Friday night lights...out

I think I'm falling asleep at my desk. Eyes closing involuntarily. Been up early this morning with a tummy ache, but I made it through a full day and to-do list. Major wardrobe manic mania this morning. I'm over everything in there. There is nothing in there for who I am today, wait, park that this week.

Wish I had this outfit. Especially the pants and bracelets!

I'll be going home to lie on the couch and be bleak on my own. Been feeling all of what I describe as blegh today. A cuddle would be the best thing to go home to right now, but alas, this is the downside of living la dolvce vita single! Just a little forehead kiss and a back rub to make it feel alright.

I do enjoy sleeping with me!

It's a long weekend here in the jostling metropolis of Joburg. Looking forward to a four day week next week! Lazy bugger I am, but loves it.

Tulips from..
Would love some flowers to cheer me up, romance myself a little and to dazzle my gorgeous apartment(I do love my housie.)

Have an awesome weekend lovelies.

It's lights out for me,
Little Miss Bleaksies xx


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