. I even tried it with something as simple as letting the ladies doing my manicure and pedicure this week, pick my colours for me. I'm just testing the waters to let some people do things for me for a change. 

Happy weekend

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


It's me, I'm looking for too.

Happy Wednesday bloglets!! So much has happened in my life between Saturday and today. I was spent by Sunday afternoon, but still we work like crazy and plod on and hold back the tears or lie on our close friends couches and sob on a sunny Monday afternoon. Blessed are the boys who let us cry and just let us be the fragile girls that we are, once we take off the warrior suit every once in a while.

I watched the movie, You're Not You on Monday afternoon, after a loooong day.I use the term "watched" loosely, as I was crying then sobbing from quit early on. Loved the sunshine on Monday, I got the most beautiful surprise flowers in the morning which were beyond beautiful and special!

Hilary Swank's (my love for her I'll have to blog about on another day), dropped some pretty poignant gems in that movie, one was, "Be with someone who sees you." Umm, do that peeps, not someone who makes you want to be what they see. That's not you silly!

Don't give up. Life and love are awesome. She said this about giving up, which made me sit up, "That's the thing about giving up, you never realise you've done it, until it's too late."

I'm still undecided about whether it can be too late, but don't give up. Kanye said, "giving up is way harder than trying."

I've been feeling like a snake in need of a good shedding of my skin and while Eskom and the blackouts are helping on the electricity front, I'm talking about myself. Just a little hihi :)

Today I even blowdried my hair! No way, my hairdresser did it!! I said to her when she was styling it, I want my hair to match my personality. Tall ask right? Or is it? I usually wear my hair naturally curly, but I just felt like looking at something different. Lucky that I can play!

Have a great one people!! Don't let people who don't care for you change who you are! Learn that lesson well.

Enjoy the special moments and even more the special people in your life. Let us enjoy and love and LIVE with the people we love while they are still alive and not rally around deathbeds wishing!


Monday, February 2, 2015

'Février' looks like fever at first glance

"Always be kinder than necessary."

I've just been given a bunch of flowers from the kindest people at the coffee shop/place of plain awesome that I hang out in for the best coffee ever and the greatest wifi. Literally almost burst into tears, the feeling just melted my little little heart. So unexpected, so special. 

These little gestures, MATTER so much. People, we never know when we're making someone's day. Let's try do that as often as possible.

I've been extrememely fortunate in the past week, I've been having the most awesome experiences. I also a little niggling feeling that perhaps these wonderful things happen to me all the time, but now I may just be more aware. I think I like it.

Shortest month of the year! Blessed with so many special days. My little and one of my biggest loves was born in this month and well my life has never been the same again! Shortest month of the year and my bestie and my work year, really starts now and it's our bestie-vesary! All great things need to be celebrated! :)

Have a beautiful month. Ever since I started speaking French, decades ago, quite literally, I've always made interesting word associations or little rhymes for myself. Actually I do it in most of the languages I speak. So Février (February) I linked with 'fever' since then. Aren't words so beautiful.

We can paint pictures with them too. Make the a masterpiece, not a weapon of mass destruction.

May you approach this Février with fervour.


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