Monday, June 24, 2013

Maison Monday

In my head, this is what I'm wearing today...from here
I want to be at home today. I want to do my work, but I'd prefer to be doing it from the comfort of my bed. In my comfy little apartment, making soup for my sickie, preggie bestie, baking something and rearranging furniture and cupboards.

With the bestie preggie, I swear I'm getting a strange nesting streak in me too. I also picked up the chocolate love that she'd lost when she fell preggers. I must say, I am not pregnant and nowhere near it. If I were to be pregnant I'd send my sincerest apologies to Mother Mary for not fully buying her story.

Behold my handywork...with a little assitance from kind Johannes at the nursery
As I'd blogged about on  Friday, I did attempt a little green fingeredness over the weekend. I bought and planted a little tree, my own little baby conifer for my balcony. The home garden is a-growing! Yay!

A little DIY project for me from here
 I've now been inspired to really work on the outside of my home. Thinking of putting up some wooden decking and making my own little oasis in the bustling metropolis in which I live. Since the thoughts of holidaying are far off, I need a little outdoor retreat for myself.

This is my inspiration...

I wish I could add the puppy too
  Loving the navy bench and cushion vibes. Not too sure I'd do the dark wall though on my covered patio. I think I would add a spot of gold though, not sure where yet.

Or perhaps a little terrace a la DVF ..from here

Awesome feature table perhaps? from here

Inside and out

Friday, June 21, 2013


A little spot of gardening would be great...

It's almost the weekend!! It'll start in a few hours once I'm out from behind this desk and all its associated stresses.

And tomorrow...

I want to do as little as possible this weekend, but there is loads of work looming scarily over my head. It has to get done too. There has been too much meeting of my dear old frenemy, pro-crastination. So last night, I was very clear that I needed to get stuff done, so I am crazily making my way through my to-do list, which just gets far too long as a result of skipping stuff for the next day.

I would love a quiet weekend, though I know it's plenty errand filled. Though there has to be some exercise in there. At least each day. I better hop to it. Too much winter warmth for now.

A delight best shared.
 I'm also having a series of cravings, maybe being surrounded by beautiful preggies, is making me catch the craving bug. Nothing crazy, I just want a cheeseburger and some chocolate. Not too much to ask for right.

I would only eat this only...
 I want to spend some time in my kitchen too, perhaps making a soup or two. Will see how the resolve goes, if I can get myself out of being nose deep in my new book. #Littleluxuries

Slouchy and snuggly...

If you're with friends or family or luckily both this weekend, you can drop a little bit of random titbits their way from here.

Have a beautiful weekend you beauties.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


Whilst sitting at lunch today, I said to some of my colleagues, I feel like I need a little holiday from my life. I think that may sound extreme, but I really feel like I need to check out for a moment.

While there is loads of exciting stuff going on in life at the moment. I'm tired and little spent. I need a beach and a cuddle I think. Or just a time out, to sit quietly and read my book and finish it. Cup of tea in hand and new blankie over knees..Aah...

The beauty of a classic...

But since I seemingly can't do that for now, I can hide my eyes and distract from my weary face with some funky new frames. I've been seeing quite a few lately, which I do covet, even a little.



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Take a chance

Sometimes you only get 1...
No regrets ever. Easier said than done. Take chances, even if you fail you toook a leap...forward.

Gotta keep it moving people!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Today is Tuesday

Don't think I did too badly..from here
 Suffering a little from post long weekend blues I am, but not all too badly. Still have a life admin list as long as my arm, perhaps my whole body, to get through, but I guess I'll get there bit by bit.

Just get stuff done, even if you're not complaining, don't procrastinate!

I hope you're all having a magical week so far. I've still got a blegh hangover, but I'm feeling much better.

Need a new outlook or is it new outfits?! Mm...

Print on print! Yes please!

In my mind, this is what I'm wearing today and I'll be going to meet a tall, handsome, funny, quirky, loving, kind, intelligent, man, who just gets it. And well, he just gets me.

As I said it's all in my head.

The magic is out there people!! Go find it!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday night lights...out

I think I'm falling asleep at my desk. Eyes closing involuntarily. Been up early this morning with a tummy ache, but I made it through a full day and to-do list. Major wardrobe manic mania this morning. I'm over everything in there. There is nothing in there for who I am today, wait, park that this week.

Wish I had this outfit. Especially the pants and bracelets!

I'll be going home to lie on the couch and be bleak on my own. Been feeling all of what I describe as blegh today. A cuddle would be the best thing to go home to right now, but alas, this is the downside of living la dolvce vita single! Just a little forehead kiss and a back rub to make it feel alright.

I do enjoy sleeping with me!

It's a long weekend here in the jostling metropolis of Joburg. Looking forward to a four day week next week! Lazy bugger I am, but loves it.

Tulips from..
Would love some flowers to cheer me up, romance myself a little and to dazzle my gorgeous apartment(I do love my housie.)

Have an awesome weekend lovelies.

It's lights out for me,
Little Miss Bleaksies xx

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Remember to remember..."

Pretty peonies from here

Though sometimes, somethings we really really would rather forget. I heard this whilst I happened onto an audio of The Secret. I don't know what else was said, but this line really stuck out... "Remember to remember..."

In South Africa and probably the rest of the world, we are all pretty sad and anxious about our dear statesman Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and his frail state of health. While I can so easily say, it is best for everyone to let him go, it's easy for me to say. He is not my grandfather or my father, or my uncle or my friend, so it's seemingly easy for me to say so. But whatever happens, I think it is so so important to, "remember to remember..." him and all he has come to stand for to so many people across the globe.

Remembering keeps things, people, events alive. Memory is so key to all of who we are, have been and are going to be. Whether it is remembering past joys, past hurts, triumphs. We are the sum of all things... What this means  in its entirety I think reveals itself more and more over time.

Someone I thought I was close to really hurt me this past weekend, but once I dried my tears of deep disappointment and the sobs had subsided, I remembered...This is how she is, this is what she's always done and she has not changed. And I remembered, that I tried, I have tried, I have been trying, so this now is time for me to let go. And so I have.
Remembering is healing and it's progress. It is learning and leaning. It is joy and wonderment. It is quiet chuckles at special conversations or gurgling guffaws at favourite jokes shared with loved ones no longer here with us, but live on forever.

"Remember to remember..."

Remember to live, enjoy, savour every moment, be mesmerised by the magic, because all too soon, it will be a memory, which is equally tantalising, but not always so tangible.

Love and Light


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013

Easy like Friday Morning

My morning tipple

I woke up this morning for the first time in about 3 weeks, if not more, not feeling groggy or with an achy, cold ridden body.Granted this required the long avoided antibiotics and well a 2 day supply of cortisone too.My doctor and I tried, but this virus was stronger than us both.

It is the weekend. Yes!!!But before that gets under way, I have to do a little of this (okay a lot) and well the latter every day...

From here
What are you plans for the weekend? I have a work breakfast tomorrow morning? Not so keen on hob knobbing with strangers at 8:30am, but perhaps they may be some enlightening speakers there, so looking forward to that.

Then errands galore. I secretly like errands. Making my way through a jam packed to do list and ticking off, brings me some thrills. Also off in search for fabric to cover some chairs tomorrow, which should be awesome.

Dinner for my wonderful dad's birthday tonight. (Insert huge grin here) Dads are best! Happy birthday again Papa Bear! xxxx

Mm...I'm going through a little bit of a wardrobe crisis at the moment. I just feel like I need a little fun in my duds or maybe, it's because I've been feeling a little like a dud these past few weeks, but here is some wardrobe inspiration!

I would go for the non cropped variety however.
Keeping it simple and a touch styling!
Have cape/coat! Must wear!
Get lots of hugs and cuddles. It's said to be getting cold in these here Jozi parts. Bake something yummy, love those you love, cosy up on the couch, read something random, giggle and guffaw, see beauty, stay beautiful.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Break time

Yes Please!!
 I don't want a Kit - Kat. I wanna girl up here right under an umbrella or actually right outside of one in the glorious sunshine. Winter is upon us in J- town, but we are fortunate enough to have that wonderful winter sunshine. I want some sea with my sunshine though. Little greedy me! hihi

Too much time indoors figuring out strategies, writing reports, when all I need is a little fresh air and sunshine. Don't we all. A little more sunshine for us all.

While some of us clutch desperately at our keyboards, take a moment and catch some natural sunshine sparkle in your day, everyday, even if it's just a sliver.

For everything else, find some magic in a cuppa...

From here

Monday, June 3, 2013


I had a beautiful weekend. Really lovely weekend.

T is for Twins
This was definitely the highlight of a great week. Bailey's baby shower. SOOO SOOO beautifully put together by her sisters and mom. I have no words to explain the magic, wonderment and just plain oild amazeball-ness! Loved it! I wish I could outsource them one day when I'm lucky enough to have a little bundlet or two hiding in my bump.

Deconstructed cheescake! Aamaze! Bailey's mom's choc biscuits which are my crack!Bailey's sisters baked up a storm!

A is for activities galore!
I had to also pop in an bid adieu to this wonderful exhibition. I think this was the third time I was seeing it, but I had to go and pay my respects. I don't know what it is about Gerard Sekoto, his works and his life story that really speaks to my heart and breaks it a little.

Illustrations from his story book that he wrote and illustrated on display at WAM
I bought the story book for my future children. So excited to read it to them for many beautiful bedtimes.

Then it was off to The Collective for a little, okay biggish dose of shopping  with a very handsome Mr to carry my bags.

Have a magically marvellous week!


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