Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It happens...

This thing called life. Day in and day out. Can't even call them ebbs and flows, because some days it feels like wonderment and calamity are all rolled up into the few hours that we call a day. (is the time ever enough?).

Live it, love it and BeLIeVE!The pain always subsides and sometimes it never ever makes sense, but it ceases. Happiness comes and you can make more in endless supply.

Just breathe my boss says. Breathe in, breathe out (has yoga not been trying to teach us this forever?)

Wow guys life can throw some curve balls and surprise us, but it is so important to remember when not so great things happen that things change and will change.

Keep it tidy, keep it friendly, make it amazing.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Thinkles

From here

A chilly CHILLY morning I woke up to in Joho today. Yikes! It is however rather comforting to know that winter is actually here. The seasons have been quite strange recently, so it is good to see things return to some sense of seasonal normality. July is cold here down South.

Hot chocolate shots for chilly winter mornings.

Made me think of being nice and snug in my kitchen. All apron clad and pots steaming is definitely my happy place.I am happy to note that lately I am getting back into my kitchen again, which means I'm getting back into my zone. Thinking of making a butternut soup today, a strange thought, because I do not eat it myself. Butternut soup which I will serve with buttered sage. Sounds yum. I love the combination of butternut and sage. It will be to drop off for my darling friend. To warm her heart and make super yummy milk for her little cublets.

Been a little out of wack lately, but I think I'm getting back into my stride. I like routine and it's high time I established one for myself again. A new routine though. I don't want to do things I've always done, because that means in some ways I'll be like I've always been. Not that I want a new me, but a refreshed version and perhaps slightly leaner, but never mean. Everyday I discover more and more how it is not my vibe. Stern maybe.

From here

I like being productive and the later I wake up the more it messes with my projo (productive mojo).

So here is to early mornings, beautiful cuddles with the newcublets, that I miss so dearly since I first met them on Saturday.

Trying out new things. I better write that list down. Getting back onto a horse, for real, as in riding lessons is one of them. Here is to lying in bed, on my couch, giggling in a restaurant as I make my way through my new book, which is unputdownable a the moment.

Thinking about love, talking (these fun talks, the hard chats, and the beautiful sumptuous silences). Thinking about a good old evening dancing up a storm with nobody watching in my cosy apartment. Spending time with my Daddy, because well let's face it he's just so precious. Listening to my mother frantic about her many "projects."Helping her find her bliss, because let's face it,our parents are people too and sometimes we all need someone to hold our hand. Life sure is fascinating. That is for damn sure.

This morning, I woke up wondering if God (by whichever name we call him/her or believe Him/Her to be), I woke up wondering if God gives hugs and what they feel like?

Do you wonder?


Do that.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Make it better Monday

Thanks to my darling friend Bailey, I now have two, darling little reasons for wanting this world to be an even better place.

From here

So what can I do to make this place we call the world, our world better than I found it? Or at least so that all my little pumpkins get to inherit something worthwhile and not in a monetary sense. An improved sense of giving and service is definitely one thing.

I stress myself out, because I always think about doing stuff. More community work, I want to get actively involved in education and preferably do a little teaching myself.

How have I not managed to put down concrete plans or steps to doing this though? Best I get started. There are those who make me want to be better everyday and inspire me infinitely. I don't think I inspire anyone as I am right now, but perhaps I am doing so quietly. Who knows, and if so that would be a lovely thing. Somehow I feel I need to do more and be more.

I am a big believer in the fact that the little things we do, mean so much to someone in many strange ways. The little things show more that anything else that we are listening, hearing, feeling, paying attention and noticing. This stuff is beautiful and priceless.



Friday, July 26, 2013

Of besties and babies...

My darling friend, Bailey, gloriously and beautifully pregnant.
So the joys of friendship lie in many moments of magic, but this friendship for me is far more special than any I've had in my life. I treasure it so fiercely that I usually refrain from talking about on my blog. That and I'm just a little selfish with my friend.

These have been the best of months living and learning the beautiful nuances of pregnancy. I'll never forget when she told me she was pregnant, she was wearing sky scraper heels, a gorgeous, ruched, fitted skirt and a shirt tucked in. Looking like she'd just stepped off a NYC catwalk and not like someone who had not one, but TWO little cublets in her barely there bump. I burst into tears! Yes people, when you I am bursting with love and happiness and I have no words to express what I'm feeling, I burst into crazy little joyful sobs.(note this came as a surprise to me too.) I've been happy ever since, oh and I've shopped a little too. Little people clothes are so cute. All their stuff is amazing really.

Because, babies are best. So as Bailey and I sat around her kitchen table on Wednesday afternoon, drinking tea and eating cake, as we do. I thought to myself, I had this feeling in fact, that this is truly so special, because, as we sit around this table in her beautiful apartment, nursery complete, hospital bags packed, 1 day from 37 weeks preggers, any day now, it will be us plus babes. I'm so happy, because we can have one each! This is one of the most precious gifts of our friendship, that I get to watch this glorious woman grow into being a mother. (oh dear the tears are back again). She got pregnant and I think I picked up some of the emotions and cravings.

I am so happy for these two little cublets that I am so EXCITED to meet. I am totally in love already. I love babies, but I will love these more than most babies, because, well they are my besties'. I am so honoured to have the most amazing honour of being their Honourary Aunty T.

This is so amazing and beautiful and wonderful and precious.

Miraculous and magical.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekend whims...

Go out there and have a good time. Go where your heart takes you, you might enjoy the moment. A fork in your road, is the perhaps the Universe telling you this might be a better direction.

Magic is yours, MAKE IT!


Friday, July 12, 2013


Patience is a virtue they say. Patience is a process. One that we all need to learn and relearn more often that we realise. We are often moving at such a pace, chasing who the heck knows what and rushing. That is my pet hate, rushing. I am usually in an awful mood if I have to start the day out by rushing. Just ruins my dojo(daily mojo).

Worth the wait :)

With the ever growing excitement as my darling friend's bump grows even more, the wait for the twinlets is ever nearer. I read this beautiful article just to understand more about what she may be going through in these last few weeks and how best to support her as she inches her way to giving birth to her two beauties. Did I mention...TWINLETS, I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU. I love you already. In this article Jana Studelska, borrows from German to actually name the period of the last few weeks of pregnancy. She named this waiting period zwischen which means between in English. Don't you just love the onomatopaeia? I can here the general swooshing of time, passing as, one waits for a new change in life to come.

I don't think this is really strictly restricted to waiting for the immense miracle of giving birth. I just have this inkling that every so often we find ourselves in a place where we are in between.

Between being single and being a girlfriend, between being a girlfriend and being a wife, between attracted and madly in love. Between the in between job and doing what you were meant to do. Between anxious and ecstatic...There are so many...

Now I've often been talking about procrastination and extolling the virtues of the lack thereof, but more and more, I am seeing the beauty in just waiting, not procrastinating,but waiting. Taking a moment, to just be in between, because the truth is, you will not likely be there, as you are again. There is beauty, truth, angst, love, life in that. Also as I've been stuck waiting I've often felt that sometimes things just seem to settle more and I find some sense and comfort in the stillness.

Ooh wee, it's Friday. Yes please! Let's all try and just move a little easier and savour the moments. Whisper, whistle, while away hours with those whom you love and warm your soul. Oh and wait... it is a secret little luxury we can allow ourselves more often than we do. 

WAIT...all the while, keeping strong in the faith that it will be worth.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

hello today!

Lately I've been in the mood for enhancements. Not on the cosmetic or surgery side, but on the making my life better side. From the inside out.

I've been trying to create new rituals, commitments, habits. So far, they're making me feel rather delightful. Whether it's going to yoga at least once a week or trying to fit in as much activity into my day or making sure my meals are as balanced as possible.(living by yourself,sometimes this falls away).

Also I'm trying another ritual, that everyday, I try and procrastinate a little less. One thing at a time. I've moved away from writing to do lists for now, because I find they stress me out and make me do less. (strange, but so true for me) I try and fit in all that I have to do and can possibly do in a day or in the time I have allocated in the day. Frankly, because I can and the terrible habit of thinking that I have time, is just a very dangerous one, because right now is possibly the only time I have. And if the plan is to be amazing and to take over the world with awesome, where will I be able to do that with all this backlog of procrastinated BS?!

Another ritual I am trying is to every morning, wake up a little earlier and to do something, even one little thing that I like/enjoy before I get ready to work and worry for the day. Today I baked a pear for breakfast with cinnamon and vanilla extract. And I sat down to blog. Lovely start to my day. These are my little luxuries, that's what these rituals are. How luxurious a feeling to stay in one's pyjamas a little longer in the morning, before you face the world in corporate armour.

What rituals are you thinking of starting? What little luxuries will you fill your life with today?

Make it awesome.


Friday, July 5, 2013

Spring state of mind

It's exactly 2 more months until my birthday! Wow! This year sure has gone on a little fast paced trip of its own time wise. By then I will be an honorary aunt to 1 month old twinlets. (insert huge proud aunyt grin here).

Bend yourself straight...

I was up at 4:15am this morning. Heaven only knows why, but I thought I might as well get up and off to an early morning, pre dawn, still in darkness, yoga class. My spine and soul needed a little yoga type spring cleaning. There's been some yucky stuff going on that's clogged my happiness and open soul arteries lately and I needed to bend it out.

I want to be like her at 70. Twyla Tharp

Also got me ready for spring. When today it feels like, gorgeous Jozi, has decided to finally descend into the depths of winter. It sure is icy this morning. EEK! Bring out the scarves and gloves! Stay bundled and warm. Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle if you can.

Spring is not just a season, for me it's a way of being. I choose anytime to be the spring of my life. I need to constantly reassess where I am, mind, body and soul. See what interests me and lately more and more, I feel like I need colour! More and more....I keep leaning towards bolder colours and graphics. That's where I'm at I guess.

It's the weekend...well almost...I want to start it out with a yummy breakfast of freshly squeezed juice and Warrior Porridge. From warrior pose to warrior porridge (Oh yes I did!)

Put your feet up in style

Wishing you stay warm for those of you experiencing winter down south. Enjoy the summer time up there notherners.

Everyone have a beautiful weekend.


Monday, July 1, 2013

No pressure!

"Are we running out...?" from here
 EEK!! It's 1 July 2013. What?! Second half of the year,WELCOME! How did you get here so fast? Or did you?

Ummm...haven't even had time to reflect on the first half of the year and actually, mostly that's just fine by me. I've been reflecting as I go along, so I tell myself, but in earnest I really think I have been.

Ideal winter wardrobe...A girl can dream
For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, we are rather happy, because it means we have just a few more months before winter is out. Bring on that spring!

For me, it's one more month, well 5 more weeks until the little cublets arrive. So excited and nervous and ecstatic to meet them. I'm upping my vitamin intake too ensure that I am in prime health to see those two little beauties in beautiful Momma Bear's bump.

Beautiful blankets for the bundles

What do you have planned to do for the rest of the year? I have some DIY planned, renovations planned, eek! Reading without a doubt. Need to exercise some more too. this my new year's resolution list?!

Avec? ;-)
 More than tomorrow. Let us get through today. What do we plan to achieve today? What will we do today to make today more awesome! For ourselves and maybe just one more person if that's all you can stomach.

People often say, BE KIND. Most importantly, what is usually missing from that starement is, BE KIND to YOURSELF. It's the best place to start.

I started my day today with a big fat giggle. I finally realised that the cause of my really odd walk this morning was not due to the backache that I had woken up with, but rather the fact that I had somehow managed to out on 2 different shoes. I guess black patent all looks the same, when all groggy and bleary eyed. Hihi

Happy 1 July everybody. Have a great day.


It sure is.
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