Friday, January 30, 2015

Beautiful day

It's Friday! What a week. A beautiful one at that. Woke up a little late this morning like 6:30am, but I just blitzed through my day. Awesome is as awesome does. My blog post has just been delayed by an hour, because my bestie and her beautiful babes just popped into this glorious coffee shop, where I've set up shop today. So that was a good few minutes most beautifull spent away from my computer.

So why was this week so filled with wonder and beauty. Well my dearest blog friend ("blend" - could this be a new moniker?), Lindé from An Urban Village blogged about something I'd said on my blog last week I think. Not only did she do that, but she made one of her special little printy things for Pinterest and used my mindless musing!! It's crazy when you think, noone reads your blog and then you get blessed with such a special mention. How many kinds of lucky am I. Lindé, we've never met face to face, but thank you so much for the kindness. Even though I wrote it, thank you for reminding me to "enjoy the perfection of right now." This was perfect!

Having had a very difficult past year and just trying to soldier through stuff, this blog and my many special friends have literally saved my life in ways they don't know. THANK YOU.

Don't forget this.

Everything is looking up, as it always does. Also it's a choice I make. I am so incredibly lucky and have so many myriads of things to be grateful for. I know this may sound a little trite and naff,b ut this week reminded me of just that.

Well no week is complete without my usual blog reading and as always, my favey fave Kimmy and Bear, does not disappoint. While I wouldn't call myself broody (lowers gaze :) ), children are super SUPER special to me and close to my heart. Being a parent is THE most important honour one can ever have as far as I am concerned. That's what it means for me, it's not something you have to do, so I take it really seriously. Anyhoo, that's another talk for another day, but I cannot wait to be part of this "hood."

Well besides getting some awesome work and seeing my friends doing incredible work this week, I've had a cool work week.

Wait though, HIGHLIGHT!! I WON SOMETHING!! Wait!! I WON CLOTHES! I DO NOT EVER WIN ANYTHING! SO THIS IS BEYONG INCREDIBLE! Wait and where did I win this awesomeness, none other than Kisua. I covet almost everything they post on instagram and they just have the most inspired mood boards and now I get to choose something from there!! Wow!! LUCKY GIRL! *points finger at self*

My wonderful bloglets. Have a beautiful day. Oh and tomorrow, have a beautiful day too.

Loves and golden sparkles


Friday, January 23, 2015

Say Yay! Say Yay!!

Sprinkle it where you wish

I'm excited. It's Friday. Say YAY!!

Declutter is the plan for the weekend. We hold onto so many things for the memories of times and people long long gone. Let go or at least put it some place else until you can let go. This is a note to self more than anything else.

Saw this link on decluttering your home and I may be using some of these handy tips today or this weekend at least. So many new treasures to be discovered. Decluttering often takes me so long, because I get distracted with things I find in the process.

Here are some more discoveries from my week on the internet:

Piper Winston is a blog I discovered this week. Great recipes and I think I like the aesthetic
Marina Abromavić on aging 
Working hours are always up for debate
Flossing  should be a habit
Are you up for a glass of charcoal juice (food fads going too far?)

Have a wonderful weekend


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

10 Minutes

Time moves so fast. The years keep streaming by. I just realised how old I am in years today. I feel nothing like that at all. Finally over 30! Is that scary? No not really. Just thinking about all the things I still have to do, okay all the things I want to do. No have to do. I'm one of those people, if it enters my mind and stays there longer than a fleeting moment, I will at some point in my life commit to it.

Task list of life much?! Listen it works for me. Mostly! No pressure though. Just the pressure I put on myself. Which is about the size of a Roman army on a full day of battle :) Crazy, little button I am.

Accomplishments. I like these. Only for myself though. They make me feel better. I feel I need challenges. I'm terrible at not getting stuff right.

How much time to I give myself though, to just be. How many of us do that? I sent a wonderful friend of mine a message earlier wishing him an awesome day. He responded saying he's trying, but the day is crazy. All I wanted to say back was, STOP the glorification of busy. I think readers so far, are all too aware how little I like the word and concept of busy. I usually say I'm busy to insult someone or be snide. Terrible I know. The more I grow, the more I prioritise and do what's important in order of what is needed for me. I make time and put in effort for what and who is important to me. I'm important to me and more and more, I'm putting in more time for that. I'm here with my marvellous Me for the long haul, BEST we get to know each other.

Cup of Jo is on my must read blog list. She's awesome and today she's talking about writing a love letter. I need one of those. I think though, I'll write one to myself. Maybe I'll even post it, if I am brave enough to share it. Mm... Think a little series would be cool.

Anyhoo, the myriad of thoughts that pervade this mind of mine digress. I saw this meditation post on her blog. Meditate for 10 minutes everyday It's a challenge. I think I'm going to do it from tonight.

Try it.

Give yourself Time,


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Strolls

This morning when I woke up, I thought I still lived in Paris. I was planning my beautiful stroll to the newly built tram that would take me to my Sunday market for a little Sunday supply shopping.

I always have Paris.

On my list:
  • Fresh seasonal berries for breakie
  • Yummy fresh plain yoghurt (full fat only)
  • Succulent roast chicken for a lazy Sunday lunch
  • Fresh greens: basil, raddichio, radishes - salad with everything
  • Carrots! yes carrots with everything, titi Parisienne moi!
  • Oh and fresh, crusty baguette - l'artisanale bah bien sûr
  • Mm and how could I forget those olives in garlic and chilli (yummy snack for all day)
Aah I still pinch myself, that only a few years ago I used to fill in City of Residence: Paris, Ile de France, France. That is all kinds of awesome and I am one lucky little lollipop. It all feels like yesterday and eons ago, all at once. I'm still in love.

Bonne dimanche beauties


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Present tense

Marina Abramović. Portrait with Flowers. 2009. Black-and-white gelatin silver print; photo: Marco Anelli. © 2010 Marina Abramović. Courtesy the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York
I worry a lot. I'm a worrier. Well I'm growing in touch with my warrior self too.

I'm often cautious of the outside. What lies outside of myself. In as much as what lies inside of me too.

I wonder if I'm not present. I worry that I'm not in the present all too much. I am caught up a lot in worrying about what's coming next. I worry about what's gone before. More than anything though, I worry that I am not enjoying the present enough.

This dawned on me quite distinctly when I was having the best time with my Dad recently and I almost reached for my phone when I got in the car and wanted to tweet something about it and I got rather upset about it, because I was like, silly bum, you really enjoyed that moment, no phone and you were in that moment. You will treasure it for life, treasure it for right now. You must be selfish and not diminish it by putting it on Twitter.

Yesterday, my heart was aflutter, I was with my dearest friend in the world and her little babes and her darling preggie sister and her beautiful bump. As I walked into the house, I put my bag down and I left my phone on the table. Babies remind us how quickly time goes past, but mostly what they so beautifully teach us is that we must savour every beautiful moment, because babies do the best things and they do them right NOW. We often want to capture everything and the advent of phones makes it such a quick fix. 

I met a lovely young girl, who is going  to grow into a beautiful hurricane of a woman. She introduced me to this The Artist is Present. This amongst all the other similarities that we seem to have. It's crazy how wonderful and lucky I am to have the Universe gift me certain people at different junctures in my life.

The Artist is Present is really a must watch. Tear jerking in parts, but it really makes you remember how important right now is. More than important, how much of awesome is packed into the moment that is RIGHT NOW! That is an odd type of perfection. Wonderful isn't it.

Enjoy the perfection of right now.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Rainy day...

in Joburg. I think there is a little pathetic phallacy going on à la moi and the weather.

Rain is all about fresh starts etc and well there surely is some freshness in the air, that is for sure! First day of school today for most schools in South Africa too. I loved school and always feel a little nostalgic on this day. Though I often feel like I a constantly at school. Learning these lessons of life I tell ya.

You know what rainy days are good for. Thinking and working of course. I have so much to get done. My nemesis procrastination seems to be wanting to come and visit. Nobody's home pro!!

Also a yoga class is needed. Great to be on my mat in this weather, can't wait!

Namaste beauties


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


F. Scott Fitzgerald sure gets it.

I'm constantly on the internet looking at various things happening in this here world of ours. Over the past few days it seems dating and the science of it have been on the minds of many lately.

Please have a read at these reads;


Monday, January 12, 2015

Tea Time

I have to have my one, magnificent espresso a day, but what do you find me drinking all day, TEA!
White with gold dots!! Tea most certainly tastes better in these.

I often laugh when I open my kitchen cupboard and I'm still often surprised to see just how much tea I have and also, how much tea I get through. My go to tea tipple is green tea. I'm really into the Jasmine tea at the moment, but having gone to Japan recently, I've found that there is still so much tea that I still need to drink. Funny thing though, I have never had ordinary ceylon tea. Or Five Roses as we South Africans know it. I was raised on Rooibos and it still comforts and soothes me to this day.

When it all gets too much or when I want to celebrate or just be, I put the kettle on the stove and I make a wonderful mug of tea.

*clinks cup* to you!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Weekend

Image from here
Aah the holidays are almost over people! Really it's back to work for everyone from Monday.

The year has truly begin. Excitement continues.

Have an awesome weekend you beauties. Enjoy it and have a wonderful dance or many.

Here are some wonderful links from the web for some weekend reading;

A Cup of Jo has a wonderful post for the weekend


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Tuesday

I've decided to slow it down a little today. Yesterday I really went with loads of gusto and I was spent by 4pm. A late evening run sorted me out though and I bounded through the evening until bed time.

Don't you find getting into a post holiday sleep routine a toughie sometimes? So the aim now is to be in bed before midnight. Winning so far! A full day, exercise and cooking dinner make it all possible it seems.

Have an awesome Tuesday. Remember, dreams don't work unless we do.


Monday, January 5, 2015

The work we do

It's about that time now where we're all starting to trickle back into the office after our break that just seemed to whizz past. Are you excited to work this year? Depends what it is that you're doing I guess. I'm very sensitive to doing work that I am not passionate about.

Yesterday I read that most billionaires or is it millionaires (oops can't remember). Anyway, most people with immense wealth, have 7 sources of income. That's pretty cool to know. I still think passion and a relentless spirit to get it right and a belief in what you do are what sets them apart too.

I've been looking at a few start ups across the world and it's been so awesome to see what's out there and what awesomeness people are up to.

Have a look at some of the goodies I've found...

Passion Capital The name says it all
It takes a village or maybe simply 9others
Investing in women can only Ellevate girls to the next level 
Africa stays rising with some of these African Titans

Be inspired, be YOU and do the work!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gone Swimming

It's 2015! HAPPY NEW YEAR my dearest readers! Summer in  the Southern Hemisphere means pool time! So that's where I'll be today! It's SUNDAY and I plan to do all that resting that people talk about! Books and magazines are ready! Yay!

Happy Sunday

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