Monday, May 21, 2012

Eat,Pray,Love essential

Yesterday I made my first Sunday  Lunch in my new house. Only for 4 people, but very exciting none the less. Have to start small and build up my confidence to do a full on family lunch vibe.(Not that I really have enough chairs)

I used yellow tomatoes in my salad. Thank you Woolworths

What fun it was...Was struggling to think of places to go for a lovely sunday lunch and then I volunteered myself and my house on Friday to cook and serve Sunday lunch instead.Lunch at home on a Sunday is so cosy, so traditional. Just right.
Rosemary, lemon & garlic roast chicken took pride of place at the table.

After an extended lie in, I delayed myself a little getting to the shops and starting the cooking, but guests arriving a little later than expected made it all work out just in time.
Some fresh garlic & chilli stir fried prawns for a little something different.

Here's the thing...I missed church yesterday for the first time in some weeks and while I was about to feel guilty, I realised while sitting on my couch with a blankie covering my tootsies, laughing as I held my cup of tea and we ate cake, I was like this is praying too.

Fresh tomatoes, made for a lovely tomatoe chutney

Being with the ones you love, sharing a meal, lovingly cooking and serving the meal, watching people enjoy it, all of this is  actively praying and praising God (or whomever you believe him to be). Isn't this what it is all about? I think so. I am so thankful for all the beautiful people who were in my home and share my life with me.I am very lucky and infinitely blessed. All I can honestly say is a big THANK YOU.

Good food, great company, great laughs, great loves = an infinitely great mix!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 1

Apple inspirational quotation given on the first day of work!

It's the first full week of work for most of us Saffers! Yikes! For some of us first full week of work in a long while. This getting back to work and into the work swing of things seems to be top of mind for most of us.

I see Bury & Discover was a little more in job seeker mode today. Clearly work is on the brain. Here's hoping we find work that we want to wake up everyday and do. Passion, peace, excitement, brain power, anticipation, anxiety, chuckles, green tea...all ingredients to the great work potient.

So to those of us getting back to work after the the many weeks of breaks, starting new career adventures much like myself,all I have to say to that is a big, fat YAYSIES!!
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