Friday, August 29, 2014

It's a wrap!

From here

Let's call it on this week wonderful people! If you're in Joburg, actually most parts in SA this weekend, wrap up warm, it sure is chilly out! I'm kinda excited, because it means I can wear my coats and pom pom hat, just a few more times before my birthday month kicks in next week. Yay!!

I'm so glad I randomly went book shopping yesterday (a much needed little treat), this is how I travel on a budget. So glad I have books to read, because staying in this weekend will be so much more of a pleasure.

Have a glorious weekend you beauties.

Stay warm.


Don't you forget it!

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Perfect to wrap myself up in this in this windy weather. From here
I got out of my car earlier and it had got so windy all of a sudden, the wind made me stumble a little. Now who doesn't want to travel with the wind a little, even slightly.

If you've seen the movie Chocolat, you will know that Le Mistral makes the main character want to pack up and move. Not great to be her daughter poor thing. Nomadic life is not for everyone.

Do winds bring change though? Do you believe that?

I got a surprise call from one of my greatest loves this morning. You know when a call comes just at the right time, a gift from the Universe to soothe your soul, a palliative for sure. Some call it serendipty I guess. Love is a wonderful thing. Besides anything else, it takes something as simple as a call to remind you how much you are loved and how much you love. A great little reminder.
Also reminds me of that Jamie Foxx song, Love brings change.

I think we all have our own little story and there are areas that we need winds of change to perhaps blow through. Having done yoga for over a decade, oxygen is key and breathing.

Take a deep breath and be awesome.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday thought

So life hasn't been showing up as expected lately, but that really isn't life's job is it. I have to rise up and go where I want to go. At least go meet life. So loved this pic when I saw it.

New moon about. Set some great new intentions people and may they all come abundantly true.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello Monday

A very good place to start. From here 

RIP Lord Richard Attenborough. From here
US Open Time. From here
Simple and Inspiried. Maiko Nagao

Friday, August 22, 2014

Leaving or staying?

That's my question to the weather and seasons right now. Please pick something and stick to it!

How I'll dress for this weather..
 Oscar Wilde said to speak of the weather is so dul, but I find the weather these past few weeks has really been a case of pathetic fallacy in many ways.

The weekend is upon us. My throat is sore, so I will be nursing myself this weekend and getting some much neeeded rest. Feel like I've just been in hyper drive this week. It's been a taxing week. I am rather drained, but I think I feel my energy picking up a little.

I made this potage for dinner this evening. Quick, simple, so tasty and nutritious. I'm excited. Ooh my kitchen keeps me happy and sane.

Have an awesome weekend you beauties.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Jamming in my Jammies

Well sleep decided to evade me last night, but insomnia...oh wow that little sun of a gun, just never seems to forget my address.

So this blog post is an ode to the sleep I have not got (waves goodbye sadly).

From here

Isn't great sleep wear an unsung luxury. I balk at the idea of sleeping in a t-shirt, except if it's your love's t-shirt and if they're not there, you get to feel like they're with you.

Trawling the interwebs, I came across this cool article on great pjs. A shower, brushed teeth, great bedside table assortment and a book, fresh white linen and great pyjamas, magic! An everyday luxury!

Have a look at some of these finds:

Donna Karan keeps it simple for summer
For lounging around the morning after the wedding night before perhaps?! From here
A little, fun print perhaps?
Vintage J.Crew will always do!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I hope...

F. Scott Fitzgerald has long since had some literary gems for me, but when I discovered this, it just spoke to me.

"I hope you {all} live a life you're proud of."

Pretty as possible

She gets it.
This post was meant to go up yesterday. Desole Madame Coco.

Joyeuse Anniversaire au Grand Dame de la mode pour hier.

For our shared love of monochrome and the perfect blue and white of Le Breton, thank you for introducing me to more than just fashion. Your iconic perfume, is an ode to my favourite number! Wow!
You must be having a grand old time up there, probably redesigning some of those angel robes. I hope your heart feels the love it deserves and deserved.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Kerr-azy about the weekend

Oh hello Sunday evening, how'd you get here so soon?

A serious week ahead. Well aren't they all?! Perhaps hihi

I was trawling the interwebs as I usually do and I came across my most days woman crush, the ex Mrs Bloom and one hot Mama to little cutie Flynn, Miranda Kerr. I enjoy her look, her wardrobe and just her quiet nature.

Most of all, I found this cool list of her 7 Rules of Adulthood. I really liked this and it makes sense and suits her.

Eat well and be well this week lovelies.

Do something amazing everyday.

Be amazed!!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Little Biscuit

This little Cookie magnate from here
I loves me a good little business story. This one is even better. It's a little kid and he's made a great business, from what, selling cookies. This is just excellent. Add to that his brilliant sense of things sartorial.

He started Mr Cory's, so he could save up to buy his mama a car. Follow him on instagram, because he's awesome and I love his fro. Inspiration is everywhere peeps.

Go get em you little biscuit.

Isn't this just so sweet to see, a kid doing big things, by doing things that are so typically little.

It's the little things people.

Choc chip is my fave flavour. What's yours?

Kudos this little champ.

May you go and do big things, no matter how little you are or you feel.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday thoughts

Absolutely nothing!

I spent most of today hungover, mildly hungover and it was awesome. Random Monday night drinking, that's pretty awesome. Hihi, may this youth never end.

I think it's very necessary to go out there and DO what you want and enjoy every moment. I'm for revelling in it. That's the life lovelies.

Go for it!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Thank you

I'm really getting super in touch with being grateful lately and loving it. While I try and make sure almost daily to send my little thank you out to the Universe, some days I think I get caught up in the strain of things not going as I planned and the "thank you" becomes very faint.

I have so much to be grateful for. In fact we all do. Thought it would be a great way to start the week. A reminder to self and also just to share with you lovelies, followers and readers alike.

If you wrote a note to the Universe to say thank you, what would you say? Mine would be handwritten without a doubt!

Perhaps this is what I'd say, " For all that is. For all that was. For all the wonder yet to be. THANK YOU. xx"

There are no real words to aptly describe gratitude I sometimes find, so Thank You is it. Yet it is everything.

Happy week.


Friday, August 8, 2014


So it's World Breastfeeding Week! That is super special I say. Of having little babes that is one thing I really look forward to the most. (smiling as I type this). Breast is best I feel for Mama and baby.

In honour of this special week, I decided to share some beautiful breastfeeding moments captured of moms around the world.

Meal time for everyone.

Beautiful Olivia Wilde and Otis glamming it up

Quiet moment with mamma
So so beautiful.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend with the best of what your heart and souls love.
My wonderful nephews are off in Mauritius frolicking in the waves where I've spent many a school holiday since I was a baby. Have a special connection to that place and I fear a little withdrawl as I haven't been there in about 3 years I think.  Special times with family only. Wonder what it feels like to go to some places with other people. Hihi! Family are our first friends and best.

Have a wonderful weekend bloglets.



Thursday, August 7, 2014

Two parts

Working on this everyday

I was driving with one of my friends today. Granted she is old enough to be my mother, but we're friends and that's awesome. She is feisty and I really enjoy that and she was talking about how her dad raised her to be strong, but how with life she has gone on and been strong in her will and taken on everything, but then the world looked at her very differenty as a result.

I think as women, actually as people, being strong is important, not physical strength strictly, but strong in person. Mostly let our compass and instinct to do the right thing, no matter what be strong.

A lot of this stuff gets mixed up and lost in various guises like being gendered. Boys are told not to show emotion, because it makes them appear weak. What rubbish and what conflicted, stuck, unexpressive, tall, little boys we are raising. Even as we grow older age wise, parts of us will often remain stunted by that little girl or boy, who did not have the words or emotiona know how to express something that didn't sit right when we were little.

Be strong, be fearless! Be vulnerable, be caring. Your strength should not make another feel weaker. Strength is not force. Know the difference.

Kindness always.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

In a bind

I went back to yoga today. My gosh it was amazing. I was shocked that body could still get into arms stands I last perfected when I was 25 and had not done many since.

The love and peace I feel in a yoga studio is often unparalleled. It was so good to get back onto my mat. I did some crazy bind and it really does amaze me how my body can allow itself into such crazily awesome contortions. Great way to focus on letting go. I have to hold on tight to myself to be able to learn how let go of some other stuff that no longer serves. Oh and the breathing, the breathing was wonderful.

As my beautiful sister says as she finished taking us through a great yoga class with the best music ever, "Blessed are the flexible, for they will never be bent out of shape."

Be gentle with yourselves my lovelies.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

1 Month to go

As I was calling it a night in the early hours of this morning, I realised it's exactly 1 month to go until my birthday. How exciting and oh wow, are we there already? AWESOME!!

*Does a little happy dance* Shimmy shimmy ya'll!

Best I start workig on that wishlist right?

Also as I make my way into my new year, what am I leaving behind?

Not all my beautiful babes and my boys that's for sure. My little hearts that make every moment of life magic. Their beautiful little chubby baby cheeks squishing when you kiss them to sadly realising that they're not babies anymore when they're playing rugby, barefoot in 5 degree weather. Though he'll always be my little baby that one.

Kids are best.

Keep your inner child with you. Hold them close to your heart. And yes, let yourself be little.

Tickles and butterfly kisses,


Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday you beauty

My work clothes
I must say I don't have the general aversion to Mondays that seems to be the affliction of most. Tuesdays get me a little more, but Mondays. Pretty darn good I say.

I hope your new week has been off to a magnificent start. I like mine so far.

Chase your dreams poppets. They won't stand waiting around for you.

Now seems like a perfectly good time.


Friday, August 1, 2014

It's that time of the week

Hello 1 August 2014!! Don't you love it when a new month starts on a Friday? Yeeha!!

It's the weekend. That is enough reason to get up and dance.

Have a look at my reading list of things that made me smile and laugh out loud just today.

My must read blog every day, but I loved today's post on Kimmy and Bear

I feel the same away about my growing up...And all the special babes in my life, please stay little a little while longer for me

This wonderous fair is getting closer...Come on and Rock-a-Baby at this Sunday market.

I registered today to run the Soweto Marathon.
EEK!! Best I start training.

Love and grace  

Love and smiles my darling bloglets. It's going to be that kind of happy weekend.


Flex your muscle!! from here

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