Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Words from...

The Hand Written Letter Project

Write them from the heart. Write them on a whim. Write it down in your special pen, on your favourite paper in in your own special way.

Who would you write a letter to if you could write(yes I did) now?

A never forgotten lover?
Your Gran?
Your Grandfather?
Your Father?
Your Mother?
Your Sister?
Your Brother?
Your unborn baby?
Your children when they grow up?
Your friend?
Your teenage self?

I don't know if it's as much about what you say, but the putting pen to paper. Letting the ink dry, putting it into an envelope and sealing it.

The joy of opening a letter, is one of the simplest pleasures, joys ever.

You may not put pen to paper just yet, but write that letter.

If nowhere else, for now, write it on your heart.



  1. Lovely simple pleasures. My friends from the US write to me all the time - long, hand written letters. I think I need to introduce them back into my mode of doing things :)

  2. Love the last line:) I'ma pen a soppy one right now!


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