Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter

A hip hop and bunny happening Easter to you all. Whatever it means to you, it's still a beautiful day to enjoy the last vestiges of summer in the garden for those of us in the Southern hemisphere, as well as the blessing of family time with the little bunny people that fill our lives.

Enjoy it. Cherish it.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Just a LOT of it!

We all have some great ideas that pass through our pretty little headsies. Well... most of the time. If we really sit and think about it though, how many of these fantastic ideas ever see the light of day or as my darling Bailey would say, do they even see a "soupcon" of light? DO they? Not really right. Eek! I think I just heard my soul cry out. If I even began with one of the ideas in my head that in reality is more than viable as a real life plan, wow!! Oh the places I could go. But I sit and watch as I hold myself back. Eeek...I think my soul is beginning to wail!

Is it that ever present fear that would be the reason for inaction? I think procrastination however is the fruit of fear perhaps...slowing ourselves down, holding ourselves back from whatever dismal outcome we perceive.

Are you guys like me? I can easily believe all ambit of things that could go wrong for me. Ummm and I call myself an optimist I'll have you know. So deeply entrenched in my predetermined catastrophic outcome that I find myself standing in the worst place of all...The same spot. Right where I almost started. Having moved neither forward nor backwards, but a lot more stunted.

I hope you guys aren't like me who can so easily believe very deeply in my not so great qualities. I need a new thought process and it was supposed to be part of my Lenten "to do list", BELIEVE IN MYSELF MORE. Believe in my talents and great qualities. I really don't like compliments, but I'm getting better at accepting them. I find a simple, "thank you", to be sufficient for now.

Too true

Perhaps this is something for us all to try. Pick ONE of your great ideas and run with it, but please to the end. Start to finish. Show it a lot of respect!

Let us believe in our own version of AWESOME!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings

Play a great song and dance! Because it's Monday and blue is a beautiful colour and not a feeling really!

So if you must feel blue today, let it be a fabric that you're wearing, preferably of the navy variety, because that colour makes one feel AWESOME!!

Find one thing everyday to celebrate this week! And see if you can make it a habit!

I'm looking for my one today, but thinking it might just be my yoga class that I'm going to soon. I already have two things to celebrate tomorrow. Eeek! Yay!

Here is an ever important reminder about life:

"It's a celebration b*tches!"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tuesday Tastings

Yum! From here
A few weeks ago I blogged about my new milk craving, interestingly still of the slightly creamier, organic, fresh milk variety. Infinitely strange for moi, but if the body wants and needs it, I will do the responsible thing and up the need for the creaminess.

Now to add to this. Cereal is my next need. Umm...has my body been invaded by aliens of the food variety? My little sister used to luuurve cereal and would collect them wherever we went over the world. I was more of the keep it simple sort. Cornflakes. Yep Kellog's Cornflakes with warm milk. The original and best. With just enough sugar not to turn them into impromptu Frosties, and the warm milk making them just soggy enough. The left over milk was also the best part. Yum-O!! Think I need to go buy a box.

Something about them just makes you feel like home. I remember coming home from a family holiday and my mother and I walked in dropped suitcases at the bottom of the stares, poured milk, warmed it on the stove (no nuking the milk in the micro-onde), we poured a huge bowl filled with Cornflakes and we sat down  and had our first spoon fulls in silence and as great as the holiday was, we were like, It's great to be home. And to get to drink the cereal milk straight from the bowl at the kitchen table where you've eaten Cornflakes countless times.
Momofuku hooks it up and bottles it. Seen here

I think I may be feeling a little out of wack lately. Yes I am. I think I'm in need of some seriously basic comfort and some sort of rootedness. Life is a changing and it is really mostly marvellous, I cannot lie, but with change comes a strange sense of lack of comfort. We have to find our new comfort and our new comfortable. I need to figure out my new stride and so I should perhaps put down the piece of fruit that I am now eating on my raw food detox Monday diet (that's been postponed to Tuesday,because Monday we had a craving for toast).Put this down and creep back for a little bowl of comfort in Cornflakes,to soothe my intrepid,journeying soul at the moment.

Read this

Cereal is marvellous really. A bowl of Chocos reminds me of my home stay as a slightly scared 17 year old in Montpellier, France. Breakfast is one of my fave meals of the day, but a bowl of Cornflakes or Chocos has been known to be the highlight of many an evening in my life so far.

Have a great day...Cereal-sly ;)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Moody Monday Musings

Hope is what my name means, so I'm kind of linked to hope for life.
Life is a changing and that really is not a bad thing. There are countless things to be grateful for, but more than that there are new paths to follow and most likely forge.

Moody Monday wardrobe inspiration...

That's me at the moment, thinking about my life and where it's headed. More than thinking though, doing a lot to get the ball rolling in the direction I want my life to go.

Take a moment to enjoy the wind in your face.

Guess what as much as I find it tiring and daunting on most occasions, it is still pretty darn awesome discovering who you are and going in the direction of  who you are and want to be. Now is a pretty damn good time to start!
Little atoms of awesome!

Go for it! That's my thought for the day! Fear is like a self imposed prison, and we give it the power to keep us contained.

The best thing I've figured out is to do what makes me happy. Do you! Even if others don't like it, they don't have to. Be honest and true. True to yourself.

May this week be filled with amazing. Everyday!


In need of this bouncy bridge for them dreaded troubled waters. From here

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