Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jumping on a jet plane

Okay so in a few minutes i'm jumping on a jetplane. Yay!! That is ALWAYS an awesome feeling! Yay! Can't wait. To see a new place. Currently my stomach is a flutter. Travel nerves and super excited to see a beautiful and familiar face, waiting for me on the other side of the chaos of the arrivals hall.

I'm happy, anxious, excited, hesitant and all for it. All at the same time.

Cheerio beauties. Off to feel the wind beneath the plane's wings. Also to blow kisses to you from the clouds.


Monday, August 26, 2013

"Keep going, keep going, keep going..."

Okay so it's Monday. So what?! My week usually starts on a Sunday...I like to trick myself...Some people close to me are feeling a little down lately and we all get there. Into our own lil funk sometimes and don't we know it. While it is important to move on, sometimes standing still and just a little moment of dwelling is necessary. You have to remember just how you don't want to feel a certain way ever again, so best to test the waters of wallowing a little to see just how much you are alright without hanging out there too long.

If nothing else, "I think we all need a Pep talk,"

And this little gem of a poem from this gem of a child...

Kids are awesome and they really make a whole lotta sense.

"Loves changes everything, so fill the world with it." -Kid President

Friday, August 23, 2013


and amused...

Yesterday it dawned on me that it is only 2 weeks until my birthday! Wow! How did you get here so fast?! I'm kinda stuck somewhere between February and July in my head, but heya, we're hurtling through August already. Next week it ends! Wow!

It's the weekend and boy oh boy am I glad for that. Been a pretty productive week on all fronts, which is good. Me likes productive.

My mantra this week has been, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll get what you always got." Maybe mantra is a bit much, but this tune has been playing in my head for a bit now and it has just got increasingly louder over the past week. Is it not true though? While I'm a fan of routine, I think I'm suffering more from its not so friendly family member RUTine! Not so dandy.

So this tune just pops into my head most mornings this week. Which has helped me get my ass into exercise gear a little more often. Small victories. I'm enjoying the little moments of happiness and accomplishment for now. Getting lost is an awesome way to find your way.

Perhaps lost is just a synonym for letting go perhaps. More and more it feels like it.

Whatever it is...

Mm...plans for the weekend...No real plans. Ooh to curl up on my couch and watch something engrossing. Cheska and Bailey were telling me that I have to watch The Fixer known as Scandal everywhere else in the world. Getting my hands on that this weekend. Lots of errands, but I'll work my way through those. Thinking I need some leisure in my weekend. Probably might do a little work too. Kinda behind on some personal emails. I suspect there are some gems hidden in there.

Have an awesome weekend errbody! My week has been filled with highs and lows this weekend, but I've had a good look at myself too, which has been awesome.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When life hands you lemons...

That's what I'd do.
Came across this article this morning talking about the top 10 reasons why lemons are a superfood. So here I was giving myself a virtual pat on the back for all the hot water and cold water with lemon drinking that takes place in my life, on the daily! I don't like oranges, but I do love citrus of the more sour kind, like lemons and grapefruit. Yum! Now we really know how awesome life is with lemons!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today there were tears. Tears of frustration, tears of exasperation, tears of I had everything planned and it was going to work out in time, but now you went and ruined it!My heart was sore, because I really needed to submit this form. Pent up tears from earlier nerves withheld from earlier in the day when I ran later for one of the most important meetings of my career so far, because the PA had created a surname for me of her own imaginings (grrr). So the tears came and now I feel better.

Mm something to ponder

Thank you to the darling man who listened to me crying over failed printing (el straw that broke this camel's back). For calming me down and not making me feel like a raving lunatic, when I was certain I was now roaming around the ridiculous! Thank you for making me feel better. Thank you for taking my call and making the time and well probably preventing a full on breakdown had you not answered your phone.(hihi)

I'm finally sitting down to eat a yummy salad for lunch, and it is past 5pm already. That's fine too.

Today is Tuesday and this is how it has been so far. And quite frankly, it's terrific!



Friday, August 16, 2013

Walk this way weekend ;)

Weekend wardrobe inspiration...
Yeeha!! It's that time of the week again. Thank goodness. What a week! I want to just put my feet up and really drink a glass of damn good bubbles.

Pretty peonies...Would love to learn to plant them from here

While I'm not lucky enough to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my door or my office from a dashing admirer, I will probably put the wishful thinking aside and fill up my vases.

Love the planters

Found some great inspiration for my bedroom balcony. Might do a version of this, if not this weekend then sometime soon.

Thinking of the precious little pumpkins. I saw them on Monday and it feels like eons ago. I'd love to see them now that I know their perfect little names, though the temptation is still there to call them Twin 1 and Twin 2. They're just my little bestlets. Love them.

How cute are these shoes. Would love to get them for them. Then also torn, because if they could fit in them it would mean they've grown and I want them to be little for a lot longer. Magical little people grow so fast.

I'm not one prone to anger much. Irritation yes, but anger, I like to steer clear of. Especially as I grow older and realise that there really are other ways to go about it. I watched my ex boyfriend shout at his wife last weekend in full view of a party (not that it would have been better in private) and it's really bothered me on so many levels. Just the genuine disregard and disrespect for someone he's taken vows to honour, watching him lose control like that over something which really could not have been such an issue. It has made me inexplicably sad. I see him in such a different light.

Also then I was incensed like, lady why would you accept that. Also what hurt the most was the lack of what I would call love, respect, concern,inexhaustible kindness (to yourself and partner) protection, understanding and tolerance between the both of them. Note to self, I view and value relationships in a different way. Also found myself equally disturbed that I also wanted to run up there and just hold him tight and calm him down. Which is definitely more not so healthy mothering role than it is a constructive adult role and let's face it, his behaviour was really just that of a child turned tantrum throwing adult. Not cool. Sad. Love each other people! Partners may not always get on, but they should always have each others backs. Maybe they should have read this.

Anyway...moving on...It's life right. I guess it was some much needed perspective for me.

Would love to try perfecting this...

Enjoy your weekend. What do you wish for yourself as you saunter into the latter part of Friday night? What awaits on this weekend people?
Some solid advise single ladies

For myself, I wish for yummy food and family time(lil sis is in town! woop). I wish to hear a newly familiar and all too thrilling voice on the other end of the voice. How about some sweet nothings thrown into that.
I wish endless beauty from the strangest of sources. Rest, a run or two and well would a little something whimsical be too much to ask for?!

Have a lovely one you beauties.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday Wardrobe

So I don't have a boyfriend, but if I did, I'd hope he has amazing jeans, because while I've been all about boyfriend blazers for the longest time, boyfriend jeans are definitely creeping onto my wardrobe must have list.
White tee with everything.
I'm not a big jean fan in general, maybe because my hip to waist ratio is problematic and I think tailoring denim is disastrous at best,but I tried on an ex's and I realised, perhaps I've been shopping in the wrong section all along. They made my bum look rather cute even, to me, which is a really tall ask!

Keeping it cute and unstructured.

While I've found a few pairs of skinnies, which have been a staple, I think I need to cast my eye into the other section of the store. Though I must admit, I'd actually like my boyfriend jeans to come from my boyfriend. Then they are a wardrobe item with sentimental value. Looking cute in your man's clothes, double joy!

Would it be overkill if I paired the jeans with a boyfriend shirt.?..

This article really helped give me a little clued up on useful outfit pairings. Comfort and cute, and never ever forget a touch of chic.

Wearing your boyfriend or your hubby's clothes is like an endless cuddle. And that is just lovely and amazing.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tranquil Tuesday

I'm feeling better today than I did yesterday. A little less out of it and far less frazzled. I do However think a little yoga is needed in my life.

Quiet time was needed today and a little bit of sunshine. I definitely got my sunshine and some time to myself. It was awesome, but I did land up buying a dress and a jersey in this quiet time. Well when I'm in a happy place I shop. hihi...

Reading this article really got me musing about mudras. I will definitely be trying all of these.

Hope you all find your balance. I'm off in search of mine today and a little peace of mind.


Monday, August 12, 2013


Public holidays and long weekends make Monday that much harder to bear. Waking up this morning was so difficult. This is totally bizarre to fathom from the girl who was up at around 6am on Sunday and happily so, but to make it to the gym this morning was a completely no go! I just file that under the guise of, "listening to my body." The funny thing is now I need a nap.

Don't I just...

This morning though I was blissfully blitzing butternut soup for my bestie, so she and hubby can have more time to hold their beautiful babes and she can make super milk for her bunnies, instead of worrying about making food. Doubly indulgent for me. Love spoiling those I love and care for and I love making soup.

Then the highlight of my day came with what was supposed to be a quick drop off and back to the office, but I was lucky enough to see her and one precious little twinlet awake. Lunch time for the babes too. So special and they are even more beautiful than when I last watched them sleeping on Thursday last week.

I wonder what this new week has in stall for us. It seems August is bringing with its windy self, some winds of change as well. Looking forward to it. Lots of hard work ahead though I have a feeling, so best I get lots of rest.

Do you know what's popped into my head lately, when last did I ever get flowers sent to me.I remember with my first serious boyfriend, how spoilt I was. It was such a special treat to walk into reception or come home and there was a vase and a card waiting for me. Wwow! I swear a girl could do with some good old fashioned romance sometimes. Well I guess this is the downside of the single life. Not so much, but just been having these somewhat lonely pangs lately. Flowers will fix that. I guess I'll have to go by some and woo myself. hihi.

Monday is on its way out. Thankfully a very productive morning was had and the afternoon has gone by swiftly.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Women's Day

So today is a public holiday here in the S of A. Women's Day and August is Women's month. Okay so while I'm sure we're enjoying a Friday off, I must say I'm a little iffy that we need a day and an entire month to dedicated to women. Frankly, I think we should have every day. Not in the, every day should be valentine's day way (puke in a bucket), but in that we should really just feel how special women are every day. There is so much to us that is so fantastic.

I was reminded of just how special and beautiful women are and how amazing it is to be a woman, when I went to see my darling friend and her beautiful babes. Is there anything more amazing about being a woman than getting to carry, birth, breastfeed and raise your beautiful babes into amazing women and men. My friend has her mom, who really is super woman! #Truestory Not to mention her super sorted sisters. In the years that I have known her, which feels like far more years than the actual number, she really has made me truly appreciate being a girl. She is one of the loveliest girls I know. I am so amazed and honoured to now see the beauty of her being a Mom to two special little girls. This is what being a woman is about.

In the same breath I've watched my cousin (who is more part mom, part older sis to me) raise my 3 gorgeous nephews (my boys and my loves) with a fierce love that is unparalleled. Great moms, cuddle and raise great boys who grow into great men.

It is a beautiful thing. Being a girl is great, least of all, because we get to wear dresses.

I think it is important to celebrate the people we are though. Whether woman or man. We are who are, not only, because of what we do, but because of the people we are closest to and choose to fill our lives and hearts with. We are amazing women, not only, because we have great moms, grans, sisters, girlfriends, but because we have great dads, granddads,husbands, brothers, boyfriends, guy friends. People help other people be great. Don't you forget it now.

It's Friday. Indulge your whims. Languish in a a long embrace, cook something delicious (perhaps this applies to me), get your hair did (I'm doing mine right now)...

Happy weekend peeps



Thursday, August 8, 2013

As you are...

I've had a most marvelous and interesting week and it's only Thursday. It has my mind and my heart in a lot of places.

Also has me thinking about the people we meet and our preconceived ideas about how we treat life and certain situations. I said something yesterday that I now find quite sage to even myself (yes I did). I said, "noone comes to us perfectly packaged."

I love gift wrapping and admittedly my gifts always have one corner that is not completely aligned or the tissue paper spills over, but I just find it to be my little quirk. The truth is that I am really proud of what is inside the packaging and that is what I've put the real effort into. Buying a gift that is really like that person or something I know they'll love and will let them know just how much I treasure them.

Does this then not apply to people we meet, love and care for too? What's inside is what matter the most right.

The truth is in love, we see the imperfect perfectly. Is that not what they say? What is perfection anyway, it's all relative I say.

All wrapped up in a lot of love.

Noone knows what is in a package until we open it and that is where the beauty lies. Savour it and treasure it.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013



So how do you feel about lists? I love lists. Yesterday someone wrote down a checklist on a serviette for me and I had a moment. #truestory Felt a little like a scene from a romantic movie, but clearly it wasn't, but I wanted to freeze that very moment and treasure it for the magic it was. I should put that on my life list, "Don't rush through a moment, you'll miss out on some of its magic."

I've been thinking about matters of the heart lately, as I do sometimes. Got me thinking, do you ladies and guys actually have a checklist for your potential partner?

I know I don't have one per se, but there are things I'd like I'm sure. Like my wishlist I'm sure.

* Should I start with tall...

  • Interesting as he is interested
  • Must be super smart
  • Preferably a little geeky/nerdy, but the quirky kind
  • Kind eyes
  • And an even kinder heart
  • Lovely hands
  • Should like to hold hands
  • Children should like him
  • Find me funny
I don't know really. Can you really make a list. I think when you meet the right person, the list writes itself. You just tick check on the virtual tick box in your heart, discovering things you like in a person that you only realise are important as you get to know this person.

I'm just down for finding the person who speaks to your heart. When you know you know. Don't you think?

Go out there and live and enjoy. Write a list of amazing things you want to do today. Who do you want to see? Get an amazing hug, a really tight, hold on for all you can kinda hug.

Let us all amuse ourselves and write our lists, shopping lists, check lists, to do lists, life plans, but perhaps we should remember that everything is unfolding as it should...

Do you! Put that on everything.


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