Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Thinkles

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A chilly CHILLY morning I woke up to in Joho today. Yikes! It is however rather comforting to know that winter is actually here. The seasons have been quite strange recently, so it is good to see things return to some sense of seasonal normality. July is cold here down South.

Hot chocolate shots for chilly winter mornings.

Made me think of being nice and snug in my kitchen. All apron clad and pots steaming is definitely my happy place.I am happy to note that lately I am getting back into my kitchen again, which means I'm getting back into my zone. Thinking of making a butternut soup today, a strange thought, because I do not eat it myself. Butternut soup which I will serve with buttered sage. Sounds yum. I love the combination of butternut and sage. It will be to drop off for my darling friend. To warm her heart and make super yummy milk for her little cublets.

Been a little out of wack lately, but I think I'm getting back into my stride. I like routine and it's high time I established one for myself again. A new routine though. I don't want to do things I've always done, because that means in some ways I'll be like I've always been. Not that I want a new me, but a refreshed version and perhaps slightly leaner, but never mean. Everyday I discover more and more how it is not my vibe. Stern maybe.

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I like being productive and the later I wake up the more it messes with my projo (productive mojo).

So here is to early mornings, beautiful cuddles with the newcublets, that I miss so dearly since I first met them on Saturday.

Trying out new things. I better write that list down. Getting back onto a horse, for real, as in riding lessons is one of them. Here is to lying in bed, on my couch, giggling in a restaurant as I make my way through my new book, which is unputdownable a the moment.

Thinking about love, talking (these fun talks, the hard chats, and the beautiful sumptuous silences). Thinking about a good old evening dancing up a storm with nobody watching in my cosy apartment. Spending time with my Daddy, because well let's face it he's just so precious. Listening to my mother frantic about her many "projects."Helping her find her bliss, because let's face it,our parents are people too and sometimes we all need someone to hold our hand. Life sure is fascinating. That is for damn sure.

This morning, I woke up wondering if God (by whichever name we call him/her or believe Him/Her to be), I woke up wondering if God gives hugs and what they feel like?

Do you wonder?


Do that.


  1. This is a truly beautiful post. Thank you.

    1. Heather. Thank you so much for the kind words. Truly appreciated.


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