Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gossip girl..(.where the black) are you?!

Black is the new black, the old black and you know what black is back.Wait did it ever leave? This is an ode to my dear friend who's decided to go all black this week and really she must be commended for a dedication to something of such beauty.

Well said...
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Black for some is the colour of mourning. The only thing I'm mourning on some days in black is the gradual disappearance of my once prized sleek physique (ooh I love the way that sounds out loud), but like black that physique is coming back!WITNESS THE FITNESS!

LBD (Little Black Dress), BBD (Big Black Dress), SBP (Slimming Black Pants), black goes with everything, but best with itself! Why mess with a good thing..

So to all my friends and to myself. Go on with your black self!

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