Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Words from...

The Hand Written Letter Project

Write them from the heart. Write them on a whim. Write it down in your special pen, on your favourite paper in in your own special way.

Who would you write a letter to if you could write(yes I did) now?

A never forgotten lover?
Your Gran?
Your Grandfather?
Your Father?
Your Mother?
Your Sister?
Your Brother?
Your unborn baby?
Your children when they grow up?
Your friend?
Your teenage self?

I don't know if it's as much about what you say, but the putting pen to paper. Letting the ink dry, putting it into an envelope and sealing it.

The joy of opening a letter, is one of the simplest pleasures, joys ever.

You may not put pen to paper just yet, but write that letter.

If nowhere else, for now, write it on your heart.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

T-Rex Thursday

Little kids are awesome. My favourite version of humans in general, except for a few of the special adult versions that I am blessed to have in my life. Kiddie winkles are my all round fave though and bound to bring cheer to me no matter what. Even while I was sitting at my beautiful nephew's play last week, I realised that their view of life is sooo much better and far more realistic. ENTHUSIASM and a good hard chuckle at something others think is rather unfunny,really are some of the key essentials to living a wonderful life. Also that ability to move swiftly onto the next thing.

I think we all need a little reminder on just how great the perspective is, there lower down than our sometimes jaded eye level...

And because dinosaurs are well infinitely awesome and as fascinating...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Woeful Wednesday

and it will...

Well kinda... I got a call earlier this morning from a person who was being not so nice to me. I didn't let it ruin my day, but there was  bit of a rocky start and I had to back track a little in order to face a beautiful day and find the awesome in it!

I donned some print on print, did my hair and stepped out. Felt a little better too.

Saw this and it helped me cheer up a little.

Try not to feel useless ever!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Why so serious?

Note to selves as we begin yet another week. Stay busy, stay humble, stay interested, stay interesting.

Glitter and giggles!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Thursday thinkles

Sometimes I have a TERRIBLE habit of tending towards not believing great things can happen to me. I am a moron! Let me be the first to admit that, because great things do happen to me and I am infinitely blessed and I do need to remember this often. Deep down I am eternally grateful. I think the tendency to non belief if actually just masked fear, because if great things do happen and anything I want can happen, it means that there is lots for me to do and I have to show up and seize the opportunity. I have to be there.

I went to watch my darling nephew's play yesterday and their theme song was so apt and it got me thinking, it went a little like this, "Magic is in the air, magic is everywhere."

Best believe!

Monday, April 8, 2013


I woke up early this morning to go and do a series of psychometric tests for a really awesome place I'd like to work at. 3 Hours worth! It was intense. Now I am the person who likes to talk or think about myself, really, it makes me invariably awkward! TOTALLY! So now I was sitting there having to answer questions in the second session about whether I think the like of adjectives such as, "generous","talented", "aggressive," etc apply to me. Ooh wee...did that mouse a-hover over those responses. hihi!

I think thought that these words are truly something we can all take notes from.

Awesome week to us all.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Frosty Friday

So in Joburg, the weather seems to have skipped the Autumn season setting and just fast tracked itself to a frosty, wintery Friday. Granted we did have fair warning. The leaves were changing colour in February already... I'm feeling chilly to my bones. When the weather turns to this, I want to be warm and snug in my kitchen; oven on, baking, making soups to fill up and warm up the bellies of those I love. So yummy and so exciting...

So what will I be cooking in the kitchen this wintery weekend...

I'm really keen on trying out new salads and new salad ingredients, so I want to try this out...

Zucchini Ribbon Salad from here
Saturday breakfast yumminess....

Cauliflower crust breakfast pizza from here
Before we head out to The Neighbourgoods Market to pick up our order of this...

Gorgeous coffee (decaff) from here
I've had a dumpling craving for over a week now and while I won't make my own right now, I'd love to try these some day...
Delicious Dim Sum
From here
For dessert even though it's chilly...

Earl Grey Ice Cream...YUM! ..from here

Oooh all this at lunch time is making a leetle big hungry.

I found some inspiration on the net today, so here is something to ponder...
Have a passion you want to pursue? He did and let nothing stop him..
Winter wardrobe wonder from here. I want it all!

Happy weekend winter wonderlets!



Wednesday, April 3, 2013


That's my clan name. Mother of the Elephant.(loosely translated)That is our clan animal and my favourite animal too it happens to be. Obvious perhaps, non?!

Two natural wonders...

I'm on the brink of some major changes in my life and tomorrow is an excitingly daunting day, so I stumbled onto some photos of my gorgeous ellies and I thought let me be at one with...myself in a way.


Hope you enjoy their beauty, their grace, their kindness, their bigness, but not clumsiness,their intellect, their intuitiveness and maybe just their sheer awesomeness.

Don't let go of my tail young one..I got you...

Here's some random ellie info:

* Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world. How sweet right? They have been known to rescue other trapped animals such as trapped dogs.
* Elephants have been known to mourn their loved ones that have passed on. (Insert sad ellie face here)
* Elephants like human toddlers can recognise themselves in the mirror. (This is pretty awesome and who thought of this idea to test this out in the first place?!)
* Elephants can get sunburn. That's why they douse themselves in sand to prevent sunburn. (I'll be sticking to SPF 40 instead of sand for now though)

So...I was sitting by the river and then...
Be mine: Elephants mate for life...
Sheer beauty.
Oh no work?! I can't look!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday roasts

I'm in the mood for veggies, simply because my thighs are too near each other. Hihi...true story.

Roasted cabbage - looks yum

Feeling a little post Easter porkster! Hey maybe, it's not only the bunny of goodness that I can attribute this to, but I do feel that my slightly increased belly size, might be due to some appearance of an amazing pork belly YUM! And was that some pork jowl too? (My vegetarian sister is having a petit moment I can imagine.)

One of the many menus at The Test Kitchen

All thanks to my ever lovely Bailey for inviting us to join them at dinner at The Test Kitchen. Great company, pork,amazing experience..So who's really counting kilos?!

Bailey's choice: 5 courses please at The Test Kitchen
Bread board at The Test Kitchen

Bread and butter issues = YUM! at The Test Kitchen

Anyhoo...digress I do.

I'm a little bored lately. In the veggie department that is. I've steamed and stir fried broccoli and spinach more ways than I care too. I think Roasting is where it's at now. And I'm  going to the "less" glam veggies like cabbage for starters.

Doesn't this roasted cabbage look rather yum and so easy to make too. Perhaps I'll try it tomorrow with some fresh fish and maybe a baked sweet potatoe. Try it from here. I wonder how well this would work with red cabbage too. Guess I'll have to try.

Roasted Fennel from here

I also have a new green side dish that I discovered courtesy of Kate Liquorish's blog, UndomestiKated. This time it's that little understood veggie that kinds looks like celery, but tastes almost like liquorish...No guessing game here folks, it's fennel. Roasted fennel is a dish I discovered on her blog a few weeks ago and I've tried it twice since then. It's really distinct and lovely tasting and oh so simple. Try it out from here. So worth it. Fuss free, healthy, tasty goodness.

Get your greens on!


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